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Part 28: Cecil Promotes Domestic Abuse, Fetishes, and Regicide

Chapter 28 - Cecil Promotes Domestic Abuse, Fetishes, and Regicide

Video: Drilling with Cid

So far, we've lost the crystal in Giott's castle because a detached hand was icky and gross, we failed to recover the crystals because we were dumb enough to literally walk into a trap, and we've lost the final crystal, guarded in a secure cave, because we let our buddy prone to hypnosis walk out the front door with it.

If this were anyone else but King Giott we were dealing with, we'd probably be put to death or at least asked politely to stop doing stuff because we really suck at being heroes. Luckily, Giott's the most chill guy on the planet and doesn't give a shit that we're horrible at this.

I am afraid...
What!? They gathered all the crystals!? Now we are finished... Unless the Legend of the Big Whale comes true...
Big Whale!?

You know Mysidia!?
It is the home of wizards on upper world!
Mysidia does exist!
Elder of Mysidia is now wishing in the tower.
I wonder if he is intending to...
Call the Big Whale!? It must be! You must now hurry to Mysidia!
But the way to the upper world is closed!
We can't get close to the Tower of Bab-il.

Yet again, it's up to Cid to bail us out of another jam.


Cid's solution is to attach a huge-ass fucking drill onto the airship and literally drill your way out of the underworld. I wish more games would develop solutions as badass as Cid's.

But you're hurt!
It doesn't matter!
Can you do it?


More airship hijinks in the video. Highlights include Edge shirking out of work, and Cid beating the shit out of him.

Oh, and Cid dies again.

...I may have already served my term... Seems like I can't be of much use anymore...
I take my hat off to you!
Get well soon...

You know, this doesn't really make much sense until you realize that Edge is actually the oldest member of the party in his mid-20's. Then you wonder why Edge is also the most immature of the group if he's really that old, but Cecil and Rosa were probably raised to be more disciplined, and Rydia has undergone enough trauma to be more reserved. Edge is also just naturally boistrous, and it's nice to see this adventure's actually forcing him to grow up a bit, considering he's also been through some stuff.

Take care...
You too.

Oh man, there's so much to say about Cid, but why do it when one NPC sums it up perfectly?

So yeah, now the Falcon has a motherfucking drill attached to it. Makes you wonder why we can't drill into the Tower of Bab-il and just follow Golbez to the moon that way, but whatever.

And now we can freely go between the upper and lower worlds. Our next plot destination is Mysidia, but there's some things to do first.

Remember when we beat Kainazzo and met the real king back here? He told us to go visit the Land of Summoned Monsters and then come back.

Don't be sad. The monster got to me, but I have gained the eternal powers to help you. The Caller of Mist can summon me whenever you please. But first... I must test you!

Oh Christ, Odin.

One thing you should be aware of is the lightning really hurts him. This is one of those rare times where Edge should actually use his Ninja magic, as Blitz will do much more damage than his regular attacks.

You might also notice that his sword is raised.

This fight is a bitch. This is a damage race taken to the extreme, as you only have a tiny bit of time to kill Odin before he kills you. And yes, he will kill you. We don't even have Kain around to jump and try to dodge him.

I got this screen four times before I decided to bail for the time being.

We need the Enterprise for this one, as we need to take the Hovercraft over to this tiny island.

We've been here before, but now we've got a tail for this guy to...uh, I don't want to know. Point is, we've got a nice chunk of Adamant as a reward.

This next part is easy to miss, as it requires going to Fabul and there's absolutely no other reason to go to Fabul.

Come on! ...Ooops! This onion makes my eyes watery...! But that's not the way he should be! Give him a good one with this!

We go to Yang's Wife and tell her that Yang's chilling below the ground. Our reward is a Frying Pan. Too bad nobody in our party's a cook.

Now we go back Underground to set some things in motion. First, let's put that Adamant to good use.

The old man becomes giddy and jumps out of bed. We give him the Legend Sword, the sword Cecil starts with, so he can get to work on upgrading it. In case you're wondering, you can't get rid of the Legend Sword, though I don't know what happens if you put it in the Big Chocobo, assuming you even can.

Unfortunately, we don't get our reward yet.

Once again, we have to go through the Sylph Cave. Ugh.

Our mission here is to smack a martial arts master with a frying pan in front of some faeries.

Mmm...Mmm...Already the time for training? Let me sleep a little longer...

Oh! Cecil!
Oh, great!
Sylphs saved me when I was in trouble.
Your brave act saved the dwarves!

The whole world is in danger! I cannot...
It's no place for the injured, man!
Who are you?
I'm Prince Edge of Eblan! Much better at fighting than you, man!

I call bullshit.

Eblan!? So you are a Ninja! Then I will...
No! Don't force yourself! We'll help them instead!
She is a Caller. She can call us! We'll help you!
Thank you!

Sadly, Yang doesn't rejoin the party, but at least Rydia picks up a new summon.

Sylph is a much better version of the Drain spell, the difference being it heals the entire party and, you know, actually hurts. You can also exploit a glitch where Sylph costs 0 MP by moving it in the top-right spot of the spell list.

Damn. I was hoping for Lit3, and I'm really in no mood to actually grind for once in this game.

That's OK, I have a new solution.

Time is of the essence, which means I need only characters who can actually contribute getting turns. The ATB's so whacked that having non-essentials getting turns blows my chances.

Thus, Rosa must die.

There, stage one is...WAIT WHAT

Well, I'll be damned. I actually stumbled onto one of Rydia's rare summon drops! I'm sure I've explained it before, but there are three rare drops in this version that teach Rydia summon spells, one of which is the Imp summon. The other two are Bomb, dropped by the higher-level Bomb enemies (but not Bomb themselves), and Mage/Mindflayer, dropped by those enemies in the Magnetic Cave. The Cocktrice summon got dummied out of this version, but you can snag it in the other versions.

Anyway, we murdered Rosa, and Cecil's brandishing the Avenger, so we're ready to take on Odin this time.

So yeah, it's all about pure damage. I cut it close though, I'm sure if I went with Lit2 instead of Virus I would've been sliced open.

Your Majesty!

That marks all of Rydia's non-drop summons besides one.

Imp sucks, never use it.

Odin is slightly less sucky, as he'll instantly kill enemies. The problem is that he'll never kill the enemies you want to kill, and if he can't instant kill an enemy, he does nothing. Might be nice for a tough random encounter, I guess. Then again, so is Leviatan, and you know he'll work.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to check back in with Sheila.

Our reward for this quest, besides the Sylph summon, is the Spoon. The Spoon is an insanely powerful throwing item for Edge that guarantees 9999 damage. You know, something you'd save for the final boss. I probably should've thrown it at Odin, but oh well.

Alright, that's enough side quests. It's time to progress the story.

This is one of those times where I recommend watching the video, as this next scene's pretty nice.

Video: The Big Whale

We have been waiting for you! Come to the Tower of Wishes!

At this point, the screen fades out and displays the Mysidian Legend again.

You see, the continent of Mysidia resembles a dragon, with Mysidia itself located on the head. The best representation of light and dark we have is Cecil. The still land is referring to the moon, and this object that will take Cecil there is what gives the good guys another chance and will bring about "another promise." Or something like that.

Was granted!

...the Ship of Light from the moon...

(Listen to this)

Moon? But how!?
The Big Whale is the ship from the moon. It works as an airship, but when going to the moon, you need to talk to the Crystal of Flight to voyage between the moon and the earth!

So through the power of prayer wishing, Cecil has a brand new spaceship he can use to visit the moon. Cecil is a five-year-old.

Next time, we check out our sweet new ride and go to the moon.