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Part 30: Cecil Gets Swallowed

Chapter 30 - Cecil Gets Swallowed

You know those videos I link to? You know how I sometimes recommend you guys to watch them? This is definitely one of those times to watch the video.

Video: The Giant of Bab-il

Everything's done, so let's go back to the Blue Planet.

As soon as we get back, things go wrong. Do you know how bad things are?

Rydia's so scared, she literally screams the word "Scream." As silly as this translation has been, this is probably the most ridiculous moment in it. Which, all things considered, isn't really that horrible other than poor phrasing and a distinct lack of articles. Still, there's some charm in having a character literally shout the word "Scream."

Tower of Bab-il!?
We're late!

Behold, the Giant of Bab-il.

It immediately goes on a rampage, destroying the valuable desert fields of the abandoned nation of Eblan.

This statement perfectly sums up just how much our party has accomplished in this game.

(Listen to this.)

I cannot be resting while you're fighting. Count me in!

Hey! Long time no see, man!
Our Elder removed our petrification.
This war is not yours alone! It involves all the creatures on the earth!

Cecil! Let me show you the courage you've taught me!

Having all your former allies come together to help the party out is definitely one of the most badass moments in the game. Despite the party's failings, all the powerful nations of the world uniting to take down a common threat is pretty fucking awesome. Plus all of our old friends are back, even Palom and Porom, who are no longer dead.

It's just great watching your former allies still be useful despite no longer serving in your party.

The Giant is intimidated!
Now, we must get inside of the Giant of Bab-il, and destroy its Control System!

Please, Cid!

(Listen to this even more.)

Go near its mouth!
Who's this?
FuSoYa from the moon.
Can you or not?
Who do you think I am! Leave it up to me!

Ladies and gentlemen, the penultimate dungeon is the insides of a robot giant, complete with epic music to set the stage of how important this is.

Most of the enemies are robots, which means they'll be weak to Lit spells.

Beamers use Beam, hilariously enough, while the Machines simply fight.

A fun little thing to do is use a weak lightning attack such as Lit1 to fry the enemies' targeting systems, causing them to sometimes attack themselves. Not really that necessary or useful, but still fun as hell to play with.

You'll be navigating through the giant's body, going through such locations as the chest and stomach.

Horsemen aren't robotic like the other enemies, which is alright because it means I can actually use Charm on them.

MacGiants aren't tough, but they have a lot of HP and will counter magic with Magnet, which inflicts Stop on a character.

Searchers, much like the Alerts from the Tower, summon enemies when attacked and will counter with Beam when there's already other enemies. Sometimes they'll spawn with Beamers, which prevents them from summoning enemies to begin with.

It's always humorous to watch a Beamer Beam itself.

Eventually I get bored of all these battles and just have Rydia summon Bahamut to instantly destroy the opposition. Too bad Rydia can only afford a few castings of it.

The enemies here will quickly wear you down, so you'll be relying a lot on Rosa's healing to get through this area.

Last Arm is different from the other Searchers, as it doesn't summon enemies. Instead, it targets and then casts Magnet on its target. Good to take it down quickly before it Stops your entire party. Our reward is another fucking Elixir.

Oh, sweet save point!

Welp, looks like another boss battle.

You're late!

The Giant won't stop!


Will be laid to rest here!

Master Zemus...
breathed life back into us all...
to defeat you!
Glad to meet and fight you again! You have taught join forces! Now I will restore your strength!

So thanks to our party's ability to destroy every enemy they come across, the Four Elemental Fiends have learned the power of friendship. And to think people say violence is a bad thing to teach kids.

Of course, rather than fighting all four at once, they decide to tag-team it one at a time. First up is Milon, who can inflict some nasty status effects. I think, anyway, as it's been awhile since I played and I take him down pretty damn easily.

Cecil and Edge rip the enemies apart. Especially Edge, who deals huge numbers and is fast enough to constantly be putting the hurt on enemies. Edge is still my strongest attacker by a long shot.

Yeah, Milon doesn't last long.

Rubicant is up next.

Curse reduces a character's physical damage output. Luckily, Heal removes it so Cecil can continue slaughtering the Fiends.

Rubicant lives long enough to go through one iteration of his attack pattern.

Not long enough to do much more, though.

Poor Kainazzo doesn't even get a chance to attack.

Valvalis can cast nasty things like Storm to bring the entire party down to single digits.

Not that she gets a chance to, of course.

With that, the Fiends are soundly thrashed. This can be difficult if you don't see this coming and aren't adequately prepared. When you've played this game multiple times in harder versions for the past twenty years, it doesn't seem so tough.

Master Zemus!

Once again!


We lost...!

And that is the last time we see the Fiends.

Next time, I actually struggle with the other boss in this dungeon, and we have a major plot dump along with the game's last big twist.