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Original Thread: Final Fantasy IX - Steiner says "Princess" 89 times on the first disc



Final Fantasy IX is an odd duck in a series that's nothing but odd ducks. After the huge success of FF7 and FF8, Square decided to go a different route by making FF9 a big ol' love letter to the awesomeness of the rest of the series. This game really embraces the "fantasy" aspect of the title, with a large variety of different races and monsters while embracing a very light-hearted tone for the most part. The characters are charming, the locations beautiful, the music fantastic, and the battle system...well, it's there. Overall it's a fantastic game and of course I aim to show it off the best I can.

Expect the usual, with lots of music links, videos of the FMVs, and of course lots and lots of GIFs of the game's many wonderful animations. As usual, this is a game I played a good bit long ago and forgotten a lot about, so please tell me if I forget or miss anything cool or interesting, ditto for technical issues and typos. At the very least I hope to point out the many, many callbacks to previous FF games as they pop up.

I very highly recommend checking out The White Dragon's Let's Play of this game. He does a fantastic job going through the game and it's one of my all-time favorite Let's Plays because of it.

Tag mild spoilers, don't post major spoilers at all. Mild would be stuff like future characters, unimportant bosses, and minor plot details. Don't post major plot spoilers, please. If you feel compelled to comment on a plot spoiler, write your post down in Notepad, save it, and then bring it up when I actually get to that plot point in the LP.

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Table of Contents


Orange Fluffy Sheep is doing a Level 1 run of the game! Definitely check this out!

CHAPTER THREE : "We have to not go in the ice cave because it is danger" and they went into the ice cave and Gitan got caught in a sealion and then he died
CHAPTER FOUR: "Hold on," Kukri panicked. "We are driving right into a black waltz."
CHAPTER FIVE: But now in the business district of the Lindblum Grand Castle he knew there were Zaghnols.
CHAPTER SIX: Quark finds fork and swings "JREAK OUFF" it at black mage's throat hitting it in the nailed him.
CHAPTER SEVEN: "Good shoot!" shouted Gitan at the glove man.
CHAPTER EIGHT: "NO, NOT ALL OF TRENO!" Which swas target of where they were and it was nice place and my friend lives there.
CHAPTER NINE: Gitan was explore for clues in old tree. Time to rock and roll, his thoughtedhead brightened him.
CHAPTER TEN: When good Ratchel came back she wanted find her boyfrend but he leaved. "Fratley! You moved to Englind too soon and I did't say bye!"
CHAPTER 11: The bandersnatches comes closer and then it gets shot. Where did climhazzard come from Beatrix!
CHAPTER TWELVE: "Hey the " guy said. It was having bad day. "Sorry" and so Gitan went to his gargant and he flew away to be by himself at the outer continent.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN: He was also eating her ♥ majresty a barbecued fish and silence soup and a rock-fisted potato stew but he also ate just bread.
CHAPTER FOURTEEN: "i illh elp you" Bort say with the cry she was sad cause thoughts gitan was dead but it was zombie trick!
CHAPTER FIFTEEN: And then when they landed on Treno aeverything was okay and they had a card game but while they were gone a hundred disasters happend
CHAPTER SIXTEEN: A moogle eats a piece of dead pepper "this is pretty good"
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN: Gitan has a hard time getting into the kuja lair where the man had a gulug. "It's too late," he smiled. It was an evil smile that he held the gulug with.
Ratchel trained at the forest until she was ready "I am ready" When she found Meltigemini CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: LOOK OUT RETCHEL
CHAPTER NINETEEN: "And then Ragtimer coughed and a hundred blood came out then he went nothing and everyone sadded. One day they will all would learn to live their lifes without Ragtimer who was dead."
CHAPTER TWENTY: An ship of ssteam travel tached down on the remotely desert of the planet that se4cretly was Terra but the ship didn't know because it is plot twist.
CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: "No, Gitan. You are the genomes"
CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: "This is all because Kuja!" Gitan punched fist into air with angry. He was angry.
CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Gitan ran into to see what was noise and saw that it was naked Ozma. "Oh no, is Ozma!"
CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: First he foght the Nova Dragging and hades but a whole bunch of chaoss too until he found teh Kuja.
CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: Gitan laughed "Ha ha you are too slow this time you fucking." THE END

Gamesfreak13563 is doing a Perfect Excalibur II run! Also definitely worth checking out!

TravelLog made some interesting posts about the characters and themes of the game. Worth a read!

Dramatis Personae: Zidane/Vivi/Steiner/Garnet
Dramatis Personae: Freya/Quina

zfleeman did a review for Disc 1 of Final Fantasy IX! It's actually pretty cool, check it out (spoilers, obviously).

Zeikier shows off the skills a true Jump Rope King would have.

Zeikier posted:

This was a while back, but I was inspired.

The Jump Rope King begs to differ!

larchesdanrew takes my "Let's rename Garnet to 'Buster'" idea and runs with it.

larchesdanrew posted:

U-DO Burger has a delightful story worth sharing here.

U-DO Burger posted:

Thanks to this thread I started playing FFIX again a couple weeks ago. My 3-year-old daughter was watching me play and I tried to explain to her what was going on, and it seems she took in more than I thought.

Yesterday, out of the blue my daughter declared that I was "a plant", and that I needed to sit on the floor. I obliged, then she picked up a red ball, stood a few feet away, and shuffled her feet in place and waved her arms a bit. Then she hopped over to me and bopped me on the head with the ball before returning to her original position and resumed idling in place.

"I'm the black mage!" she said. Then she grabbed her Elmo doll and put him on my head. "She's the princess."

Oh, I get it.

"What's the ball?"
"It's fire."

She grabbed a blue ball, declared that it was ice, and bonked me with that one too. Her little brother was "the monkey person".
And so I was a plant for half an hour while my daughter nuked the shit out of me with various spells.

The End.

Zeikier shows what happens when Freya gets up with Zidane's posturing.

Zeikier posted:

So I decided to do a short comic:

I realized as I drew this that this is the first time I've ever drawn Freya, excluding a tracing I did over a decade ago.

Winklebottom lives up to their name by depicting Kuja's.

Winklebottom posted:

Mazed posted:

Yet Kuja is the best main villain in the FF series hands-down, because of how much of his butt we can see.

You know it to be true.

I made this to prove it.

Nothing at all!

Nothing at all!

Nothing at all!

One NPC triggers a revolution that Orange Fluffy Sheep, CzarChasm, and FeyerbrandX all get involved in.

Orange Fluffy Sheep posted:

CzarChasm posted:

FeyerbrandX posted:

Can't let Brahne monopolize the war crimes.

ApplesandOranges reveals the secret alternate eighth party member.

ApplesandOranges posted:

Pardon my terrible MSPaint.

Fister Roboto shows just why Orange Fluffy Sheep constantly got screwed by Stropers.

Fister Roboto posted:

Squarely Circle shows us what Orange Fluffy Sheep sees every time he closes his eyes post-Iifa Tree.

Squarely Circle posted:

A little late, but I've been wanting to draw something for the thread for a while, here's something to congratulate OFS on getting through the Iifa Tree.

Squarely Circle also shows Steiner participating in his favorite past-time.

Squarely Circle posted:

Press X to eat pickles.

bluerocker shows how things might have looked for the black mages at the end of the game.

bluerocker posted:

Sorry if this is messy. I wanted to get it out before the thread closed.

Zeikier goes back to the end of Disc 2 and tells us how Vivi really feels.

Zeikier posted:

I was meaning to do this around the end of Disc 2, but here's Vivi in the Exposition Void

Thought of making a Level 1 Run reference but I was drawing a blank.

bluerocker puts into picture what OFS was probably mumbling constantly during the Iifa Tree.

bluerocker posted:

Bregor posted:

You know, now that my daughter has taken a liking to Dora the Explorer, all I can think whenever Swiper comes on is, "STROPER NO STROPING!" And then a stroper snapping his tentacle and saying, "Aw man!" Gives me a chuckle every time. If I had any artistic talent whatsoever I'd draw it but I still wanted to share.

Have a quick doodle

Sorry if the image quality is a bit crap. I drew it in the sketchbook too big for my scanner, and I had to take a photo with my phone.

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