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Part 5


This is nothing. I have been training to escape the castle, after all.
What a waste. If only you weren't a princess...
We have no time for idle banter. Come, let us move on!

I've kinda forgotten what a self-assured badass Garnet was this early on. Then again, women in the PS1 FF games in particular are women of action.

So this one-time room has a gimmick to it.

We can turn the wheel left and right to get items to drop.

If you reduce the engine's power, you'll crash the ship!

Turn it left, and Cinna tells us to turn it back right.

And vice-versa.

But we get a Phoenix Down and Phoenix Pinion out of it so fuck Cinna.

In the next room...

Princess! I, Steiner, have come to your rescue!

Good work! This will be remembered as the Pluto Knights' finest hour!

You're not one of my knights!
You can just...
...leave the princess...

So now we have Zidane, Cinna, and Blank (remember, he's the one who actually kept his disguise on for more than a minute) going against Steiner.

Steiner's a pushover. He has low HP and doesn't hit too hard.

But he does have some goodies to steal. We could've gotten a Silk Shirt from the play-fight earlier, but might as well get one AND a Moonstone.

The Mage Masher does essentially double the damage of Zidane's starting weapon.

After losing enough HP, Steiner pulls off a flashy move against Blank.

And proceeds to release all those Oglops Blank was holding on to.

Thankfully, Zidane and the princess are unfazed.

Now's our chance! Come on!

And then Prince Schneider and his kingdom will be mine! Gwahahahaha!

Why, my poor Marcus! Hark, lad. No matter how much thou dost treasure matter how deeply she might believe she doth love thee...never shall I see her marry a peasant such as thee!


Okay! Princess Garnet, this way!

Ho? What's all this?

(Marcus is Cornelia's lover!)

(Yeah, you're doing great!)
(Ahaha. I have studied drama, you know.)
(Okay, guys. Let's keep going. Brahne's still watchin', after all!)

I wish never to leave thy side. Prithee, lead me from this place!
See, King Leo? Thou shouldst give them thy blessing!

Never leave his side, thou sayest? Foolish banter! I'll not allow it!

Is that not so, Prince Schneider?

Aye! And this traitorous crew, I will put to death!

Nay, Father! I shan't return!
Cornelia... Trouble me no more. This wedding is for thine own welfare. Be mindful of that.

Now is my moment of vengeance! For my parents, and for my love, Cornelia...

Mar...cus, forgive me. I still love my father...

Prithee, forgive my selfishness, Father, and spare my sweet Marcus...

Am I cursed never again to feel her soft touch!? O, cruel fate! Thou hast robbed me of all I treasure!

This year's show is splendid!

Why did she have to die!? Why!?

I'm glad we climbed all the way over here. How 'bout you, huh?



Princess Garnet! Let's get outta here!
What... What is going on!?

Captain, sir! We await your orders, sir!

Princess! I'm afraid I cannot comply!
Stubborn as always, aren't you?
Come on, Princess. Let's ditch Sir Rustalot and get outta here!

Y-Yeah. I just tripped, that's all...

After all that, we've got Zidane, Marcus, Garnet, and Vivi against Steiner and a couple Knights of Pluto.

Garnet has both Summon and White Magic. I'll go into that a little later.

Vivi has Black Magic and Focus. Focus simply boosts magic power a bit. It has its uses.

Vivi has access to Fire, so he's able to contribute a good chunk of damage.

H-Hey! Come back here!

The two Pluto Knights go down easily. Thankfully there's no steals for this battle since Zidane and Marcus are stuck with SFX, so we can focus on beating these guys down effortlessly.

Like all the other battles, you have to try to lose this one.

Engine room is good to go!

We don't know how much Queen Brahne knows, but she definitely knows something is up.

Looks like escape isn't going to be easy.

Nobles in this game are pretty ugly.

And of course there's a cannon that shoots a giant Bomb enemy, why not.

This battle is scripted. It ends in three rounds so you don't really need to do anything.

All that happens is Steiner attacks people while the bomb grows. And of course lots of conversation.

I'll not fall for such an old trick!
Please, Steiner! Behind you!

Surrender at once!
It's a bomb!
It's gonna blow!
I'll not fall for such an old trick!

So much for Steiner.

Uh... You do realize your daughter was on there, right?

Not that it matters since it wouldn't be much of a game if most of our party died in the first hour.

Of course, the Prima Vista's in pretty sorry shape at this point.

Queen Brahne clearly wanted more explosions in her theater-viewing experience.

Welp... We're done with the introductory section, but we're not out of danger quite yet...

I never imagined you would do such a thing. Perhaps you're not such a helpless little girl anymore...

Is our little experiment ready?
Yes, Your Majesty. It is combat-ready.
Easily terminate Princess Garnet, it can, Your Majesty.
I need her alive!

Seems we haven't seen the last of Queen Brahne.

Next time, we'll start learning about the combat system and other gameplay mechanics.