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Part 101: Level 1 run - Chapter 21

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: "No, Gitan. You are the genomes"

Welcome to the You're Not Alone segment (hereafter YNA). Normally, it's remembered for its thematic importance and its wonderful music.

At level 1, it makes that clause technically false. The three fights give 26,376 experience points each. There's free heals in Bran Bal, so Virus and Zombie won't last. The three enemies are immune to Stop and Petrify. There's no way to avoid the exp.

Instead, I have to have one person survive each fight to gain all the levels, then relegate that person to the bench forever.

Keep in mind, everyone's still level one. It's not as simple as it sounds.

First up, Amdusias. Unlike the one Gitan petrified, this one gets a chance to fight back.

Bio is a consistent one hit kill, and Amdusias has 30 speed. Gitan has to have Auto-Life to not die, basically. Thundara is nulled (Adaman Hat) but it's not reliable at all and Auto-Life is the crux of everything, ever.

I do get the chance to drop a Thievery as it flies, at least. Amdusias is listed as having 10,926 HP internally.

Ratchel shows up pretty quick, doesn't matter if Gitan gets a hit in or not.

Owen Wilson shows up soon after, even if he is busy with [INSERT CONTEMPORARY MOVIE REFERENCE LATER]

Ratchel and Gitan off themselves, then Owen Wilson gets a chance to No Mercy it. It should be deceased by the amount of damage dealt. It is not.

Bio is snagged on Auto-Reflect, and Amdusias hits itself for 1,300 or so. That's lethal. I have no idea where its HP goes when someone shows up. The battles can't end until everyone's there, at least.

As far as I know.

26,376 experience is enough to rocket Owen Wilson to level 22 (and a golden globe). This ends Owen Wilson's role in the level 1 game. His major contribution was punching an airship. He was also co-nominated with Wes Anderson for an Oscar for Original Screenplay for The Royal Tenanbaums, but lost to Gosford Park.

No, the Curse scheme never panned out. It was being too fancy.

That was the easy part of YNA.

Abadon has an attack called High Wind, and it's my doom.

It's a nonelemental physical attack with so much attack that it's instantly lethal.

If I had a Robe of Lords, I believe I could do something off of its defense (53 total might've saved Quark's butt) but bllglhlhlglghlhh 10k points

and then it ganks Tinhank with its single-target physical.

This is not an easy segment.

By the way, this is the most recent save point. You have to go through the cutscenes every single time you attempt it.

Unless you use emulator save states.

Amdusias wastes its time floating up and down so Owen Wilson wastes it with a second No Mercy.

Oh, lucky!

Eventually Gitan shows up, which is my mark to

...wipe to High Wind.

Try dear Tinhak! You can it.

GTFO Amdusias.

Oh goddammit

I can't handle this fucking bug!

Turns out the secret is a lot of Auto-Life casting, so that I have better control on when someone stays down and so I can actually get shit done.

And Tinhank is finally the only survivor and dunks the Abadon.

He takes the EXP for this one. This ends Tinhank's role in the level 1 game. His main contribution is the same as his final act: high-damage physicals.

Good lord we're still not done.

Shell Dragon has 3 moves. Two are nbd. The third is his favorite.

Charge is an all-party nonelemental physical with too much attack to be survivable.

Kukri shows up whenever Gitan hits 1 HP, including through Auto-Life.

Shell Dragon does not appreciate this.

Earth Shake is the same as when Earth Guardian used it.

Including the countermeasures.

Kukri takes the chance to use the best damage option she has against the ice-weak Shell Dragon.

Shiva's ass, save me from this deadly foe!

Fuck yeah look at that serious damage!

It didn't help but

This time Shell Dragon Smashes Gitan which reduces his HP to 1. It doesn't stop me from using Thievery.

Thankfully he uses Earth Shake so Kukri has a second chance to summon the ass.

Why is it dealing over a thousand more? Who cares? I won!

Kukri has to take the experience this time, revealing that 26,376 experience puts her coincidentally 16 away from a level. This is the end of Kukri's part of the level 1 run. Her mvp moments are surviving Ark and not surviving Lani.

"Well it's too late now, your little tantrum caused me to gain 21 levels!

"Wait, why were we avoiding these things in the first place?"

For a brief moment my party is fixed as this. It's a damn shame that for a moment I have to see some real numbers. Look! Kukri could survive attacks and cast spells! Tinhank has magic stones to equip auto-life, MP Attack, and a status resist! 32 Strength!

By the way, you can keep Tinhank and Owen Wilson and dump the exp on Ratchel and Quark instead. They can still perform in disc 4, and Tinhank's Charge! is a powerful damage source. Owen Wilson has Aura and a wind-elemental weapon, too.

Kukri is doomed though.

Anyway, the standard crew will take on the boss gauntlet... next time. Ironically it's far, far easier than YNA.

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara; less work to suicide on optional Type A fight than to win or reset; incredible number of resets for phoenix down RNG; and then again; Marcus gained levels; Snared by the Mandragoras leaving Quan's Dwelling; Only one on a pointless phoenix down rng; Antlion did not cooperate; Again, Antlion did not cooperate; Soldiers beaten too hard once; twice; thrice; Gitan lied Cleyrans died; Tinhank and Marcus didn't make it; bonus fourth Soldier beating; Alexandrian Gauntlet toll: Beatrix 3, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 2, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 1, Beatrix 3; Knuckleheaded death to Ralvuimago; Actually two of them; dunked by Hilgigars; Stroper sweepstakes; resources depleted by zombies; Stroper sweepstakes 2; ran out of magic tags; Stroper sweepstakes 3; Auto-Potion; Beaten to Bort; zombie-on-zombie violence; more zombie-on-zombie violence; Stroper sweepstakes 4; Stroper sweepstakes 5; Magic Elevator Ride zombies: Gitan striked, Roulette suicide, Roulette suicide 2, Gitan striked 2; Counter and Auto-Potion do not mix; Ramuh and Shiva insisted on sucking; Forgot the Forgotten chocobo tracks; got fucked up on the way; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph grinding is risky; Desert Palace Random Encounters: Annoying, Dangerous, Random, Bullshit, Fuck, Dammit, Why; Bishop removed Zombie; Grand Dragon Thundaga; Yan'd; Friendly Yan'd; Why did the gargoyle die; these resets aren't alone: Abadon, Abadon, Abadon, Shell Dragon.