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Part 104: Level 1 run - Chapter 24

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR: First he foght the Nova Dragging and hades but a whole bunch of chaoss too until he found teh Kuja.

Are you hyped for, seven, count 'em, seven boss battles?!

First up is Nova Dragon who is no big deal as long as its first attack is not


Well then.

Tidal Wave, Twister, and Aerial Slash are absorbed by the ribbons/octagon rod, and single-target physicals are nbd if they don't hit Gitan. Shockwave was the only action that could have me on the back foot.

It's open to sleep, and Soul Blade can sleep-lock it.

Papito's around for a lof of these fights. They aren't dangerous enough to warrant Bort for Phoenix purposes and his ~agas are more efficient for damage than her Holy. Especially with hats. If a spell is getting around immunities then it'll deal over a thousand so who gives a shit about magic defense? Wear hats to boost ~aga damage. Mage Hat, Red Hat, Flash Hat; Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga.

With Soul Blade keeping it asleep it's no problem to take it down, even if it takes much longer than I'd like due to Shockwave.

The random encounters in Memoria are all no issue... if you remember Alert.

Iron Men have an all-target physical and are thus the only one that poses a threat.

Maralis prep is pretty easy. Rosetta Rings and Body Temp. For Papito I go Half MP to get four Blizzagas instead of two.

Maralis is the most dangerous chaos, but that's not saying much.

Since I'm using Half MP and Body Temp and Auto-Haste so much, Quark spends time casting Auto-Life.

Maralis is also open to sleep.

Not that I need it. Sword Quiver is her only non-fire, non-heat attack.

She knows reflect so I had Ratchel Auto-Reflect so Papito can bounce his Blizzagas. I have no idea the trigger for Maralis's Reflect.

It's pretty good damage, hitting a weakness and having a hat boost.

Raining Swords is an assured wipe, but if at least one person has auto-life, you win. She isn't very good at taking away your auto-life.

Wow, an ability that costs 17 magic stones!

"Does that mean I'll remember gaining levels? Ugh, gross."

Tiamat is probably the most complicated chaos, though lacking a move like Raining Swords means he's still not a big deal.

Wind immunity helps, yes, but fire immunity is more important. Everyone but Ratchel can have both.

I love my dead straight rat.

Tiamat can be muted, which removes a lot of his arsenal.

Not Jet Flame, and preventing the damage doesn't prevent the Heat.

Still, he isn't too dangerous and Papito lays on the fatal Blizzaga.

-Most people, when the game suddenly became this abstract piece about the nature of memories and the continuity of ideals.

Wow you're ugly.

Kraken changes things up by being weak to Thundaga and having no notable status weaknesses.

He counters most things with Water-Gun (25 PP 40 power special water) or Waterga, which the ribbons and octagon rod block.

Those things are pretty fucking fair, huh?

Ink is the only attack that works consistently so just use phoenix downs sometimes idk.

"Shit this is gonna be like Shadowgate, where one door is right and the other two kill me for no reason, isn't it?"

"Oh fuck I picked the one that flings me to space shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

Last chaos is a joke.

He casts Death and Doom. This is the only way he can meaningfully harm the party.

Earth Shake and Quake are nulled in a variety of ways!

Being a floating undead, he's weak to wind, fire, and holy! So many ways to maim him!

Thievery did it in the end though.

The save point that spawns after Lich is welcome, it lets me retrieve Bort.

I didn't forget Hades, after all!

"But, you're, like, still level 1, this is bullshit, how?"
"Check the last update fucker."
"No! Not fourth wall jokes!"

Body Temp. He spends his first few turns using things blocked by Body Temp, casting Reflect, or using


You lose if he cleaves.

Like so.

Finally! Bort's Holy actually dealt respectable damage! Enough to justify how much I like it!

He casts Reflect after the Holy to thwart what would be a follow up.

He was wrong.

Only real useful synth at his place is a Robe of Lords, as it has +1 speed.

The tin armor is sexist and won't let Ratchel equip it. A shame, the evasion stats would be welcome.

Normally I'd flee from the crystal world random encounters too, but just for information purposes I down one.

They don't give EXP and have hefty AP rewards. If you were somehow missing an important ability for the last bosses this isn't the worst way to get it.

Finally, the final showdown with Kuj-

No wait this thing instead, we went through all the trouble to model it and its neat background, it has to in somewhere.

Deathguise is fast as balls and always casts Meteor first turn. Unless Gitan starts with full ATB you're eating a space rock.

Fancy way of saying "Auto Life is required."

He'll get a second action, and it's a coin flip if it's the one that'll only kill one person (this) or the one that causes a game over (not this).

After that, Sleep hits. Back to the ol' Blizzaga/Limit Glove/Dragon's Crest damage trifecta with Gitan reapplying sleep so he's stuck snoozing.

Did you not read the last caption? Christ what an asshole.

You deserve a nice pose, Papito. Take a break, you've done enough for the level 1 run. It would be literally impossible without you learning Stop.

NEXT TIME: The final bosses & their nonelemental party-wide attacks!

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara; less work to suicide on optional Type A fight than to win or reset; incredible number of resets for phoenix down RNG; and then again; Marcus gained levels; Snared by the Mandragoras leaving Quan's Dwelling; Only one on a pointless phoenix down rng; Antlion did not cooperate; Again, Antlion did not cooperate; Soldiers beaten too hard once; twice; thrice; Gitan lied Cleyrans died; Tinhank and Marcus didn't make it; bonus fourth Soldier beating; Alexandrian Gauntlet toll: Beatrix 3, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 2, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 1, Beatrix 3; Knuckleheaded death to Ralvuimago; Actually two of them; dunked by Hilgigars; Stroper sweepstakes; resources depleted by zombies; Stroper sweepstakes 2; ran out of magic tags; Stroper sweepstakes 3; Auto-Potion; Beaten to Bort; zombie-on-zombie violence; more zombie-on-zombie violence; Stroper sweepstakes 4; Stroper sweepstakes 5; Magic Elevator Ride zombies: Gitan striked, Roulette suicide, Roulette suicide 2, Gitan striked 2; Counter and Auto-Potion do not mix; Ramuh and Shiva insisted on sucking; Forgot the Forgotten chocobo tracks; got fucked up on the way; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph grinding is risky; Desert Palace Random Encounters: Annoying, Dangerous, Random, Bullshit, Fuck, Dammit, Why; Bishop removed Zombie; Grand Dragon Thundaga; Yan'd; Friendly Yan'd; Why did the gargoyle die; these resets aren't alone: Abadon, Abadon, Abadon, Shell Dragon; Random encounter Mistodon wipe; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; Hades cleaved.