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Part 105: Level 1 run - Chapter 25

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: Gitan laughed "Ha ha you are too slow this time you fucking." THE END

Only thing that really matters is magic evasion. Holy protection is alright but optional.

You can't save between Trance Kuja and Necron, but you do get a menu, so it's fine to prepare for just one.

My offense is exactly what you expect.

Trance Kuja has a mean Flare and Holy. They're one-shots, but single-target.

Bort's Holy fails to contribute adequately. Trance Kuja has 27 magic defense and no holy weakness, rendering the spell short of the 5,550-ish it needs to cut a hit.

Trance Kuja's Flare Star is 35 damage. Gitan and Ratchel can take two and still stand. Bort dies in two. Quark would take 3 but they need to be at 1 HP so it's usually fatal. The magic evasion is mostly for this.

After a point, Trance Kuja starts countering attacks. This can hit Flare Star which can get very dangerous very fast, but in my run he mostly stuck to Flare, Holy, and Curaga.

His Curaga is so weak that it doesn't undo Bort's Holy, much less give him enough to survive an extra hit.

I'm popping Elixirs instead of Ethers. No need to save them, I couldn't possibly use all of them against these last two fights.

Trance Kuja is only hard if he gets really flare star-y, and if it hits too much.

"Heh, jokes on you, this is a one w-"
"Jesus Christ Gitan shut up and kill death already"

I can't do anything about the moves that will kill me, so I pretend to have a plan for the other ones. Necron can cast the ~agas and Holy so elemental resistances are on equips.

Literally nothing stops his two problem moves.

Blue Shockwave sets HP to one. Given this is the usual state of Gitan & crew, it's a breather.

Offense is the usual. Necron does have Wind and Holy weaknesses though.

He casts Shell, that's why he's so blue in a few shots. It also makes Holy less important than usual.

I should really stop forcing it in fights besides Hades, you know. Bit late to think of it.

The REAL shit Necron does is Grand Cross. It can cause Berserk! Confuse. Darkness? Death; Doom, Freeze - Heat, Mini, Petrify, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Stop, Trouble, Zombie, and/or single-digit HP.

So many things I ran out of punctuation halfway through.

Shrinking Ratchel, poisoning Bort, petrifying and 7-HPing Quark, and killing Gitan is a rather light punishment all things considered.

He always follows it up with Neutron Ring. It's actually got more attack than Ozma's Curse, though Necron being 30 levels lower with 8 less strength makes it a little weaker.

Which is to say it only vastly overkills the party all the time, forever.

I knew petrify would happen, but I wanted it to happen. It's easier to deal with than a KO to Neutron Ring.

Thankfully Ratchel still had her auto-life, and Necron elects to Blue Shockwave. I wish it could hit so I could use some Limit Glove.

Since their HP refuses to be 1, Quark uses Auto-Life more. It's important to keep it going when this fight will exhaust it and last long enough we'll need it back. Also since I can't set up Quark to have one HP, full heal after Trance Kuja anda ll.

I was extremely lucky in this fight. He preferred Blue Shockwave. It's his only offensive action that will fail to kill someone.

Even a lucky run still might get the second Grand Cross.

Ratchels asleep but angry, Bort is... still dead from Neutron Ring, Quark got petrified again, and Gitan is a tiny zombie.

Thankfully, that Thievery was the last hit I needed. I barely pulled through.

See you in hell, shitlord!!

So, uh, I guess that's the level 1 run.

"Ugh, fine. 'Depossess thee of a bovine, man.'"

A review of I Want to Be Your Canary, performed by Tantalus Theater Troupe at Alexandria Castle, 1800:

"Excellent set design. Crew cast Medeo seventeen times, which is a bit anemic. Lead actor's performance of Marcus was excellent until Act 2.

"He then threw off his cloak, threw in a blatantly anachronistic reference to obscure knives, and then got Queen Garnet to leave her seat, run on the stage, and make out with him right there while everybody clapped at this mockery of theatre. I think they forgot about the play after that, leaving this performance woefully short of the minimum fifty-eight castings of Medeo Lord Avon clearly intended. One and a half stars."

"Auto-Life, duh."
"Christ Gitan you are not very poetic."

Gitan said to Kukri "You saved me"
"Yes I did I am glad you are safe now but we should have sex its important to remember that we human"
"Let's get down for brass taxes"
Then they hatd sex but it didnt go so well The end

So, FF9 at level 1. It was really neat when it isn't really random. Parts like the Alexandrain Gauntlet and Iifa Tree were mostly just obnoxious. The parts after the airship were actually interesting, because it's shocking how much you can neuter bosses with clever gear. If most of the game weren't waiting for Stop to land or zombies to behave I could without guilt suggest taking this on if you wanted a twist to FF9. If you can stand the doldrums of disc 2, it's rather worth it for the payoff in the endgame, where the same 105 HP protagonist can take on anything and everything through clever set-up and tactical skill.

I like to live dangerously, by the way.

You know, after all that, these guys deserve a little break.

Here, some experience, on the house.

No one can deny that you've earned it, Gitan.

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara; less work to suicide on optional Type A fight than to win or reset; incredible number of resets for phoenix down RNG; and then again; Marcus gained levels; Snared by the Mandragoras leaving Quan's Dwelling; Only one on a pointless phoenix down rng; Antlion did not cooperate; Again, Antlion did not cooperate; Soldiers beaten too hard once; twice; thrice; Gitan lied Cleyrans died; Tinhank and Marcus didn't make it; bonus fourth Soldier beating; Alexandrian Gauntlet toll: Beatrix 3, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 2, Beatrix vs Bandersnatch 1, Beatrix 3; Knuckleheaded death to Ralvuimago; Actually two of them; dunked by Hilgigars; Stroper sweepstakes; resources depleted by zombies; Stroper sweepstakes 2; ran out of magic tags; Stroper sweepstakes 3; Auto-Potion; Beaten to Bort; zombie-on-zombie violence; more zombie-on-zombie violence; Stroper sweepstakes 4; Stroper sweepstakes 5; Magic Elevator Ride zombies: Gitan striked, Roulette suicide, Roulette suicide 2, Gitan striked 2; Counter and Auto-Potion do not mix; Ramuh and Shiva insisted on sucking; Forgot the Forgotten chocobo tracks; got fucked up on the way; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph; Epitaph grinding is risky; Desert Palace Random Encounters: Annoying, Dangerous, Random, Bullshit, Fuck, Dammit, Why; Bishop removed Zombie; Grand Dragon Thundaga; Yan'd; Friendly Yan'd; Why did the gargoyle die; these resets aren't alone: Abadon, Abadon, Abadon, Shell Dragon; Random encounter Mistodon wipe; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; OZMA; Hades cleaved.

TOTAL: 71 confirmed resets.
TOP THREE: Ozma (7) Desert Palace (7) Stroper (5)