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Part 11


Vivi, the inn is this way!
Aw, do we have to?

I know. But let's get some rest first. We also need to decide what to do next.

This is Dali, our first town. Not counting inside the buildings, it's literally this screen and a tiny-ass farm. Pretty small even as far as podunk villages go in this series.


Hey, I know she's cute, but it's rude of you to stare.

Make yourselves at home.

Where will I be staying?
In the same room. Where else?
But, Zidane... I mustn't...
I understand how you feel, but these country inns don't have private rooms.


If the theater ship hadn't crashed...
It would've arrived at the neighboring regency of Lindblum.

I see. If you hadn't been caught, you would've reached Lindblum by now. But now... We'll have to cross South Gate on foot.

Zidane, please listen. There is a reason I must leave this kingdom. I cannot tell you why... But...please...
I understand... I'll get you to Lindblum somehow.

He may expose you to even more danger, like he did in Evil Forest! I beg of you, Princess. Please return with me to the castle.
I know I screwed up in Evil Forest.

Don't be ridiculous! It is I who protect the princess, now and forever!
Then tell me. How do you intend to take her back to the castle?

He was tired. But you had to go on a tirade.




Oh, everyone's up already. I wonder where they went?

We've got a lot of ATE's in this section, so let's jump right in.

Hey, you're...!

(Are they...avoiding me?)

We can only access one ATE per screen. We also have access to an ATE with Dagger, but first we must leave our current screen.

There's some interesting stuff in this room, though. A couple consumables, and...

10 Gil, huh?

I've got close to 20k already.

Have I heard of this store before...?

Let's check in on Dagger next.

I wonder if the castle is okay? That was quite a ruckus...

I wonder how many people got hurt? I hope the damage wasn't too severe. Some people could've died... Like in Evil Forest...


Kids these days!

Can't you see what I'm doing? I'm killing the bugs on the crops.
You're...killing the bugs?
Yeah, that's what I'm doing! Bugs are just like monsters! They destroy our crops if you leave them be!

You're a strange one. Most girls hate oglops.
Is that so? It's just that I haven't seen too many of them...

(Maybe I should act like I don't like oglops.)

Back to Zidane.

We have a letter to deliver to Gumo. Time to do our job!

A letter from Mois? Hmm... I don't like Mois, but I'll read it anyway. Kupo.

He always sounds so gruff. But I'm glad to hear Stiltzkin is traveling. I can't wait to hear from him! Kupo!

I love the moogles in this game.

There's quite a few of these menus in this village that do nothing but give flavor text. Always fun.

After leaving the inn, we get another ATE.

I don't wanna give in to my brother, but everyone else's makin' money 'cept me...

Hey, wasn't that customer traveling with...?

Yeah, we can even check in on random NPCs. Back to Zidane.

Why would they need something like this on a farm?

There's a bit of gil to pick up near here as well.

We can also spy on our room if we really want to.

Let's start exploring these buildings, shall we?

I'm busy. Please leave.

No luck there.

This is our first equipment store! Lots of stuff we can load up with here.

Well, there would be if we didn't already steal most of the good stuff. If you're regularly stealing, the only new item is the Feather Hat.

The Feather Hat is pretty nice since it adds Bright Eyes (Darkness immunity) and Add Status.

Some weapons, such as the Mage Masher, can inflict status effects. The catch is the wielder needs to have Add Status equipped to do so, and even then it doesn't proc often. The chance depends on the weapon; for instance the Mage Masher with Add Status has a 20% chance of inflicting Silence. It's more a nice bonus than something to rely on, and it's kinda moot anyway since Zidane's current weapon doesn't have a status associated to it.

Add Status is coincidentally the first passive ability that Vivi can learn, though why you'd waste time with his regular attacks I do not know.

Speaking of Vivi, let's chat with him.

N-Nothing, I was just thinking.

You met a girl!
No, no! Nothing like that!
What? Don't tell me you don't like girls!
I never really thought about stuff like...that.
I'm always thinking about girls. I'm popular with ALL the ladies in Lindblum. Come to me if you have any girl trouble, okay?
S-Sure. Thanks.

I'm gonna look for Dagger and Rusty. Would you mind heading back to the inn?
Sure, I'll head back.

Nothing. But I keep hearing a sound like "kweh."
That's the sound chocobos make...



Forget Steiner. I wonder where Dagger is.

Two more ATE's have opened up. First...

Oh, the look on his face! He sent someone to pick it up right away! All I need to do now is keep quiet until the guests leave... Gotta pretend I'm asleep!


I wonder if it can run and stuff?

Let's go somewhere and trigger the next ATE.

Um, yes, can we talk for a bit?

It's a store. So it'd make sense you're looking to buy things.

Can't you see I'm working?
Um, please... I mean, don't mind me.

Thanks, lady!

And we cut out from there.

We can get Potions and stuff here. Nothing new, but I buy a few Antidotes just in case.

After shopping...


We can shop again and Zidane will ask something new.

Can I ask you something? What are those strange patterns just outside the village?
I'm sorry... I'm really busy right now.
Do you want me to help?
Is that some sort of a trend?
Trend? What are you talking about?
There's already a man helping me.

These menus are irrelevant, but again, world-building and all that.

And that's the entire town. Might as well catch up with Dagger now.

(What's she looking at?)

You got a fever or something? Your face is all red.
I-It's nothing. I'm fine.
You're acting strange...
I get it!!!

Zidane's always the encouraging type, so of course he'd go the more supportive route.


Again, comparing her to an actual actress like Ruby is the more flattering remark, and we know how Zidane goes around women.

I'm a big fan of Lord Avon's plays. I have-I mean, I've seen all of them. "I Want to Be Your Canary" is one of my favorites!
Oh yeah?

Uh, yeah.
Should I talk more like her?
What? No, no.

So you should just be yourself, Dagger.
I understa...

We need to decide what to do from here. Will you go back to the inn?
What about you?
I'll head back soon.
Alrighty. I'll catch you later.

I forgot to check something earlier.

Yeah I'm not touching those damn cards.

Also I buy all the Wrists for reasons.

I'll just let Steiner be and go back to the inn.

Before we do, Zidane can be a creep and watch Dagger.

I appreciate... No, I should say "thanks."

She's getting the hang of things, at least.

There's nothing else to do now but wait for Vivi.

I asked Vivi to head back. He should be back soon.

Yes. The kids are very energetic, and there are so many things to see. I've never walked around so freely before in my life! But...

Yeah... I used to see them tending the farm next to the village.
But that farm is tiny.
Yeah. There's something strange going on... We'll leave once Vivi gets back.
But... What about Steiner?
I have a good plan for crossing South Gate. It's gonna be easy! They're not looking for the rest of us, so we'll just hide you!

Mandatory ATE time!

It's my job to clean the bar. Why are you doing all this?

My father won't be back until nightfall. All the other men are also working. They don't come here during the day.

I need to know about what transportation method people use in this village. I cannot tell you the reason, but there is someone I must escort to the castle.
Are you from Alexandria Castle?
Indeed! I command the queen's Knights of Pluto! I am Adelbert Steiner, Captain of the Knights of Pluto!
Knights of Pluto...? Oh.

Please go to the observatory on top of a mountain on the outskirts of the village. An old man named Morrid lives there. He takes care of the cargo ship.
Cargo ship!? So, that piece of junk flies to this village!


Nay, it is I who should thank you for your assistance.

Next time, maybe someone will notice that Vivi got kidnapped at some point. You remember that happening, right? Do you still remember Doctor Tot at least?