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Part 15

Last time, a lot of crazy stuff happened that resulted in us breaking a giant gate.

But after fourteen updates, we finally arrive at our destination, Lindblum.


We made it! Come on, cheer up!

It was my fault, wasn't it...?

The cargo ship was wrecked, we lost all the cargo, and South Gate was destroyed! I can't believe I played a part in this debacle!

Yes, Princess!
I didn't mean to get you involved... But you saved us.

Well, now I've made up my mind! I vow to protect you, Princess, until we return to the castle!
How do you feel about that, Dagger? He'll follow you to the end of the world.
It's okay, Zidane.

That's Lindblum Castle!? How gigantic...!
The city of Lindblum is inside the castle.

I see... mages and I... Are we...the same...?


Just what seems to be the problem...?
...I don't know.
Master Vivi, why would those mages be the same as you? And why would it matter if they were...?
Rusty's right! You're an individual, no matter what happens, Vivi!

Leave it to ol' Rusty to solve this particular existential crisis. The oaf is wiser than even he probably realizes.

Look, the Falcon's Gate is right in front of us!

So, Lindblum.

It's...pretty damn big.

And that doesn't just apply to the outside. As we'll see the next couple updates (because it may take that many just to show everything in the city off), the entire explorable area is huge. This is one of the biggest cities in the entire series, possibly even second-biggest after Midgar.

This is Lindblum Grand Castle, and it really lives up to the name.

Yeah. They don't call it Lindblum Grand Castle for nothing.
An indoor airship dock! This is truly amazing...! Even Her Majesty's Red Rose would easily fit in here.

Yes, I came here a few times when I was little... I haven't been here since my father passed away.

Greetings. I am Princess Garnet Til Alexandros. I humbly request an audience with Regent Cid.
You must be kidding! No member of the royal family, let alone a princess, would ever ride in such a shabby airship.

How dare you accuse the princess of lying!? The princess was forced to come here under extreme circumstances!
Then show me some kind of proof of your royal heritage.
Very well...

Call Minister Artania!

Hey, I'm not the idiot with the loud voice, and the dirty, rusty armor.

Oh yeah, I also forgot Artania existed. He's even more forgettable than Doctor Tot.

Sir, we have unknown visitors who wish to see the regent.

You are dismissed. I'll take care of this.
Yes, sir!

It's good to see you, Princess.

We're now given free reign to explore despite us being told to follow a guy.

You look a bit tense. Why don't you relax a bit and listen to my story? Come on, you'll love it. This is your only chance to hear it. Okay, here it goes. When I was 27...

And I was really interested in hearing that story, too.

These guys are much more concise in their dialogue, unfortunately.

Hmmm... Looks like there's no place to insert the medal.

Let's go back to the airship hanger.

They used this ship's engine as the basis for all other airships. Nothing compares to this baby. You can't call yourself a true airman until you've ridden a wooden barge like this one.

It's cool to have meaningless dialogue that you just know could easily crop up in real life situations. Like, you probably know someone who says stuff like this in real life. Except they're probably not a...tapir?

This particular Cid is wielding a trident, possibly a reference to another famous spear-wielding Cid in the series?

Likewise, "Fabool" may possibly be a reference to the nation of Fabul from FF4, though those guys did nothing but punch stuff and protect a crystal.

It's in the main dock, sir!
Oh, okay. Thanks.

That's Zebolt. I guess. He's actually not asking about the bathroom.

That cargo ship must be carrying something mighty special.

He's interested in something completely different, you see.

There's also an extensive air cab network to navigate the town's many sectors, but obviously we can't go exploring yet.

Instead, let's climb up this staircase.

This leads to a nice hallway that we'll explore after we explore this room.

This baby teaches Antibody, which blocks Poison and Venom, and also Steal Gil, which lets Zidane steal some cash in addition to items, though not too much since it depends on the levels of Zidane and the target. It also halves water damage, as relevant as that may be.

There's also a moogle here to deliver mail to.

It's a letter from Kumop, kupokupo! Thank you very much! Kupokupo!

Stiltzkin! Stiltzkin! Kupokupo! I wonder if he stopped in Lindblum!

This particular moogle has annoying dialogue to transcribe.

Also we jump right to the next letter on our quest to be a mailman.

And over here is an attractive lady, which means Zidane is going to hit on her.

Oh, hello...
So what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the airship docks or something?
...I passed the flight test for the new model. I was really looking forward to flying No. 1, but it's gone now... Who knows when they'll finish No. 2, with the regent's current condition...
Don't worry. You'll get your chance someday, and you'll be the first pilot ever to fly the new model.

Thank you! I feel much better now.
Good. I'm Zidane and you're...

Hey, that's a really nice name. Erin, I'm gonna go get something to eat now. Do you wanna-

I always laugh when Zidane strikes out with the ladies.

Oh, right, the plot. Let's get on that.

From the Base Level, which lies below the Mist, you can take a trolley to the harbor and the back gate. Ships hardly arrive at the harbor anymore since travel by air has become so popular. The Mist poses great danger, so we've sealed off everything.

You can ride the air cab from the Mid Level to go to town. The Upper Level contains the royal chamber and conference room. Access to that level is restricted, because the regent himself resides there.

You get all that? Because you fucking better have.

I lived in Lindblum for a while, but I've never met him.
Regent Cid is very wise. He always thinks ahead. He may seem a bit odd at times, but he is very dependable. He and my father were best friends...

Don't worry. We're not leaving until he does.


Princess, is something wrong?
The regent isn't here, and I don't know who... Take a look at the throne.

Oh my word a talking oglop.

So Steiner takes the natural course of action and fucking clocks the bugger bug halfway across the room.


GEEZ! That's an oglop!

What is the meaning of this!?

Get that repulsive bug off the throne immediately, and call the regent!

What!? Enough of your nonsense!
Steiner, stand down.

So yeah, the ruler of the biggest nation in the world is actually a giant talking bug.

I also like how Steiner immediately kneels after realizing, hey, this talking bug really could be the leader here.

I'm delighted to see you again, Garnet. You have truly <gwok> become a fine lady. I, on the other hand...
Allow me to explain. About six months ago, someone snuck into the castle and attacked the regent in his sleep. Unfortunately, we were too late...

My goodness...
Whoever pulled this off had to be highly skilled, like me.
Hmph! I'll bet it was you!
That's not possible.
How can you be so sure? Do you know who we are?
Of course. I may be a bug <gwok>, but I am still the ruler of Lindblum.

That's what I figured. But I'm sure it can wait 'til tomorrow. Why don't you all get some rest for today?
Thank you.



How can anyone get full on that stuff? The cheap food here is a lot better.

Who said that!?

How've you been?
Alright, I guess... Have a seat. Your soup'll be ready in a minute.


Yeah? Do you want a drink?
How about you and me go for a cruise on an airship?
Really!? An airship!?
Sounds like you've never been on one. You know, Lindblum is quite a sight from high above.

Rat-face... After I finish my drink, I'm gonna kick your butt.

Hey! What's up!?

You forgot my name?
No, I remember. You're Helga, right?
...Oh yeah!

Man, you've really gotten...big.
You nasty little-

So what is her name?

It's Freya, at least by default. Yes, the rat woman who was just shit-talking us while we were hitting on a waitress is our fifth party member.

How long has it been?
About 3 years.

So... What brings you to Lindblum?
The Festival of the Hunt. What else? It's a good opportunity to test my skills.
Oh... Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday.
Aren't you participating?
...Nah. I think I'll pass.

...Are you ever gonna go back?
I have no reason to return to Burmecia.

And then the game just fades out from there, pretty much alluding to Zidane and Freya spending the rest of the night catching up on the past three years.

Next time, we'll do a bit more story and then explore the massive area of Lindblum. If you thought Alexandria was big...