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Part 24


So today we're going to take a break from Zidane and company to check in on hobo Steiner.

This is the same gate Captain Dagger damaged earlier with her reckless airship driving she did to shake off the Black Waltz, but dammit she gets results. The results of course are a damaged airship gate that probably costs hundreds of millions of gil to repair but hey.

I like how the game doesn't outright tell you that Dagger's in that sack because it's just that damn obvious.

I heard workers were needed to fix South Gate. I brought my belongings so that I might live and work here.
That's great! They've been working on the gate non-stop since the accident, but it's still broken.
I need to check your bag. Rules and regulations, you know.

So... Where are you from?
(Blast, I must do something!)
The police are searching for a girl and a middle-aged man. Did you see a pair like that on your way here?

The girl supposedly looks exactly like Princess Garnet, the most beautiful princess ever to grace Alexandria Castle.

But you know how Queen Brahne looks. It's hard to believe that she'd have such a beautiful daughter.

Wh-What is that!? What are those...those...

Rotten? I'm not carrying anything that's rotting...
Oh, it's your least favorite food...

I can't believe how many you brought with you!
They are my favorite! I cannot start my day without them.
Yeah, sure. People who like 'em all say that. You can go now.
Thank you.

Great job hiding in a bag of stinking pickles, Dagger! Though to be fair, she's the one who came up with this plan.

(But a girl and a man are in the way.)

We now get control of Steiner. We can gear him up but there's not much point since there's no combat for this part.

Undead are a common enough occurrence in this world so yeah there probably are ghosts around. I fought some in some secret manufacturing center under a small town earlier.

This road leads to the bottom of the Mist. No one uses it. There's no need to fix it, really. So, I just polish up the gate and make it look all nice. That takes care of it for a couple months. Hee hee.

Now we have the option to murder some guy for being lazy. I choose not to.

(I must tolerate him for the sake of the princess!)

It was called Altair. We sold magic items. It's just a regular shop now.

Altair is the town where you start in FF2.

Let's talk to everyone again.

Rub-rub! Rubba-dub!
I should've taken all my magic items with me when I gave it up.
And is it true that the castle welcomed the old airship even after it caused that accident?

Now let's talk to the two other people we need to get rid of.

It'd be suspicious to not talk so let's talk.

Welcome! I'm also new here. I've been working here for five months as the chief engineer of Bohden Gate. But he's the only one working under me.

The guy in question is the lazy jerk at the gate.

I'll be going back to the castle next month, when my contract expires. I'll be joining a team of engineers who are developing a new engine that runs without Mist. The world outside the Mist Continent is uncharted territory, but there's no need to worry about our safety if we can explore it on an airship. Regent Cid is an advocate of technological advancement.

There's something I must tell you.

Did he think he could get away with that!?

(Now I just need to get rid of that girl...)

Unfortunately we don't get to see him get chewed out.

She's referring to the guy who used to run a magic shop but doesn't anymore. Nobody cares about the other guy, the poor sap.

Being a dick would garner suspicion so let's be nice.

Wh-What I meant to say was that... Now that we are here, there must be things we can do to help the ones we love.
You're right. I gotta encourage him.

(The coast is clear.)

Before we go...

The real reason why I always went to your store was...


Also, I fuck up here since after you go to the alley you can't come back to this screen. You see, you can get a weapon upgrade for Dagger, the Multina Racket, that can teach her a couple new spells. I thought about reloading to get it but that'd mean doing Gizamaluke and grabbing the Ice Staff again and screw that.


Rules and regulations, you know. Would you come over here?

We can talk to people yet again...

But this guy with no friends is the only one with something new to say.

Don't make a move until I tell you!

You need a Gate Pass to reach the South Gate summit. I'm leaving it right here. Pick it up after I leave.

Alright, then.

Now we've got a Gate Pass. Neat.


Thank you. I will come out now. Please keep an eye out.

What a horrible smell... It gave me a terrible headache.

You have a split second to choose Steiner to run to the other side, which makes Dagger give a brief "Ah!" as Steiner runs past without paying any attention to her changing.

I was too slow and I could've reset to show it off but no.

Yes...? Oh, um, yes, Miss Dagger.
You have to call me Dagger until we reach Treno. Don't salute me, either.
Yes, until we reach Treno and find a way back to the castle, I will be careful.
Okay, let's go!

We're almost there, Steiner. Alexandria is just beyond the summit, right? I managed it without Zidane's help...!
You never needed him to begin with, Princess.

No backtracking at this point.

We can look at this map to have Steiner give us an overview of their planned route.

South Gate itself is inside Lindblum territory, but...

Treno, the City of Nobles, should not be too far from there.

That guy sells regular items. Not bad if you need to restock after Gizamaluke.

You can check the board over there to see where you are.

Talk to him again...

Berkmea... It's a work of art.

There's a save moogle here with another letter for us to deliver. So now we've got two different letters to deliver.

Not much else to do but board the train.

uh yes

May I see your Gate Pass?
Yup, that's the one.

Yeah we're done here let's go.

Alright, then. Please go inside. We'll be departing shortly.

This is important. Probably.

At least it won't be a lonely ride.

No, I thank you.

Now departing!

That is understandable. Our journey from Lindblum was very tough. But...

I am thoroughly impressed by your intelligence and courage, Princess!
Steiner, you can't call me that.
My apologies. I'm just not used to...
It's okay. I made lots of mistakes when Zidane taught me how to talk like this.

Although...he did have some wit for a bumpkin, but... The way he spoke to you was simply unacceptable!

You say that, but for now we say good riddance to Steiner and Dagger, for next time we'll check back in with Zidane and company.