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Part 28

So last time, Captain Dagger and Captain Steiner ran into a couple of familiar scallywags and beat up a black mage. So business as usual. Now Dagger is going to pester Marcus some more, possibly because she's attracted to a man with fangs.

So, you already heard about the attack on Burmecia.
Of course. I'm not like Steiner.

Me? You mean the way I talk?
Not just that.
Well... A lot has happened. Oh, speaking of which...!

What are you talking about?
We need to find Supersoft and save Blank, right?
You're gonna come along, even if I refuse, right?
Of course I am! This is so exciting!


The road splits up ahead. Go right to reach Treno, and left to reach Dali.

And if we try to get back on...

This car is returning to the summit. You can't go back.

Just basic consumables that Marcus can steal anyway, no biggie.

Oh yeah, and Marcus is along for the ride this chapter. He isn't a full-fledged character, so he can't learn abilities, but he's still a serviceable stealbot. He roughly has Zidane's armor options but uses the same swords as Steiner. He can also gain levels like everyone else.

There's one particular quirk with leveling Marcus that can come in handy later on, but that's something I'm sure Orange Fluffy Sheep would better explain.

There's a fork in the road, as stated.

BFFs forever (fuck rat people, though)

I'm actually heading left first to check up on Dali.

Yes there's new dialogue and one whole item I can get.

You got a Gate Pass? ...I guess you do. I'll open it now.

The monsters are push-overs of course. A nice excuse to grind AP for Dagger and Steiner, though.

Even Dagger can knock these guys out in three or so hits.

Visiting Dali is completely optional, and there's not really much new here. But I'm doing it anyway.

Now Snot-nosed Gudo is tending the inn and probably watches you sleep.

Crazy money? What does that mean?

Dagger also has her own reaction to these books.


I updated the "Useful Info" bulletin board! Check it out!

Just more stupid card shit.

The main reason to come back here is so you can cheese up more money.

And also to talk to these kids for more flavor text.

Wanna go with me to an observatory nearby? The view is wonderful.

Somebody snuck in during my shift. The mayor was furious.
(He sounds just like...)

(I used to feel so embarrassed when he would talk to me like that. I'm not embarrassed at all anymore...)

Also we can have a guy hit on Dagger.

There's nothing to see here. Wasn't so a year ago. It was a beautiful farm. Now the farm has been destroyed, and everyone's holed up underground.

It's Dagger so yeah.

Yes, I do, ma'am.

Talk to her again...

I want to go back to the days when we all tended the farm...

I think this is the only time to get this Elixir. I can't wait to never use it.

But the construction workers are gathering, so it should be fixed soon.

Now we'll go the right path toward Treno, though we won't be actually going there this update.

I wonder how they got to 1610 Gil. Do they just choose random amounts, or is there some significance to this number?

Thread project: Find out why they chose to give 1610 Gil for this chest.

Show me your Gate Pass. Yup, this is it!

Be careful out there.

Showing off everything.

Trick Sparrows are nothing special. We already saw them in the Festival of the Hunt.

So here's Steiner jumping into a stabbing session with gusto.

And here's Dagger attacking with a rod.

One neat detail is that as you get near Treno, the game falls into dusk and later night. This is even reflected in the battles.

Dagger learns Chemist so she's gonna be jelly.

Past Treno, there's a cave hidden off here.


Quan was a name mentioned by Vivi back when we recruited Quina.

There's several Ethers here.

As well as a convenient healing spring.

And another Stellazzio.

This room doesn't have much besides another Ether and...

So from the sound of things, Quan found Vivi somewhere and raised him as his child so that when he got bigger Quan would eat him.

I guess this clock has the date and time? I'm sure there's some significance to this. Probably.

Nothing left to do here now, so let's do one more thing before we end the update.

On the ledges of Treno, we can run into the next friendly monster.

Again, we're swimming in the stuff so

It's nice to do good.

Especially since it gives 10AP.

Next time, we'll visit one of the most interesting cities in the game, Treno, the city of really rich people.