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Part 31

Before we meet up with Tot, let's take a break from the plot to, uh...guess we'll find out soon enough!

That means the Tantalus theater troupe is also a group of bandits... I wonder if they're always stealing wherever they perform?

They use it as a beacon for the cargo ship.

Can't be simply to revisit Morrid.

There we go.

The ice is melting inside. It might come crashing down.

This is how Dagger runs, in case I didn't show it off before.

We get the gate opening scene every time we enter the city. It's a nice touch.

This guy will raise his price if we decline his first offer, bumping up to 15,000 gil. I do just that.

We get 8000 gil for this thing.

Thanks! I've been looking all over for it!

It's a monster's heart, what are you going to do with it, eat it or something? It's not like Final Fantasy is known for needing components to cast spells or anything.

This is big...

Whenever I see the moon, glowing an ominous red as if destruction were seconds away from raining upon this wretched planet, I remember Doctor Tot.

This is your home?

I finally found one here in Treno.

Ah, Master Steiner! You are escorting the princess?
Yes, sir! I deeply regret my earlier actions.
Still a straight arrow, aren't you? I'm sure you had your reasons, but I won't ask why.

At last, our journey to get this Supersoft thingy is complete.

It's quite alright, Master Steiner...

Now we briefly have control of our party again, giving us an opportunity to look at this thing...

There's too many layers to this Doctor Tot meme. I think it has peaked now that the game itself is self-aware about it.

Anyway, let's talk to Tot to continue the plot.

I remember your lessons.
You remember the ramblings of an old fool...



One is 'jewel.' The other is 'summoner tribe.'

The archeologist Frederick Ash theorized that 'jewel' refers to the pendant passed down to the ruler of Alexandria.

Other research suggests a relationship between 'eidolons' and magical 'stones'...

All this is...kinda relevant I guess?

Were you reading big books again?

But I think better when I'm surrounded by old books.
Really? I don't like books.
You are a person of dignity. It is imperative that you study hard.

What was it called? It was...

Oh yes, that's the one! So there is a book I like after all.
My, my...

That is a globe of Gaia. It's a model of our planet.

Ha ha ha... We live on the surface, Princess.

That is why...

It's okay.

Oh, your room is much too small to point out on this globe...
What about the castle?


Time passes quickly. But I haven't changed. I continue to collect and research these items.
Where did you find this globe?
It's an antique. It's broken, as you can see, but I use it as an observation deck.

It sure is...

Please tell me if there's anything I can do.


I had an old transportation device remodeled in the case of such an emergency.

Ah! We can finally return to Alexandria!

What!? Why!?
I can reach Blank more easily from Alexandria.
Yes, come with us, Marcus.


Before we follow Tot, let's check out an easy-to-miss ATE. It's so easy-to-miss that I missed it and had to go back and catch it after the thread told me about it.

How many times have I missed it? It's morning now...

It's so delicious... I just can't stop!

That sound... That's a car coming back from Alexandria. I'm gonna wait right here this time!

I wasn't wasting time. I was eating South Gate Bundt Cake...

I knew somethin' was up, 'cause Marcus wouldn't give me a straight answer.

F-Forgive me! I didn't mean to slack off.


P-Please, not that... Please...

I'd say that was worth going back for.


Please take the ladder inside the hole down when you're ready.

This area is a micro-dungeon. Three very small rooms that we're spending very little time in.

Welcome to Gargan Roo, home of the most ridiculous and awesome music.

Why was this thing built under a tower?
Actually, Gargan Roo was in use long before even the invention of airships! The tower was built on top of the disused tunnel.
But it looks fairly new.
I convinced Mr. Bishop to keep this place intact. I haven't used it since it was remodeled, mind you.

Let's see... Where was the sequence trigger?
So, all we have to do is find the sequence trigger. Princess, let us find it!

First thing's first, we have a moogle to deliver a letter to.

Hmm. I also know that Nazna is in love with Grimo...

No letter to deliver here, so this particular branch is done for now.

First, let's head left.

Remember that Chain Plate we stole from Beatrix? Of our current team only Zidane can use it, and there's no opportunity to equip him between Beatrix and here, which means stealing it from her is pointless. Oh well!

Anyway, let's pull this level because only good things happen when you pull levers in video games.

Nothing happens yet, but we've saved a step we'd need to do later.

Also, there are battles here as mentioned.

Crawlers aren't too bad. They can hurt a bit but they also die pretty easily.

The worst thing about them is how disgusting their attacks can be.

Next, the right path.

Dragonflies are the other type of enemy here. They can use Buzz to berserk and can cast Fira. Apparently Quina can eat this for a Blue Magic spell but hell if I know whether Quina will ever have the opportunity to do so, or if they even know the spell already.

What do you mean?
Gargan Roo Treno station is shaped like a circle. When you pull on that level, gargant circles around the station continuously.
I don't understand what you're saying...
Better to show than tell. Princess, will you pull on that lever over there?

Meet the gargant. Our transportation to Alexandria will be a giant ceiling-clinging bug. Of course it is!

Next, we must halt the gargant.

It's over here. All the while, the gargant will continuously circle the area because it has nothing better to do. It's been unused as transportation for who knows how long.

That lever drops some what-must-surely-be-spoiled-and-rotten food for the gargant to munch on, giving us a window of time to board it.

Are you sure it won't keep going around in circles?
It won't. I will reverse the connection sequence and let the gargant out of the station.

Of course!
The princess is bright, but she is still young and naive. I am concerned about her safety. Please make your own decision on the matter at hand and protect her.

You may endanger the princess if you keep telling yourself that.
...I shall take note of your counsel.

Once again, Steiner being asked to actually think for his own self for once in his life. We'll see if it ever sinks in his thick skull.

And off we go!


We can reach Alexandria now...
You can't even see Treno anymore.
I wonder how long it's going to take?


It's hesitating.


Hey, guess what time it is?

This is Ralvurahva. It was named by an asshole.

It attacks by making out with characters, inflicting Poison on them.

The common steal is the Bone Wrist, an accessory that boosts earth attacks and teaches Add Status. Eh.

This battle is a nice time to cast Panacea, at least until the damage starts adding up enough that Cure ends up being more important.

The other steal this snake has is the Mythril Fork. It's the next weapon tier up for Quina and like the other forks so far also teaches High Tide.

Otherwise, Rarvarharvar will stick your characters with Slow.

It can also use the Blue Mage spell Night, though apparently I had Dagger set to be immune to it.

All that said, it can do a bit of damage and can be pretty annoying (notice how my entire team is slowed in this screenshot) but otherwise it's not all bad and we can plow through its HP pretty quickly.

And of course it runs away like a coward rather than give us some rewards.



Anyway, after that it's an uneventful trip to Alexandria, at least as uneventful as riding a giant insect can be.

I think the gargant is tired, too.

It just dragged three people including a guy covered in rusty armor across a pretty long distance for the first time in decades, if not centuries. I don't really blame it.

Where are we?

Well, it must be!
How do we get out?
Hmm... Well...

Princess, let us make haste.

I know this place! Doctor Tot told me about this place.

Doctor Tot also said...
Princess! We can hear your stories later! The stale air cannot be good for us!
And we gotta save Blank!
Right. We need to hurry.

I didn't do anything! Don't blame me.
You really didn't do anything!?
You don't believe me!?

Nice going, you guys.

Oh joy.

Zorn! Thorn!

Let us out at once!
Too bad, it is.

Zorn! Thorn! I've returned to Alexandria to speak with my mother.

Yes, we will take you to see Queen Brahne, whether you like it or not.

And with that, we conclude this week's adventures of Captain Dagger and the Mystery of the Forgotten Tot. Tune in next time as we resume our regularly scheduled program of The Amazing Monkey-Boy and Friends (and the giant glob that eats monsters). And also I'll have to actually start playing the game again so I guess I better hope I remember how to play!