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Part 35


So Zidane, Freya, and Vivi all made it out safely. Again, Quina decided to fuck off instead and is likely dead as a result. Way to not be a team player you jerk.

Cleyra...Puck...Quina... They're all gone...

Oh yeah! What happened to Beatrix!? I'll bet she's on this ship!

Freya just watched her people and the city she promised to protect with her life all get utterly destroyed in an instant. Everything she cared about is gone partly due to her failings (though honestly she wouldn't have been able to save them no matter how strong she was). She is by far at her lowest point and may be struggling to see how she can even have any purpose in this insane, fucked-up world that keeps beating her down so horribly.

For Vivi, it's just another Tuesday.

This music is probably one of the most popular pieces in the game, so give it a listen. The soundtrack I have has different names and generally I use those because I'm lazy (and sometimes they end up being pretty great, such as "Steiner Stealth") but I feel I probably would've had terrible things happen to me if I didn't use its actual title.

Anyway, this is Beatrix's theme, so enjoy.

How is Her Majesty?
She has eagerly awaited your return. I am certain she will shower you with praise for our victory.

Forgive me, General.
Tell Her Majesty that I will report to her shortly.

My troops alone would've been more than enough to take Cleyra.

I didn't train all these years so I could take a backseat to anyone...

You three, get on the telepod and go to Alexandria immediately.

Maybe Steiner was right...

Looks like Brahne's onboard this ship.

......It's too dark. I can't see anything.

Is this it, Your Majesty?

...No. I need one more! I must get the last jewel!

...Yes, Your Majesty.

Garnet... We have drawn all the eidolons from her. She is no longer of any use to me.
What do you mean, Your Majesty?

Don't make me repeat myself!

Now, go! Find the last jewel!
Your Majesty...

Damn. So cold-hearted she's going to off her own daughter. And this immediately after rat genocide. Brahne is fucking twisted.

Calm down! Fighting them now would be senseless. They still have Garnet in custody.
So what are you saying!? We should just stand here!? We've gotta get to Alexandria before Brahne! That's the only way!

Vivi! Where are you going!?

You then control Zidane and backtrack where you started. On the way, a moogle pops up, a hint that you should backtrack and talk to her.

Kupo! So, that's what the big sound was... I wonder if Mopli and Stiltzkin are okay?

This is kinda important since more Mognet stuff. Anyway, back to the story.

There's nothing else to do so let's go.

Alright, let's try it.

Oh yeah and Vivi falls again take a shot.

Dagger! I'm coming!

So our party teleports to Alexandria and you know what STEINER TIME


...I don't know! But we must do something!
Wait, I have an idea.

Simple minigame where you push in the direction the cage is moving to affect its momentum.

You start off having enough time to lean once per swing of the cage, but after a few swings you can do two and near the end even three. Not much to this one.

A couple groups of Alexandria soldiers will attack you on your way to escape. Nothing that Steiner can't handle.


Marcus was kinda dead weight anyway so it's cool.

Great timing!

Steiner! Is this Alexandria!?
What!? I have no time for your silly questions! I must escape this wretched dungeon of Alexandria and rescue the princess!

What are you talking about!? Enough with your nonsense!!!

We were just on the Red Rose, and we overheard Brahne talking. She said that once she returns to Alexandria, she is going to have Dagger executed.

Watch out. I'm closin' the gate.

What are you doing here?

Good luck! We'r gonna go find Dagger!

So this entire thing is timed. Thirty minutes is pretty generous, though there's a lot to explore and it's easy to get lost.

Alexandrian soldiers will chase you and get into fights with you if they catch you. As long as you keep moving though it'll rarely happen.

Even though we can explore Alexandria castle, there's really little to actually do. The major thing is a side-boss that's honestly better done later. I could probably take it now, but it's got some good steals that'll be easier to get later when we don't have a time limit and are a good bit stronger.

Also this.

Anyway, our destination is through the corridor where Zidane first met Dagger.

And straight down the hall to the queen's chamber.

It looks like this is a dead-end...

...but you know very damn well what that means.

The center platform rotates. It alternates from 180-degree spins and 90-degree spins.

We could've stolen this from Beatrix in the previous fight if I had more time. It turned out a moot point anyway since I dodged most the battles and Steiner still has other swords to learn abilities from.

This shockingly ice-elemental sword teaches Mental Break, which reduces an enemy's magic defense. It also has a 10% chance of inflicting Freeze, the "one physical hit instantly kills the enemy" status effect if Steiner has Add Status equipped. Not shabby.

Other than that, just making our way further down.

So meddlesome, you are! Mercy no more!

Today's bosses are Zorn and Thorn.

They're gimmicky. One will give the other magic power. Zorn gives Thorn flare power, and Thorn gives Zorn meteor power.

Thorn will then cast Light Flare, which hits for a decent chunk of damage (this one hits Steiner for 300HP, despite Regen suggesting otherwise).

This is the only steal worth talking about. This rod boosts Dagger's spirit and teaches her Ability Up, Reflect, and Float. Handy to have!

To neutralize the clowns, hit the one with magic power with a physical attack.

Zorn's Meteorite attack hits the entire party for decent damage.

The battle ends when you get one of the clowns down to low-enough HP. Thorn has lesser HP so he's the better target, but I did Zorn not knowing this just fine.

Matters not to us. Finished wtih Garnet, we are.



Oh, no...


Yeah. I know...

Dagger, you're gonna be alright.


I can't stop. Hold on, Bro. I'm coming.

And with that, I'll end the update here. Yeah, it's a little short, but the next update is so action-packed that this really is the best place to end.

Next time, chaos ensues.