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Part 38

Mother... I can't believe you attacked Lindblum!
Careful, they might still be around.

No way! It's dangerous here!
There are Alexandrian soldiers everywhere. You should stay out of their sight.

I'm sorry, Vivi.
It's okay... Just make it quick.

We've got Zidane and Dagger for now. This is gonna be a short update that will basically be entirely dialogue. First NPC stuff, then we'll get to plot stuff at the end.

The one exception to this is me equipping a Peridot on Dagger. Everything else is dialogue though!

Probably best not to start trouble.

That's good. Yes, leave everything to Queen Brahne. Armed with the black mage army and the eidolons, Queen Brahne is invincible! Resistance will only bring death.

Regent Cid lost the war. Why don't they face the truth?

Please don't leave me here...

Should I crush its head? How about its chest?

What did you say!?
Brahne programmed them to kill, but they're still just like anybody else!
Lies! They may look human, but that's where the similarity ends! They destroy wrecking balls destroy buildings. They don't even know we're made of flesh and blood!

We can talk to each separately...

If it's human, make it understand how much suffering it caused! Make it understand that it killed my only son! Otherwise... My son's death has no meaning!

They didn't even flinch, even when one of their own got killed. They made monsters seem docile!

I don't care if it lives. My friend was burned alive by it!

The next screen isn't in any better shape.

Thank goodness it was only a small cargo ship!

The black mage soldiers and eidolons are not of this earth. It's as if we've opened Pandora's Box...

Black mages blinded me. What a terrible loss. I won't ever see my newborn grandchild's face again.

Haven't heard of them.

If you do, you must report it to me right away!

It hurts me even to think about it. What did our customers ever do to them?

That's some balls right there.

Why couldn't they play a card game to settle their differences?

Once we hit the shopping area, the game goes into full plot mode. This will last the rest of the update.

Yes, sir.

Where is Uncle Cid...? Is the regent safe?
Yes, Princess. The castle was spared.

Thank goodness...
I will take you to see him.


Garnet! I thought Brahne had imprisoned you!
Zidane rescued me.
Thank you, Zidane! <Gwok!>
But Freya, Steiner, and Beatrix were left behind. I...
Ah, the renowned General Beatrix. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
I don't think so, either, Dagger. We wound up in Pinnacle Rocks instead of Treno, but...they'll be fine on their own.

How did you know?
It's my job to know the land surrounding my country.

Brahne was after the <gwok> eidolons. That much, I knew. But I underestimated the power of the eidolons. Maybe I deserve to be cursed with this body.
I'm glad you surrendered. Cleyra resisted and perished.

Hey, this one's much smaller than the others.

That must be...

We took an Alexandrian soldier into custody!
I just said-
Should we turn it over to Alexandria?
Uncle Cid...

It's only a disguise to deceive the enemy.
I-I see! My apologies.

A weapons dealer named Kuja is behind the recent string of attacks. Kuja has been supplying Brahne with highly advanced magic weapons.
Supplying my mother...with weapons?
Yes. The black mage soldiers are among these weapons.

(That's the guy I saw in Burmecia!)

The Outer...Continent?
There are many unexplored continents in the world.

So far, all of our adventures have taken place on the Mist Continent. It's important to note that everything outside the Mist Continent is essentially unexplored territory, especially since airships cannot travel there due to the lack of Mist.

The man I saw at the castle must have been Kuja. He must be the one who is corrupting my mother!

You both catch on quickly. Defeat Kuja, and Brahne loses her weapon supply. That will be our cue for a counterattack.
Challenging Brahne now will only result in more casualties.
So we crush the source of the evil!
Yes. Kuja will find other clients, even if we defeat Brahne.
I make no excuses for my mother's behavior, but I shan't forgive Kuja for taking advantage of her!

I'm afraid I can't spare any soldiers. They must remain to protect our citizens.
Hey, Dagger. I'm telling you, they'll be fine.

Besides, you have me to protect you!
Then I'll look for Kuja.

There's no place for me here...

Will you lend us the fastest airship in Lindblum?
Airships can only fly where there is Mist, and the Mist only exists on this continent. <Gwok.> That means you can't cross the ocean on an airship.
What about the new airship that can fly without Mist?
It's not ready yet <gwok>. Besides, it's under Brahne's control.

One was the surrender of the new airship. The other was to hand over <gwok> the Falcon Claw.
The airship, I can understand, but what does she want with a piece of stone?
I have no idea...

That's not an option, either. The harbor was also seized.

There is a way.

Monsters not native to our continent are rumored to appear in the excavation site.

Will this cave lead us to the Outer Continent?
Doesn't sound too reliable... Are you sure?
<Gwok> I'm not sure...

Please protect Princess Garnet. We'll prepare the counterattack in the meantime.

You're right, this definitely isn't much.

Next time, we'll explore post-Brahne Lindblum. Hey, at least it's still standing...sort of.