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Part 39

You won't be able to come back for a while. Prepare yourself well. Let me know when you're ready.

She sells basic items, nothing new.

He escaped with his life, but he burned his hands in the fire. He said he won't be able to do any more synthesis I asked my dad to train me.

I'll work hard.

Only two new items we haven't seen before. First is the Barette, a woman-only equip that boosts strength and ice attacks. It teaches Chemist, Gamble Defense (defense randomly fluctuates between 0 and 2x the actual value whenever attacked), and Cura, the latter of which is great since we're getting to the point where Cure just isn't cutting it anymore. It requires a Barbut and Needle Fork.

The other is Zidane's first weapon upgrade since the last time we visited Lindblum. By combining a Mage Masher and Mythril Dagger, he gets a weapon that inflicts Trouble when used with Soul Blade and teaches Sacrifice (KOs Zidane to completely restore the party's HP and MP, I guess good if Zidane is about to die?) and Lucky Seven (if Zidane's HP ends with 7, it can do 7, 77, 777, or 7777 damage, which is as useful as it sounds). The abilities aren't anything to write home about but again Zidane hasn't had a weapon upgrade in a long time and he's our only physical attacker worth a damn right now.

(But I'll give you a major discount!)

Nothing new here, though the guide I've been using suggests buying 15 Chain Mails for synthesis purposes since this is our last chance to buy them.

But everything is so expensive here. I wonder if he'd give me a discount?

There's an ATE we trigger upon leaving the markets.

It took long enough, didn't it?
Yes, the Lindblum soldiers won't obey our orders...
We must finish up before Queen Brahne becomes upset. Send all available personnel to the harbor and assist in supplying the fleet. Staying here is pointless now that we have the Falcon Claw.

And that's it.

Cleyra resisted, and her eidolon destroyed it... I heard that you can't even enter Cleyra.

I'm gonna heed him and wait for the day when we rise against Brahne.

Where's the combat ship armada when you need it?

We find the Lindblum Card in Lindblum.

You'll blow my cover! I'm the leader of the Vigilantes!

Maybe you shouldn't randomly tell strangers that first opportunity you get, especially a guy who you saw defend black mage lives a couple hours ago.

edit: Fister Roboto managed to capture some dialogue I missed in this section. Much thanks!

Fister Roboto posted:

You missed a short bit of dialogue. Fortunately I literally hit this point in my PC playthrough today.

If you answer yes...

Please tell him this. Please tell him to stop what he is doing. Tell him Nicole said so.

And if you go talk to Justin...

That's what Nicole thinks... But this is my cause. I can't turn away from it. This is what I believe in, no matter how much pain it may bring. I won't stop... I'm gonna fight for my cause! Even if I have to fight Nicole!

And then go back to Nicole...

As far as I know that's as far as it goes. But I thought it was a neat little exchange. Childhood friends? Former lovers? We may never know.

That means I'll never taste my boss's awesome soup ever again...

Brahne's Red Rose destroyed Cleyra!? Brahne is scary, kupo!

You've never seen her up close.

Anyway, that's not all Moodon has for us.

There's a letter for Zidane!

Does she mean Lowell? He's a narcissist, alright, kupo!

And he also has a letter for us to deliver.

So no Industrial District this time. It's fine for me since that's a lot less NPC dialogue to cover.

Please! My husband is there. Please take us to the Industrial District!

Black mages killed my friends.

Black mage soldiers and the eidolons are the ultimate weapons of mass destruction.

Obey us.

Lindblum's blue sky died with our freedom...

Such a sad picture, but it possesses strength.
Yeah? You think so?

...I changed my mind after she praised my painting! People who understand art are good people.

...Good for you?

I pledged my loyalty to Queen Brahne in order to protect Alexandria. Not to kill people.

I bet everyone's dead. The eidolon swallowed everything.

I'm so happy

Hey pal, do you know any other theaters I can work at?
Yeah, this girl Ruby runs a small theater in Alexandria.
Oh, buddy, is that right? I'm too big of a star for a sleepy town like Alexandria, but that's okay. I'll share my talent with those uncultured people.

Wow, that was dangerous!

The path to the theater is destroyed as well. All that's left to visit now is Tantalus HQ.

Oh, it's you, Zidane. I almost peed my pants! We've been protecting the Tantalus hideout while you were gone! You can leave us here. Go take care of the bad guys.

I thought you were one of them people with pointy hats! Is Uncle Baku coming home soon? It wouldn't be so scary if he was around...

We can also loot some cash here.

At any rate, we're done here. As the game says, once you leave you're not coming back anytime soon, so get your shopping and exploring done while you can.

Follow me. The regent is waiting on the Base Level.

I wonder if they're gonna take them all back to Alexandria?
...Maybe they're going on a very long trip.

We gotta stall more. Let's keep working.
Alexandria rules this continent now. Where else can they go and conquer? What do they really want?


I don't know of any kindgom that poses a threat to our country...
I'm sure Queen Brahne has a plan. There's no need for us to worry about such matters.

Some Lindblum soldiers have locked themselves up in the guest room.

I wonder what Brahne is going to do...

Hey, what's up with you? You said you wanted to go.
What if...

I might not be okay on my own.
Are you worried about me?

A princess needs her elite guards, you know...? I'd be stranded without you guys!
Are you trying to flatter me by calling me your elite guard?

Sorry, I was only kidding. You'll be fine with me.

I've made up my mind. I don't want my mother to commit any more atrocities.
Alright, then. I'll protect both you and Vivi!
Thank you...


Vivi, where's Uncle Cid?
U-Um... He said, 'Gwok-gwok. Wait here,' and went away somewhere...
Where could he be...?

I stopped a trolley between here and the Serpent's Gate! <Gwok-gwok!> That'll show them not to fool around in my castle!

The excavation site is like a maze. Be careful not to get lost.

It's a rag.

That is a national treasure of Lindblum! That is an ancient map of the entire world!
Wow. Thanks!

The World Map is a key item, basically it's just our old map but includes all the other continents in the world.

Zidane, Vivi. Please protect Princess Garnet.
Uncle Cid...
<Gwok!> Don't worry about me. I'm stronger than I look!

They'll squeeze all the oglop oil out of my body if we're caught!
Let's go, Dagger.

Why do they take so long to load supplies?

You two, I did not give you permission to rest. I understand that things are moving slow, but... Keep in mind that the next mission is about to begin.

Yes, it made this strange 'gwok-gwok' sound...
I wanted to go shopping before we left the harbor!
Any word from the lookout?
No, ma'am. Nothing...
This must be Regent Cid's doing. He's hiding something...

Find the regent!

We end up at the gate that connects us to the surrounding Lindblum area. We've got a letter for this moogle, but if we turn in our Kupo Nut first we can get another from giving him a letter so might as well get a free crap item first!

It's located directly north of here. You'll see a pond shaped like a gourd.

Nothing new, but he does sell weapons and armor in case you didn't buy any earlier.

Next time, we'll start our adventure to a new continent.