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Part 51

Last time, we checked in on Vivi as he explored Alexandria again. Today, we'll check in on our other party members, starting with Dagger.


In case you were curious, Zidane's obsession clearly isn't one-sided. Dagger's at a crossroads right now and not sure what to do and is under a crazy amount of pressure. Of course her mind's going to keep going back to the one man she cares about above no other right now.

And guess how that's gonna work out?

You live in a different world now!

Princess, it is time for you to get changed.

Yes, sir!

You may think it insulting that Dagger needs help changing clothes, but once you see the get-up they stick her in...

We then receive an Opal, Topaz, and Amethyst.

Well, that is all in the past...

These teach Dagger Shiva, Ifrit, and Atomos respectively. So she's gone from one summon in Disc 2 to five in Disc 3 (including Leviathan from the end of last disc). And we'll actually grab one more before we get control of her again.

Spoilers the game isn't done after Disc 2 of 4.

Master Steiner, do you intend to stay here and watch?

Steiner, aloof as always.

I'd like to see Zidane... Please?
Now may not be a good time.

Your Highness...
I know... It's okay.

It's looking like those crazy kids aren't gonna get together today.


First, I'll write him a love letter. I'm gonna make it the most romantic letter ever written!

This is Eiko's Theme with Song of Memories/World Map Theme over it. So yeah, give it a listen.

But she must perservere. The people of Alexandria are watching.

Ha ha ha... What gives you that impression?
You really want me to explain?
Oh, yes. I'm very curious.
Where should I start...?

Ha ha... You don't hold back, do you?
Hey, are you a writer?
Well, yes. I did make my living as a writer for a while.
Will you help me write a letter?
A letter? Gladly, if you think I can be of assistance.
Okay, then. Follow me.

That horn...

I'd never been as surprised as I was that day.

The woman was dead, but the girl was still breathing... Imagine my surprise as I looked into the girl's face! Because the girl...

With one exception...

A human with a horn... Where had she come from?

The girl cried out in pain...

But that girl who spoke to me... Could she be related to Princess Garnet...?

Here's some more answers. Now we know why Dagger doesn't have a horn and why she ended up becoming a princess.

Oh, excuse me.

Also we know that Tot gets distracted very, very easily.


Seriously, how is this damn thing functional in any possible way. I know that functionality is the least concern here because nobility are fucking idiots, but god damn seriously.

By the way... There is something I must tell you, Beatrix.
Yes, Princess?

Princess Garnet... Doctor Tot has already informed us. However...

Thank you...

Beatrix is loyal to Alexandria first and foremost. Even if the queen isn't the true queen by lineage, Beatrix will support her as long as she rules Alexandria right. I'm sure Steiner feels the same way.


Zidane will fall in love with me the instant he reads this letter! Thanks, Mister!
Ha ha... It was my pleasure, my lady.
Oh, I forgot to tell you. My name is Eiko!

I hope to see you again! Buh-bye!

Madain Sari is the village of summoners... But I thought it was only a legend.

Doctor Tot has quite a bit to puzzle over for now.

But Eiko has bigger priorities right now.

Where did he go, anyway?

C-C-Can't breathe...!!!
Sorry! I didn't see ya jump out. But yer too high up. I can't getcha down!

Hey, if you can't get me down...deliver that letter to Zidane! Alright!?

Just hang out?



Who just called my name?

Should we capture him?
No, he saved my life. You may go. I will handle this.

Ain't such a knucklehead anymore, huh?

Steiner...hasn't really changed any.

But I bet you ain't got no ears for listenin' to a lowlife like me.
Are you talking about Zidane? Yes, he did protect the princess and her kingdom... But that doesn't change the fact that you are all thieves! I cannot let your kind roam about the castle!
No appreciation whatsoever, eh?

Hey, you know where Zidane might be?
He hasn't visited the castle since we returned.

One thing easy to overlook here, but Steiner's showing signs of actual respect for Zidane now. Who would've expected Steiner to come even that far by Disc 3? Of course, he's still wary of Tantalus in general...

I've had enough of yer self-righteousness!

And, well, that's the scene. That's all there is to that one.



Let's see...

Did Steiner...

...OH BOY.

That fucking love letter has only just begun its run of carnage and devastation.


Are you all cozy on your throne already!?

Her smile! Her voice!

Zidane is very heartbroken and/or very drunk. I'll go with "and" myself.

She's right!
Why are you still moping? This isn't like you at all!
Stop it! You don't understand how I feel!

What happened? You look pathetic.

We can steal treasure together, just like old times!
Treasure, eh? There ain't much treasure lyin' around in this world, boy. Besides...

That's our rule number one, remember!? No, you don't. You got no right to join us. You understand what I'm sayin'?


Gotta like the Tantalus crew's pivot to "Go win her over, you knucklehead." Of course, Zidane's still too mopey to actually pull this off, but people in love do very stupid shit.

And now here's Vivi.

Hey, Zidane, can we go see Dagger?
Gwahahaha! Why can't you be more honest, like this little guy?


Let's cheer her on before she becomes a queen!

So now we've got Zidane and Vivi in our party.

Gwahahaha! I lost it!

So much for that letter.

There's a couple new bits of dialogue here and there, but let's go to the dock first.


Oh hey, there's Freya. Been wondering where she was.

...Are you really that tough?

I don't go looking for trouble, but I'll fight back if trouble finds me. Why don't you apologize, and maybe I'll forgive you.

So, uh, Freya and Amarant are getting along nicely, I guess.

Zidane! I'd love to stop and talk, but I'm busy right now.
Is she...a friend of yours?

Sorry, Amarant. She's just a little worked up about something.

S-Sure... Princess Garnet asked us to give special treatment to you, Master Vivi, and Miss Freya.

Do you know why I'm really mad?

Where have you been!? Dagger is about to become queen, and you're off wandering about!

Well? Answer me!
Um... Well, I tried to find more info, but...
Look, if Kuja was responsible for taking Dagger's eidolons...and killing Brahne, who was working with him...

You see, Freya is the brains of the group, or rather the common sense. Remember, Kuja ain't dead, and it certainly didn't seem like his ambitions were fulfilled with the death of Brahne. He's still a huge threat. That, and we still have two more discs ahead of us, so...maybe do some less moping and more preparing for shit going down, maybe?


But what can I do? I couldn't even talk to her, remember? I don't even know if I can protect her... Besides, she's gonna be queen. She'll have all the guards she'll need.

Zidane's too focused on the negative. He feels since the two aren't destined to be together due to their lots in life, he isn't worthy of protecting her anymore, even though he's done just that plenty of times. Zidane's at a low point and doesn't even seem to think just how Dagger might feel about him.

But Zidane...

So... Let's go see her!

But even Vivi, who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders every single day he's alive, knows better. He probably doesn't really grasp the romantic aspect of Zidane and Dagger's relationship, but even a little kid golem can see how much the two mean to each other.

But we'll leave as soon as we're done.

You're not gettin' away from me. You still owe me a rematch.
Suit yourself.

Jesus Christ, Amarant, no one even gives a shit about your crap anymore. That was old two fucking updates ago.

Anyway, listening to Zidane mope leads to the boat arriving, which we needed to progress the plot so we can get even more dialogue. But since Freya and Amarant have joined up, we now have a full party and are in better shape to get some shopping done.

If you know the shell game, there's a mini-game that's pretty much that. You start with 50 gil and can go double-or-nothing from there.

I'm usually pretty good at those kind of games, but I don't really want to spend a lot of time on this one, and again, I've got over 200k Gil so money is very clearly not an issue for me.

The Ice Lance is a nice, overdue upgrade for Freya, even though it doesn't teach anything new (only the MP-restoring White Draw, which an accessory already teaches). There's also Twist Headbands (Add Status, the lackluster Gamble Defense that randomly chooses a defense between 0 and 2x the default defense value for each attack) and Plate Mail (Locomotion, Undead Killer) that are new.

The synthesis shop also has a couple new items. There's the Anklet (Counter, Healer, Locomotion), but more importantly is the Angel Bless, another weapon upgrade for Zidane. This in particular teaches his final and easily his best ability, Thievery. The damage is (Number of Successful Steals * Zidane's Speed)/2. This is the reason why I always have Zidane steal constantly from enemies. Let's just say the first time I busted this out (and you'll see the damage in a couple updates), I was not disappointed.

For my own reference, Zidane's speed is currently 25.

Finally, Freya is lacking in levels, so I give her Level Up so she can catch up.

Better than that useless fishman.

Nice to meet you.

Is there anything we can do?

Oh no, Ruby's mad! It's gonna be a long wait!

You should stay away from Ruby for a while.

Maybe she's just tired of being treated like an after-thought in the Tantalus crew. She got ditched in Alexandria, and even when she reunites with her brothers Blank and Marcus don't seem to care enough to show up on time for a show she's passionate about. I'd be frustrated, too.

Anyway, let's loot some stuff.

Some stuff next to each bell...

The left tower is open, kinda. Only the base floor is open.

Another Stellazzio. Yeah, beating each other up for no reason will win over a woman's heart.

We can use this statue to visit the harbor.

Note: There is no reason to visit the harbor.

This update's long enough now. Next time: Yes, you guessed it, even more dialogue! As I said, the start of Disc 3 is chatty.