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Part 57

So... <gwok> is there any hope for me?
...I'm sorry, sire. We must find the person who cast the spell to reverse the effect.

Is this true!?
Yes. However, I don't know if it is a reliable source. The book had a rather comical tone.
Is there a chance that I could die from it?
I doubt it will be lethal, sire. We will simply mix three ingredients and apply the formula to your body.
Let's just try it.
<Gwok!> That's easy for you to say.
What are the three ingredients?

Oh... Magicians of early times often used those potions. They were all fairly common in the old times.
Yes. I expected the ingredients to such a powerful cure to be more exotic, too. But as you mentioned, they are no longer popular, so I do not know if we can find them.

I'll take care of this. I'm gonna go downtown and look for the ingredients.

This update's gonna be short and simple. Zidane's off searching for three potions that may or may not turn Cid back into a human. This will also double as a chance to catch up on the townspeople of Lindblum since our last visit.

And a couple ATE's as well.

Damn. I hate heights.

Let's see... Hold on. I'm gonna have to go find one.
Just let me borrow yours.

Oh, come on.
No! No one touches my hammer but me!
Fine... But I still need something to drive in these nails.

So Cinna's really touchy about his hammer. Alright, then.

No going back to Cid until we get our job done. The rest of the party has also all mysteriously disappeared, nobody in the conference or guest rooms.

Anyway, to recap, Cid is the only person who knows how to build an airship that can fly without Mist. We kind of need one of those now that the Mist is gone and Kuja is likely on another continent altogether. However, he can't do this as an oglop due to his transformation messing with his mind. So the only way to fix this is either find his estranged wife or mix up these potions from a joke book and hope for the best.

All three potions can be found in Lindblum. Note that the Industrial District is still out of commission.

First, the Business District. With all NPCs here, we have two options now. The former asks for clues about where the potions are, the latter is just general NPC dialogue. I'll do Potion Dialogue first and then a separate line for regular dialogue.

With the Industrial Industry destroyed, we have a great opportunity to develop new technology. So who gives a damn about potions?
With the Industrial District destroyed, this is a great opportunity to develop new technology. Work with me!

We'll start with four NPCs here.

My grandmother once told me that there was a potion collector who used to live in a studio in the Theater District.
I wonder if there's anything I can do to help...?

I can't believe our beautiful city has been so thoroughly destroyed... But we shall prevail! We're going to make our city even greater than before!

People still use that stuff? I know they used to use 'em in the old days.
The city's made a real comeback, don't you think?

I don't know much about potions.
I'm on my break. So, I decided to take a walk.

So we got a clue for one of the potions and a Star Trek reference. I'd consider that a good start!

We can't leave Lindblum at all during this section, by the way.

Also, Zidane has now stayed here enough times that he's now comfortable enough to leave a review. Hey, it's better than Lani's.

Time to chat up more souls.

Never heard of it. Maybe my sister knows.
Mmm, I love the smell of pickles!

I don't know. Ask my brother.

No way! You always cry so easily.

If I were to Let's Play Olivier, this is also how I would do it.

Sounds familiar, but I don't know.
The city is in ruins, but I feel better when I see Grandma Pickle.

Potions? I don't know. I don't put any potions on my pickles.
The city's been destroyed, but I'm gonna keep selling my pickles! My pickles are the best!

Can't you see we're working!?
The other way! To the right!

The reconstruction has opened access to a previously-unavailable Stellazzio.

Maybe I should become a bird freak...

I feel I'm slowly becoming a bird freak ever since I got a bird feeder and bath. Now I spend a surprising amount of time watching birds when I could be doing more important things like playing video games or posting half-assed sarcastic comments on the internet.

Life is weird.

Next up, the plaza. Harder to catch everyone in one screenshot here so I don't bother.

I don't know. I'm sorry.
I'm too busy to go home. I hope the boss will give me a vacation.

I'm not sure what you're talking about. Why don't you ask Sis?
Zidane! I think Dragoos from the weapon shop is after my sister. I don't want my sister to marry a dud like him! Help me out!

I've never heard of this potion.
Check out the foundation of this building. It's the work of a master. I wanna do a top-notch job like this someday.

This guy I'm cheating with since there's no portrait of him. I think it's a dog person, kind of hard to tell from that angle but I found a model facing forward and it looks like a dog-man to me anyway.

The weapon store owner now sells items since there's no longer an item shop.

As for potions...

Here it is! You can have it. It's too old to sell anyway.

We've got our first potion!

All that's left to do is explore the shops and then head to the Theater District.

I'm sorry. I don't know.
Wow, there are so many different weapons. Maybe I'll buy one for my own protection.

I don't know anything about potions. Did you ask Alice?

Some new things for sale. Magic Racket teaches Dagger/Eiko Berserk, Mini, and Cure. Cypress Pile teaches Vivi Demi, Break, and Comet, plus has a 20% chance of inflicting Confuse with Add Status. For hats, the Mantra Band teaches Antibody and HP +20%, and the Dark Hat teaches High Tide and Jelly while nullifying ice damage.

I don't know. I'm just a blacksmith, after all. Ask Wayne. He might know.
I think Wayne is ready to take over this shop...

I've never heard of it. Sorry.

Nothing new for the Synthesis shop, but a good chance to do the Cotton Robe trick.

Anyway, we're done with the Business District. Hopefully both of the potions are in the Theater District.

I think it is.

How's it goin', buddy!?

Remember when Zidane encountered a wounded knight bickering with his pregnant wife over his inevitable death in Burmecia and Zidane pushed them away from a collapsing statue and saved both their asses? Looks like they made it to Lindblum after all.

Ah, it was nothing. I'm glad to see your husband's doing well.
Yeah, my leg's all healed, thanks to you. It was a struggle, but luckily, we were able to get here.
Some of our friends made it to Lindblum, too, but they said many people died on the way.

While this conversation goes on, an ATE pops up.

I'm so happy to see you!
Likewise! I'm glad you all made it here.
Yes, it was a long trip, but somehow, we found our way here.


Maybe it's for the best, I mean Burmecian Soldier Dan was a pretty big racist and all.

So, Freya, what are you going to do now?
I'm going after Kuja with Zidane and the rest of the party. And you?
We're going to regroup and embark on the reconstruction of Burmecia. Many of our comrades are still scattered all over the continent.


Please take care of things 'til then.
Will do.
Good luck to you, too.
Thank you.

Freya's still got her home and her lost love at the back of her mind, now more than ever, but that will have to wait until she can make it a world where her kingdom could thrive once again.


Oh, I forgot! I wanna show you something.
That's right, huh?

Oh. Oh wow.

Fun Fact: There is an actual timeline for FF9. According to it, the span between Zidane and co. reaching Burmecia and this scene is a mere 26 days. Wei was pregnant during the Burmecia cutscene, but wow. Rat people must procreate pretty quickly.

Who's this, Daddy?
He's my savior.
What's a savior?
A a really important friend.
I want a savior, too.
He looks cool.

Someday, we're gonna return to Burmecia.
Right now, we're trying to get everyone together.
It's gonna take a lot of time and effort to rebuild our home.
Can we go play now?

Make sure you come visit us once we're finished.
Yes. After all, you are our savior.
I'll definitely be there.

If you didn't enter that side room and rescue this couple, they'd both be dead. It's pretty nice to be able to revisit this couple after saving their lives so long ago. Actions having consequences and blah blah blah.

I don't know anything about potions. I'm so sorry.
We have to rebuild Burmecia for those kids.

I've never heard of anything like that. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.
The city is still in ruins, but people are very energetic!

That said, none of them are very helpful for our current objective, though at least they're very sorry they can't help. It's the thought that counts.

This guy in particular never seems to care that you loot his stuff.

I've never heard of 'em. If you happen to find it in my studio, go ahead and take it.
You want to talk to me?

Turns out the Strange Potion is here. One to go, and this one we actually know where it is.

Zidane! Are you alright!?
I heard you got injured pretty bad!
You can walk. That's a good sign.
Yeah, looks like I'll live.
Have you talked to Blank?
Yeah, I saw him at the castle.
So what are you doing here? Just stopping by to say hi?
Actually, I came here for a favor.

Nice! Can I borrow it?
Yeah, sure. Hold on.

I don't know... I'm gonna think about it after things settle down.
It's boring without you.

We've seen how Zidane dealt with things in the start of Disc 3. He probably isn't sure what exactly what he wants to do after Kuja is defeated and the world saved, but we all know who he'll want to spend that time with.

Yep, Morrison.

(That's all of 'em. Finally, I can go back to the castle and see Cid.)
What are you gonna use it for?

Anyway, we're done.

Sounds like it may work, anyway.

Matoya is the name of a witch from FF1 and is another reference that pops up throughout the series. She's blind without her crystal though so maybe she's not the best source for this kind of magic...

Anyway, let's check in with the Tantalus crew before we go.

My back's starting to ache.
This is gonna be really tough to fix.
This is taking forever...

Finally, here's what getting all that coffee for Morrid nets us. This weird model that you can't interact with that just sits there for the rest of the game. Worth the trek from Treno to Dali!

Next time, we cure Cid. Maybe. Hopefully. Probably? Surely. ...Possibly.