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Part 83: Level 1 run - Chapter 03

CHAPTER THREE : "We have to not go in the ice cave because it is danger" and they went into the ice cave and Gitan got caught in a sealion and then he died

You don't get random encounters while the microsoft default font is on screen. Were I not an idiot I would run asap to Ice Cavern.

But 1) I really wanted to save after an unknowable number of attempts at getting two plant spiders.

The sum total of Garnet's contributions at level 1 is having full ATB while Gitan uses Flee.

2) I wanted to buy potions because somehow I figured 29 was not enough for one boss fight.

You can actually get here before the microsoft default font fades and random enconters start. Saves some time and effort.

The treasures range from potions to what will be liquidated into capital.

And a second mage masher. It's actually important that I have two and I don't want to spend money on it, what a peasant thing to do.

I'll need several elixirs because I need to use several elixirs. This in addition to being level 1 is also a weirdo sexual deviant run due to selling and using valuable consumables.

Well cya Garnet the rest of us are fleeing have fun with the goblinoid and deserts. Tinhank will write you.

Saving here is very important as the next boss, as you might imagine a solo fight against two enemies while at level 1 would be

, is hard.

Well first the Sealion's Blizzard shaves off a third of Gitan whenever it's used.

Black Waltz #1's Blizzard isn't as strong but it makes one round nearly half of Zidane that's gone.

In the middle of being killed, I need to find time to steal this valuable trinket. It doesn't matter too much because I can buy one before it matters, but I need to obtain more assets in any way possible.

Also it and the Ether are two more steals to the 834 total.

Wing is a breather while Gitan has 7 defense and is in the back row.

Keeping Gitan's HP topped off is of paramount import. Hence why I wanted so many potions.

Fire hurts while the Silk Shirt is equipped but as you can see by Dyne here the first phase of this fight is over.

The important thing at level 1 is to not use Tidal Flame.

The Black Waltz needs to die as Fire adds a bit too much damage and he can heal the Sealion. We can't Tidal Flame because that would set the Sealion to Tsunami range and that would nigh invariably kill Gitan. The lowest damage round from the baddies, Wing and Blizzard, would still leave him at low enough HP that Tsunami would be fatal.

So instead I need to waste this Trance.

Then shank the bastard three times for around 120 damage. This will get his HP low enough that another Dyne would slay him, but it keeps him at blue so he never uses Blizzara or Tsunami.

After that it's a matter of waiting for the trance gauge to fill and using potions when Gitan gets below 40 HP. This is also the time to steal if one doesn't have the Ether and Mythril Dagger yet.

And when Gitan finally Trances a second time, it's bye bye sealion.

Sun Wukong: 1 Blacks: 0

Bandit is very important as it bypasses the level+spirit check. Gitan is never going to get further than, like, 29 on that check, and that's if I equip him dumbly.

...did I actually equip the fucking thing christ am I that much of an idiot

So, regular running. It sucks.

The result is then compared to a random number from 0 to 99. If the number's lower, they gtfo.

Gitan and friends average 1. The Flans average 2. This gives running a 6% chance of success.

That is, when it actually checks, which is once a second when the flans aren't killing Gitan and friends.

Okay so my last save was before beating these guys so I have to do that process all over.


Well now that he's on yellow he's using Blizzara, which hits a fair bit harder than Blizzard.

Like, fatally.

Okay the third attempt goes just fine.

Well Garnet's useful for now when not everything is one-shotting the party and Cure heals more HP than anyone will ever have.

She mostly saves on potions when travelling.

And yes I kept the mage masher equipped this time.

"Except for the ones called Mage Mashers, what mash mages."

"Lol just kidding I was a KNIFE EXPERT all along nerd. Get bent loser."


What's this

Am I on acid

Well I suppose South Gate is an objective part of this universe.

So let's violently assault the floating circle that's named "True".

Yaaay I'm not a dumb dumb!

Believe it or not this actually lets me reach my funding goal without having to strip people nude.

Well, 1/1.

Thanks Ragtime Mouse.

You're a darling.

The front of his card is nigh impossible to see in normal gameplay. The text on it reads "Pop Quiz! FF10's theme is GUTS! True or false?"

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; Died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara.