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Part 85: Level 1 run - Chapter 05

CHAPTER FIVE: But now in the business district of the Lindblum Grand Castle he knew there were Zaghnols.

Establishing shot.

Tinhank gets nude before the story removes him from my party for quite a while. Kukri doesn't get hit by BW #2 so she's been bereft of equipment since the factory.

I apologize for nothing.

Man how am I ever supposed to win Battle City if I can't even defeat Bandit Keith?

Wrists cost 130 gil. Steepled Hats cost 260.

It takes 1,000 more to make a Cotton Robe.

They sell for 2,000 which is a little more than 1,390.

With this money I get everything available at the moment.

Thief Swords have statuses but they don't work with Add Status. Instead they are applied at a 100% rate by Soul Blade. The Ogre itself inflicts blindness, which is very, very handy to have.

Despite costing a ton, Tents are something I want in unreasonable numbers. For Reasons.



The Theatre Ship is, like, the best card available for Battle City simply because it tends to have 6-8 directions and a stat total higher than 4. I don't need it nearly as much as I desire the Coral Ring. Absorbing Thunder is much more important than a good card, especially when I can get other good cards but have this one chance at a Coral Ring for the rest of disc 1.

Here's Gitan's set up for Duelist Kingdom.

Wait, I don't have to euphemise it. This is the Festival of the Hunt. Exactly one fight matters, and it involves Gitan being electrocuted and stealing something.

If I don't make this steal, the level 1 game is impossible.

Thus it's kind of imperative to save before trying. It's a long wait between attempts if it fails, though it isn't that hard to do.

I chill by killing a thing.

Then another thing.

Mostly watching this happen.

Running into the fountain area of the business district with less than four minutes left is what causes Zaghnol to spawn.

8 minutes of nothing is rather dull, y'know.

Ratchel's in the lead. This is important.

This isn't the steal. Still nice to have though dodge rates are still abysmal.

Normally Zaghnol is kind of a pain in the ass due to his 1574 HP but when your goal is just to steal instead of kill, it's okay. He's open to blind and silence off of Gitan's weapons if you have Bandit mastered... somehow.

Ratchel can spend her days just flinging potions since she has nothing else to add.

Zaghnol's Thunder is actually kind of a breather.

Maybe it's the silk shirt, but Heave does a lot more.

Anyway here's the important item that's mandatory at level 1. It's very dumb.

Now for the cunning strategy to close the contest:

Chill in the item menu until time runs out.

Score doesn't advance while in a battle, so Ratchel still takes the contest. Zidane goes "dang" and apparently Zaghnol gets stage fright as he leaves and the children aren't murdered.

Oh uh Lancer. I might use it once.

So he stumbled in, somehow, despite the ground-level gate being closed (this is a plot point) and just stumbled on the trolley, stumbled off, stumbled on the elevator, got to the top level, and stumbled into the throne room.

Also he's a rat.

Suspension: shattered.

And then Kukri's master plan kicked in and everyone died, leaving the throne empty.

I kept a few of the robes around for the defense boost. They have a fire weakness. I can't really avoid that part, though.

Man Eater is on the Coral Ring too? Well screw you Lancer, the only thing Ratchel will be stabbing is humans.

Insomniac, however, has quite a few uses.

That's it for this trip. Next time: birb.

One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara.