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Part 86: Level 1 run - Chapter 06

CHAPTER SIX: Quark finds fork and swings "JREAK OUFF" it at black mage's throat hitting it in the nailed him.

Much like a normal playthrough, you want to go here to get the most valuable party member.

Unlike a normal playthrough, I name 'm Quark.

Christ I hate English's lack of a true gender-neutral third-person pronoun. I get nothing really accurate for this tiny quanta of matter that will turn out to matter a lot.

I have to because otherwise level 1 is literally and strictly impossible, and I do mean that at least in the short term. In the long term it's almost the same, from like "astronomically low chances" to "feasible".

"They posted like two-dozen screeds about Muslims a day, like hell I'd take their friend request!"

High Tide would be a good name for a dumb pun image macro about laundry detergent with weed.

It also makes Trance gauge gains go from 1-to-Spirit per hit to Spirit per hit. Quark is the least spirited member of the notspirit squad. Bluh.

I do catch a few frogs, but not many as I don't care.

Anyway it's time to backtrack drastically.

Ah, Lindblum area. I don't think you are ever required to leave from the front door like this at any point in the game.

This is the formation I want. I don't know if there's another formation with an Axebeak where it's not alone, but this is the one that exists so I want it.

Ratchel is too stronk to just gently prod Quark awake it seems.

Ah, yes, one of two Blue Magic spells that I'll get. I may get a third if whimsy strikes.

To that guy who thought Frog Drop, christ no it's level*frogs, so it would take 420 frogs to deal 420 damage.

Anyway I'm out! Get to keep the blue magic unlike FF7 too!

Anyway it's a boring 10 minute walk to the Chocolate Bar Forest.

"The secret is, this is actually an indian graveyard and you're gonna be digging their buried treasures and they'll curse you by draining your level."
"Heh I'm already level 1."
"T-the Chosen One????!"

Digging happens. I get a lot of consumables and just enough gil that I break even, actually. You don't have to worry about running out of cash forever, as long as you can access the forest and/or have Gitan around to steal.

The real prize here are the chocographs, as this equipment is actually very helpful for staying alive.

I'm also including screenshots of where they are just because I love you.

The boots have flee, meaning I can give Gitan whatever weapon I want and he'll still have flee. Alert is good because back attacks are really, really bad.

fuck you mene you meanie

So after about like several millenia of digging I find the only other chocograph that can be redeemed up before the grotto, after every other chocograph that can be dug up in Disc 1 presented themselves.

This also filled me the fuck up with restoratives.

You know, I remember this chest as having Silk Robes.

Imagine my dismay. At least it's more money.

Anyway, time for one of the harder parts of the run.

Gitan's sensed it. Forced battles with experience-yielding enemies.

This fight is so innocuous in a normal playthrough I would not begrudge you for forgetting it even existed.

It took over 2 hours of constant effort my first go at Level 1.

So immediately I chuck tents. These working quickly is of central importance to this not being a pain.

As, you know, these guys hurt hard.

Gitan resists ice. If the Type A hit anyone else, they're dead. If he cast Thunder on anyone but Ratchel, they're dead. If he cast fire, they're dead. Strike is survivable at full HP for anyone but Papito.

These guys can take down two guys a turn if you don't get lucky.

Thankfully the first tent hits on the second try.

He was just about to do something so this is extremely fortunately.

Second Type A is also nailed on the second tent.

Then I cure poison so they don't die.

Then Quark gets to jabbin' with that Needle Fork.

Forks deal variable damage and these Type As don't have that much HP. I keep them topped off so as to not accidentally kill one.

Lost so many runs that way.

I use my Hi-Potions for something! Isn't it amazing?

These li'l jabs aren't a worry.

While the magic is big-c Ceased, they can technically attack physically.

It misses a lot and doesn't deal much and it's not a worry without the spells on top.

Ah but on this jab the Type A doesn't recoil!

It means the Needle Fork's 10% petrify chance has kicked in!

Goddamn, first jab on the other Type A and it gets stoned.

So, every enemy has an infinite-duration status effect that prevents them from acting.


Petrified enemies don't give experience, by the way.

Or gil or items, just AP. Whatever, we can get gil or items elsewhere. We've dodged 230 experience points.

Ah fuck.

These guys took out two guys in the first dang turn.

That deep in the hole, it's faster to get a game over than to reset or to win.

Fuck this door. There's no need. The Bronze Vest teaches Jelly and Jelly is useless to me.

So let's just progress!

Hey look, admire this frame. iI's as detailed as all the rest despite being a transition frame seen for a split second.


One to Tidal Flame Garnet for the hell of it; Unknown number lost to plant spiders spawn numbers; died to Flans without Flee; Untimely crit pushed Sealion to fatally Blizzara; less work to suicide on optional Type A fight than to win or reset.