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Part 11: Once You Geaux Tiger, You Never Geaux Back (Part 2)

Chapter 8: Once You Geaux Tiger, You Never Geaux Back (Part 2)

Okay! Okay, she's stabilized. I've got this figured out now.

Look at the castle! Is that where we came out of?

It appears so. That explains how Byak-Ko is able to keep his grip on the world so easily. His entire fortress is mobile.

Poor Resistance never had a chance. They blundered into a gun fight with just their bare hands.

Is surprising what bare hands can do. Though not expecting Elly to know.


Hey, look! There's a hut down there!

Good eyes, Rez. Castle's probably too big and clunky to get this close to the forest, that's why they didn't see it before. Alright, guys, I'm taking her down. Hold on to something, I have no idea how well this is going to work.

Five minutes later...

...and I still have no idea how you managed to crash into a cloud.

Look, we're able to walk away, and she'll still fly. What more do you want from me?

Excusing Trog. Is not only people here. Door open?

Oh, crap. Byak-Ko's goons must've beat us here! On the double, troop!

We found...

...recruits! Back off! We've got this!

Well, should we listen to them, or should we help...

Traitors! Wait until Byak-Ko hears—


Man, that never gets old.

It's worth nothing that "Should we listen to them?" and "You ask a silly question" are actual in-game dialog attributed to Elly and Rezen. Also, note that the monsters match the guard sprites on the map—garlic, sabercat, and p-worm. It's one of the few times this happens, and it's a pretty cool detail.

This fight's a little tougher since you're spread over three groups instead of clumping everyone together. This means grenades and spells can't cause mass devastation (though Rezen's spells still one-shot). Even still, mob fights are getting a lot easier now that we can afford nice things. I didn't realize it at the time, but going without swords has saved a massive amount of gold to put towards stats and spells. The difference really is kind of ridiculous, especially since the current tier of swords really isn't all that powerful.

At any rate, some E-Whips, muskets, and punches later, and...

Hey. You alright?

Mais je ne comprends pas. You are with Byak-Ko, non?

Not really. We're working under cover to take him down.

You are trusted already? But this is fantastic! La Résistance 'as been trying to get a man inside for years!

We can stall him for a bit longer, but he'll demand results soon. The quicker we make our move, the better off we'll be.

Then you must rescue ma sœur.

Your sour? That's weird. You're weird.

Non non! My sister, Mileille, is...

We must be together to defeat Byak-Ko.

Is agreed. Trog man of Byak-Ko no longer. Will be rescuing now, with or without party.

Trog?! Ooh la la. We are in the good hands, non?

Lady speak funny. Is difficult understanding.

And the award for Irony of the Year goes to...

So, uh. Trog.


You still leaving after this is over?


You know, we wouldn't have found Jeanne without doing what we did. We got there just in time.

Trog is understanding why. Is not liking, but Elly is forgiven.


Cannot trust. Trog is having principles. Without principles—pah!—have nothing. Understanding?

Not really, but you do what you gotta do, I guess. There's the castle. I'll set her down just outside.

Alright, our cover's still good. Let's get Mileille out ASAP. If we're lucky, we can get back on the glider before Byak-Ko realizes he's been had.

Trog making no promises. If confronted, will fight.

Well, keep your powder dry until we're sure we've been made. After that, do whatever you need to.

Coming, Dente?


I'll... be along shortly.

Alright. Knowing Byak-Ko and his ego, the captives'll be held where he can keep an eye on them.

Ooh! Ooh! I have an idea.


We can tell the guards we found their base, and we'll use it to get Mileille to tell us where Jeanne is.

That's suprisingly sneaky of you, Rezen. It just might work.

Oh, you're back. All set?

Indeed. Apologies for the delay, I skipped lunch.

Yo, ugly! Where's the boss?

Great. Smell you later!

Well, here we go.

Fiend! Trog is having nonsense no longer!

Trog wait

Oh thank God. He's not here. Trog, what is wrong with you? I told you to wait until our cover's blown!

Cannot helping. Is way Trog raised.

That's not important right now! There's treasure!

Rez, what is it with you and treasure? Seriously.

Wellllll... you know how it is on Christmas, when you have all these boxes with stuff in them—stuff you really want, even if you don't know what it is—and you just want to rip into them and see what's inside?


Treasure is like that, Elly. Except it happens every day.

Sometimes you get a big ol' lump of coal, though.

If this isn't where they're keeping Mileille, I would be utterly shocked.

This isn't a fight, Elly just sasses them to death. That is how I choose to remember it and no one is telling me otherwise.

Afterwards, we get some sabercat meat, and Dente turns into a Gunfish. I have no idea how that works. He doesn't really get a gun, but he does have 300 HP, along with squirt. Squirt is a pretty powerful group attack. I don't know what he's squirting. I'm trying not to think about it.

Who are you?

Your sister sends her regards.

Mileille, we need to get you out of here, pronto. The guards aren't going to be oblivious to this forever.

Assuming someone talks to them.


But, my sister... Is she safe? Where is...

Merci beaucoup. It is all I needed to know.

Well, this has been an amusing little game. I assume you got what you wanted?

Oui. She will be using one of the old underground hideouts. It is only accessible from the forest base.

Mileille! What are you doing?!

...Resistance? I would rather be on the winning side.

You sociopathic, stone-cold bitch.

Calling names will not 'urt me, ma chère.

Now you're calling her a chair! I will never understand what passes for language around here.

Shut up shut up shut up!

Is rude.

SHUT UP! Do you have any idea how long we've had to listen to your pointless, idiotic banter?! You spent two hours today talking about waffles! Two hours! There isn't that much to say about waffles!

You would be surprised. It's the quality of the powdered sugar that everyone neglects.

Now I want some waffles. Good going, Dente.

This! This is exactly what I'm talking about! I wasted an entire day of my life seeing if you were in league with the Resistance!

How did you find out, anyway?

Did you honestly think I wouldn't bug my own glider?

Trog look. Was very clean. No insects.

Listening devices, you clod! We heard every word you said!

Uh oh. Including...?

Especially that!

Oh, now this is just embarrassing.

I'm not going to kill you. Oh no. That'd be far too easy. For costing me valuable brain cells listening to your inane bickering, I will inflict suffering upon you one thousand fold. Guards! Put them in the cells while I determine the best way to torture them to death.

With pleasure. Let's go, maggots.




Turn to sky. Prepare self before gods.


Trog will return.

Nobody knows the troubles I've seeeen~

Great. This mission was a spectacular failure. You were right, Trog. We should've blown in here with guns blazing from the word go.


I don't blame you for wanting to leave. I'd want to leave after this mess. I'm just sorry you won't get the opportunity.

The walls! The walls are closing in! I can't breathe! Gaak gkkk

It's heartening to see you making people laugh, even at a time like this.

I have to keep you guys from getting too serious. Between you, Trog, and Elly brooding all over the place, we'd never get anything done.

Rezen, it's been a pleasure watching you grow up on our travels. If you had told me when we first started that beneath the exterior of a damaged and lonely girl lay the heart of a trickster, I wouldn't have believed you.

Thanks. I guess we're kind of waiting for the inevitable now, though. *flops* What should we do?

I have some stories that will pass the time. Old tales. For example, a fairy tale about a young monster who thought he was invincible.

Sounds cool. Go for it.

A long time ago, there lived a brutal beast. Everyone knew his name, and the utterance of it caused entire towns to quake in fear. He slew, and ate, and the world was his to command.


One day, in his arrogance, he missed signs that his cave had been invaded. He turned his back to the shadows—just for an instant, but it was enough. The blow was quick, and his vision went white. It was a club. He had been knocked unconscious, concussed badly enough to experience strange visions.

What did he see?



Dente d'Antaine... Is this all you want from life?

...nothing of importance. The point is, when the monster came to, he lashed out blindly. The warrior had made the mistake of standing too close, thinking he had won. The monster's hands were around his attacker's throat already, ready to end his life. And then, his vision cleared, and he saw... saw...

What, Dente? What did you see?

...a child. Barely fourteen years old, under-equipped, armorless... scared out of his wits. Out of all the villagers, he was the only one with the conviction to do something. And for that, he was going to die alone, in a foul cave, for utterly meaningless reasons.

What happened to him?

I knocked him unconscious with a single blow to the head and deposited him safely on the outskirts of town. Then, I turned myself in the Base Town army for rehabilitation. I served my sentence, was released, became a naturalized citizen, and here we are.

Sei-Ryu called you the World-Eater. What does that even mean?

There is... a prophecy in the Cult of Ashura. "A monster will rise of humble origins. Bit by bit, he will devour the world, until there is nothing else left. Then, he will rest." In my younger days, I wanted to be the World-Eater. We all did. I've left that life behind me, but...

I'm scared. I've tried to convince myself it wasn't happening, but I'm steadily growing in power. I'm not sure what I might become.

Yeah, well, prophecy's crap! I don't believe in fate.

Nor I, but these little religious sayings have a way of exposing our true natures to the light of day. I may be well-heeled now... but when I have power, true power, can I continue to be? Can anyone?

Who cares?


I told you when we started this, we don't leave anybody behind. You did your time.

I appreciate it. I really do. But, I need you to make me a promise.


If I ever get that powerful... powerful enough to lose myself... Put me down.


Please, Elly. It's important to me.



If that ever happens, you won't be the Dente we know and love. It won't be a problem.

Thank you. Though I suppose if we don't find an escape route soon, it'll be a moot point regardless.

Believe me, I've been looking. The walls are solid rock, there's no cracks or weaknesses, and the only door is blocked by iron bars.



Trog, I appreciate the effort, but that's not going to work.


Ooh, a blurr blurr, my past is so tragic! That's what you guys sound like.


And now you're going to yank iron bars out of the wall? Of all the stupid—



He is Trog! Son of Tromolor! Grandson of Tromine!

And don't you forget it!

Next Time: Brigadoon! Also, More Plumbing.