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Part 18: Bonus Feature A1: Bloopers and Outtakes

Bonus Feature A1: Bloopers and Outtakes

You will suffer for that, mouse. After I'm done with the rest of your mischief, I'll take great pleasure in killing you again. And again. And when you're out of lives, I will slaughter the remaining town, take all of their Hearts, and give them to you—just so I can continue to kill you.


Do you hear me? You will die, mouse. Over and over. Your life will become an endless waking nightmare.

Oh, and one more th—

Tabula rasa!



Hee hee hee.

Come on, people! This is completely unprofessional! Can someone please get a Golden Needle for Ms. Zaku?

Told you I'd do it.

It appears I owe you fifty gold pieces, Trog.

Is double or nothing?

Hmm. Intriguing.

Arrrrrrgh! What was that?! How could you let that happen?

Ms. Zaku, I cannot apologize enough. It seems you were the victim of a harmless little prank.

Harmless? Harmless? It's humiliating! A star of my stature, turned to stone by an amateur B-lister! This Let's Play would be nothing without me!

Please, Sue, if you could just calm down a bit...

I will do no such thing! And you...

Don't think for one second that I'll forget this. I have powerful friends in this industry.

While we're on the subject, are any of those friends in the props business?

A few. Why do you ask?

Well, we need somebody to replace all the scenery you chewed up.



If anyone needs me... I'll be in my trailer. SCREEEEEEEEEEEE


What a prima donna.

No kidding.

Oh my God. Will you please just get her back on the set?

On it.

Thank you. Alright, take five people. We'll sort this out after everyone's calmed down.

Well, now what?


Trog was thinking you never ask!

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