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Part 10: Chapter the Tenth

Chapter the Tenth, in which a wedding is crashed, unbelievable lies are told, and Venus takes a nap, if not necessarily in that order.

The first thing we notice upon entering the volcano is that Speedo McChesthair is following us. This could be a problem.

This volcano has some REALLY odd monsters if you think about it. The Hawk is pretty cool, but I think a piranha and a flower are probably weird.

Leon has to be the worst stalker in the history of the world.

There's a lot of flame themed equipment in the volcano, appropriately enough. The flame sword is very welcome, while the Fire gun has the interesting characteristic of doing double damage in the hands of a robot. It still sucks, however.

The mage staff is another item that sounds better in concept than it does in practice. It does fire base damage based on the user's mana, but the multiplier on it is lousy and it has a terrible number of uses.

The developers were nice enough to include a healing spring in the volcano.

So, a Warrior, a Magician, and a member of the Chinese Communist Army walk into a bar...
The monsters in the volcano are actually pretty tough for this area, so it can end up being a bit of an endurance marathon.

The flame shield goes to Bndr as a replacement for his gold one. The flame and ice shields have a nice effect of protecting the entire group from the opposite element.

The third one is a Poison MAGI, but I missed the shot.

Oh son of a bitch!

Well, there's only about one place he could be going.

It's nice that they have ushers conveniently placed to direct us to the wedding. This is kind of an example of something the previous FFL didn't have. The entire NPC population has moved around for this wedding, in response to certain triggers being met. It's a bit annoying sometimes when you're searching for the particular action that will move the story along, but it really helps with the depth of storytelling.

will be held in a moment. Stay and attend.

Having her actually walk down the aisle is a nice touch.

Those are more like commandments than vows.

Now, kiss for the pledge.

Yep, pretty much called it.

you with this MAGI!

I'm more disturbed by the fact that he didn't put on something other than his speedo for the ceremony.

you going to do with just a knife and a MAGI?

Hate to admit it, but she's kind of got a point there.

You think you can order me? Ordering me to let him go?

Oh no... I didn't mean...Please... Venus... I beg you...

Oh, snap!

I really do love Leon... I'm not afraid of anything anymore! I'm going out of this city!

No. You may not do that.

Well, then...

That's actually fairly impressive. Most people would just have created a wound rather than going straight to a scar.

Now that I have this scar, I can't stay here anymore... Please exile me outside of the walls!

Oh, Flora! You acted against my pride of beauty! That is unforgivable!!

That's it! Hey, Venus! That's too much!

Do you think we should have stepped in before she stabbed herself in the face?

I think you can actually forget to do this. I'm pretty sure you'll get the MAGI anyway, but another Power MAGI is useful.

Nils is screaming like a little bitch...

I think they kind of just did.

Venus is unfortunately strong against all elements kind of like Ashura, so elemental spells aren't going to be handy here. Unfortunately that makes Zoid semi-useless.

Venus has some serious armor, so Bndr is running into problems. Sleep has some small chance of working on Venus, so we can go with that.

Fry, roll your tongue up. It's like you've never seen a goddess in a clingy gown before.


Trading blows, Lela definitely got the worst of it. Venus can do serious damage to under-leveled parties, although we're strong enough to hold her for now.

I know the SMG is a bit weak for this, but I have a plan...

Lela is being my primary damage dealer for the fight, so keeping her healthy is a priority.

Luckily she wasted her turn trying to re-Charm the still confused Fry. He spends most of this battle doing nothing.

A number of people have mentioned that bows receive a power boost after a gun has been used in the game round. They're still fairly usable without this trick on most targets, but using something as outdated as a Gold Bow this can be helpful against a boss like Venus.

Lela's doing wonderfully still, while Fry finally snaps back into it.

Zoid manages to put Venus to sleep briefly, but it's enough to use up her turn this round.

Unfortunately, Bndr's Gold Bow damage seems to have gone back to normal.

This battle has been going on for a while, but Fry just helped make it shorter.

Winding the whip is something we haven't really seen before, but it essentially prevents the target from acting that turn if they haven't already. Fry's only actually done something for one turn this entire fight. If it weren't for Venus's Charm, this battle would probably be over already.

Speaking of which. The gold rewards for some of the later bosses are actually very nice, especially considering how expensive equipment is becoming.

Venus had about 1 of every kind of MAGI except Defense, and instead she has the Aegis. This is a rather unique MAGI that can be used as a shield with infinite uses, and which covers the entire party in a field equivalent to O All when used.

The essentially forgive each other and blame it on the safely deceased Venus, however, one line sticks out...

Know what? I know a girl who is in love with you, Nils!


... Let's go!

Next time: A small world, with some extra unexpected content.