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Part 12: Chapter the Twelfth

Chapter the Twelfth, in which our heroes investigate the serious crime of banana smuggling.

Huh. The trees here are kind of.. different...

This entire place is different.

The town is very different too, what with the multiple buildings crowded into a narrow area. This is the first place to visit here.

but Bananas are not allowed in this world.

Naturally this is a bit of a lampshade hanging. In the original, the item being smuggled was opium. Obviously in the 1990s a game discussing drug smuggling was a problem, so they decided to go with bananas. In reality, this guy is fiending for his drug fix.

Immediately behind the smack addict is a combined weapons/items store. The customers inside wonder how they have such wonderful items for sale. I think it's interesting that this is the first mushroom person we've seen wandering about. The clerk is an insanely stereotypical individual as well.

Interestingly, he reacts strangely when we talk to him from the side. Let's see what he has...

Holy CRAP. This is some awesome equipment. We're leaving this shop a bit poorer that we entered it, although a few things aren't worth buying because we'll be finding them soon.

Evidently all is not well in the kingdom. A Hatamoto, incidentally, was a samurai of the highest rank who had the right of an audience with the Shogun. The term could also be rendered as bannerman and was a very high rank. These guys aren't jokes as far as their authority goes.

Beat'em Guys!!

Naturally we're going to end up fighting them.

Huh. There's 8 of them. That's kind of a surprise. It's pretty funny that I didn't bother healing Fry before the fight..

They've got some pretty powerful attacks for this area, and the fact that they use cure potions on each other is another kick in the nuts.

Lela and Fry each kill one, but Bndr and Zoid mop up the rest. They last all of one turn.

You guys are talking like that wasn't a complete massacre.

this Edo. You Hamamotos! This wasn't the best way to greet strangers. It was impolite.

Did she.. did she just lecture them about rudeness when they shot at us?

Maybe they were trained wrong as a joke and think that losing is winning?


Good. Bye!

What the hell just happened?

as detective.

This kind of reminds me of Excel Saga a bit...

The other shop has some decent gear available, although nothing worth grabbing. The Battle Armor has higher defense than the Dragon Armor and gives +5 STR, but has no resistances. Pass, and time to leave this town.

I took a screen shot of these guys because they're absolute bastards. They have resistance to all elements, so killing large groups of them is an exercise in patience.

Off to the east we've got a nice little village nestled amid the trees.

Hmm. This could in no way be significant.

I bet you!

Alright, I'll give that 3 to 1.

I'm going to bet on badly prepared blowfish.

Actually, they're pretty much all dead.

watch after her. But she is such a tomboy...

Is there a problem with that?

Yeah, we kind of got that.

Pretty well, actually.

As opposed to other children somewhere else at a different time?

... uh?

How is this guy teaching English again?

Now for some

They are really troubling us all but we can't do anything about the big guys.

Detective sounds like a hard job.

Yeah, but I'll do it till I avenge my father.


Yeah. My father was investigating on Echigoya's smuggling. I've got to get Echigoya arrested!

.. Echigoya... we should see what's going on.

Normally this would call for careful investigation, surveillance, a stakeout, or what have you.

Fry opts for the more direct approach. Seriously, we've got a human who's bristling with swords, a mutant, a robot that's got a freaking bazooka attached to it, and a fairy showing up and asking questions.


To the harbor!

Somehow, however, Hana got the information before we did and is already on the ship.

The ship is actually kind of a neat area to explore, since it's designed to look something like a ship.

From this point onward the treasure in dungeons is almost universally awesome. The Laser pistol does fairly consistent damage against anything, and boosts Bndr's agility by 18.

Why do I say ?

The tank is a monster weapon that kills entire groups of late game enemies at once. Not only does it do excellent damage, it also blocks fully 70% of physical attacks directed at the user. Sorry bazooka, you've just been replaced.

Hecate boots can't be bought in any stores and boosts Mana by an excellent 15 points. These are definitely going on Lela.

Are we interrupting something?

How did a schoolteacher get into this ship and past all the monsters?


Taro saved me from Echigoya's gangsters. Thank you, Taro!

uh... That's okay.

A man of few words is Taro, but evidently a certified badass.

This ship is full of opium Bananas. We can arrest Echigoya! Let's hurry to the Court!

We'll come with you!

I'll go tell Kame that Hana is alright.

We've only got Hana for a little bit, but she's got absolutely beastly stats. That agility is particularly insane, but her defense isn't bad either. Is that kimono made of kevlar or something? Too bad she doesn't have decent equipment to use.

Next time: Talking to Da Chief and being given a suggestion that we get off the case, as well as a few small revelations.