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Original Thread: Cyborgs, Beastmen, and Robots: Let's Play Final Fantasy Legend 3



Hello once again, as we begin another Let's Play in the classic Final Fantasy Legend/Saga series. This time the subject will be the third entry into the series:

As you can see, the tradition of the Japanese version having far more awesome box art than the American version continues unabated this time around.

It's important to know going in, however, that FFL3 is a significant departure from the previous two entries in the series. A good part of this can be laid at the feet of Chihiro Fujioka, who acted as the producer for FFL3 and who was also involved in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Super Mario RPG, and Earthbound. The game was also the first project that translator Ted Woolsey, who some of you might remember from Final Fantasy 3/6, worked on for Square. Like Final Fantasy Legend II this game is also seeing an enhanced remake in Japan, with no word about whether or not it will come to the US. Now then, on to the question that some of you might be having now...

What did they Keep

As it turns out, not much. A few techniques and items including Martial Arts moves, the practice of eating meat to change shape (although in a very modified form), and the schizo-tech we've seen in the previous games. At least in this one, however, it makes sense given the plot.

What did they Change?

The first and most obvious change is in the way characters grow. Rather than gaining stats randomly through battles or from quaffing potions, our characters gain experience and levels like in most conventional RPGs. You have four starter heroes with definite roles, rather than picking from a selection. Magic is no longer a result of innate talents or bought as a limited use spellbook, but instead can be bought at stores and synthesized from materials and taught to party members permanently. The previous system of eating meat and changing into a different creature each time has changed with a new 5 tier system. Eating meat will turn you from a human/mutant into a beastman, while eating the meat of a monster as a beastman will turn you into a full blown monster. Parts of any kind will move you first into becoming a cyborg and parts from a robot will turn a cyborg into a total machine. You can revert to humanity from one side of the scale by using the opposite input, for example a beastman who uses parts turns into a human.

That one's kind of , and there'll be more explanation as gameplay continues.

I mentioned that there are four characters given to you, so here they are with their awful official artwork, default names, and a brief explanation:

The guy with the rocking 70's hair is Arthur, the ostensible hero of the story. He's a refuge from a destroyed future, sent back in time for his own protection. He's strong and and able fighter, but less than tops at magic. Elementally he's aligned with Fire, which will affect his use of spells and what kind of alternate forms he can turn into.

The skinny guy who looks like he's copping a feel is Curtis, a mutant who's got a serious talent for magic but is a terrible fighter. He was sent back along with Arthur, and is elementally affiliated with Wind. For the most part he seems to do pretty well with attack magic, although he can be a capable healer.

All I'm going to say here is that sometimes lifting and separating can be too much of a good thing. This is Gloria, another mutant from the future who takes the Water element as her own. For the most part she's meant to be a healer/support specialist, but can kick her own fair share of rear end with magic. Once again, not a great fighter.

Finally we have the stripperific Sharon, the only member of our team from the ostensible present, who has been raised alongside the first three. She's a more balanced character than Arthur, but is a better fighter than Curtis and Gloria. Sharon is the representative of the Earth element.

The Story So Far

world's present, past and future.

and night. Cities fell one by one, covered by the sea..

journey that may determine the fate of the world.

three young people sent back as children from the ruins of the future, are living with the Elder.

And this, my readers, is where you come in. I need four names for these characters (or votes to keep the original names, if you so desire), so I can commence with the playing and LPing. Up to six letters, with no numbers or symbols.

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