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Part 7: Hurry Up!

Now the time has come for us to head to the peaceful hamlet of Vi...

Okay, what the hell? They've built a completely machine covered city with a giant satellite dish in the past 15 years? With what looks like anti-air turrets?

Inside there are a few people on a platform and what look like tenements in the background. Some of them look like clones...the future is now!

D'you think this might be a clue that the whole Faye thing is important since we've been told no less than 4 times?

Hooray for information that would have been useful a little while back!

If Borgin had come from the future of Doom, he wouldn't need our help.

This jerk won't let us in unless we give him the password. Mp5 says that there's a way around him, which I look forward to hearing about.

Viper has one of the most unnecessary public mass transit systems in any video game.

How? And why didn't they set people up here if they had a working copy of the technology?

Anyway, with the password he'll let us in. This part of the game is very open, as you could theoretically go through any of the available towns first... as a result, this guy is the gatekeeper for the rest of the plot.

And now an explanation for the shelter. It's...some kind of lab?

Was there some part of the guy out front's spiel about a further future of doom that didn't click with you?

We could talk to the guy in front of the screen, but first, loot!

Berth is the best of the bunch, giving us a free inn in the Talon anytime we want. Hopefully it doesn't leave us hungry. Another elemental stone, thank you, but the laser sword has already been outclassed and Awake isn't really that useful.

He's not kidding, either. Really, really not kidding.


My, you've become a fine warrior! And possibly a leather pervert?

Would you help me defeat Maitreya? We must hurry.

in Talon2. We must follow them in Talon1.

How many Talons ARE there anyway?

No, I'm pretty sure Maitreya's a woman.

... Unit of Talon, you twit.

Right, she has X-Plane. Talon1 is safe in palace, but we can't use it.

our plan?

Dr. Pulcer has a shelter at the bottom of the northern sea.


First thing's first. This is the American character art for Dion, which I somehow find less horrible than most of the others. Maybe it's because the hair isn't so crazy, maybe it's that there aren't any screaming problems with his anatomy. He still looks like he'd be at home in an 80's band, but it'd probably be a heavy metal band.

At the moment Dion is actually much more powerful than we are, and comes with a selection of powerful spells. He's got a ton of MP to use them with, too. As far as temporary characters go, he's probably one of the better ones.

Thank you misshapen cyborg for reiterating this fact to us.

And a huge dick. ...figuratively speaking, that is. I felt I should clarify for people who are familiar with these kinds of games.

Thus I feel no compunctions about helping myself to his stuff. Easy recovery of MP means that cure potions aren't that useful in this game, but it could come in handy.

He starts off with a simple question...

And has a simple, if dickish response if you don't yet have Dion with you.

Despite having one of the major players in the Rebel group with us he feels the need to make absolutely sure.

Y'know, before he tells us everything.

First take this.

... O...kay...

near Palace to get to Floatland. Find X-Plane and Remote and then call me using Radio.

the Talon with Remote. Got it?

Can you make any plans that don't involve multiple explosions?


It's just that I can't imagine that they didn't have a way to get the Talon out without blowing up the Palace.

What kind of scientist would design something like that? Now you're just talking crazy. Anyway, fate of Group 1 - Jupiah, Borgin, and Quacer lies in your hands!

Before that, let's take a look at the shopping in Viper City.

I thought I looked like Borgin? Do they look alike?

Dragon equipment provides defense boosts, but is otherwise unremarkable. The Geta shoes, on the other hand, increase agility.

Worst kept secret ever.

Heal is another must have spell, since it can cure conditions both in and out of battle. Exit cuts dungeons in half, and can also be used as an instant kill. I've heard that you don't get experience from enemies who are taken out that way, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

It's a bit late in the game to be getting tutorial information.

Nothing to see here. We've got better swords, and more stuff will be available shortly.

The Berth unit, installed in Talon. Either those things are bigger than you'd think, or the whole crew of 4 thing assumed that people would be sharing.

You've got to love a game that requires you to strap yourself to an improvised rocket and shoot yourself through the air in order to continue.

Next time: Actual dungeons! Treasure, new monsters, and a boss fight!