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Part 11: Dragon Transformation

Update 10: Dragon Transformation

First off, let's start with a look at our characters. Last time they had about 150 in their primary statistic, but at this point they've actually been improved to about 200 in their primary stat. Aika has agility highest while Vyse has strength at the top. Fina has once again reached a point where she's got no offensive magic, but that wouldn't help with Ashura anyway. Give me a P-Sword and room to stand... Cupi hasn't changed in ages.

Ashura's area here is reminiscent of his later appearance in FFL2. Lots of stairs to walk up, but in this case there's an annoying trap door right in front of him. It drops you down to the bottom of the elevator so you have to climb up and go through a few encounters anyway.

He makes the oldest villainous offer in history. Here are all the countries of the world, rule beside me, ect, ect. Naturally, we're having none of it.

Six arms and three heads, just as expected. Aika and the Glass Sword are going to be the main damage dealers here, since I ran out of Catcraw for her. There's only two digits after the one in Vyse's attack. XCALBR is really not useful on single targets.

Ashura's Six Arm attack is brutal, as each attack seems to use the full strength damage modifier. A few monsters you can get also have a similar ability. He actually KOs Fina with this attack, as she'd suffered a bit of damage in an earlier attack.

Cupi..makes its own special contribution. Monsters really start to suffer late in the game.

Another three rounds brings Ashura to his knees. I should have really used the dragon sword. I don't know why I kept using XCALBR. What's the definition of insanity again?

I find it interesting that Ashura gives a different message on defeat than other bosses. I wonder why that is?

Moving forward after defeating Ashura the screen goes black and we receive this puzzling message. What the hell?

We're back in the first world, and a bunch of NPCs are gathered around. These two come from the first world, so that at least makes sense. Unfortunately the girl is going to learn about postpartum depression the hard way..

Somehow Ryu-O has come down the tower to hang out here. The talk of illusion is a bit puzzling...

Sayako talks about when we leave this world. This is getting more than a bit strange.

Mileille is here as well, pondering the differences between siblings. All the significant surviving characters from all four worlds are here.

The shops have changed, and now have all kinds of new equipment. The Sun Sword is a very handy item that might be the third most powerful sword in the game and can be instantly fatal to undead. The Dragon helmet gives the same resistance that the dragon armor does, while allowing you to wear armor with more defense. Power armor has the highest single item defense in the game, but you can't use any other armor with it. It's a perfect piece for mutants, however, as it saves valuable inventory spaces. It doesn't grant resistances, but does give boosts to strength, agility, and mana.

Once we've done a bit of shopping, Hat and Tails tells us that paradise lies beyond the door. Wasn't that why this whole thing started?

Ooops, went a bit too far. It was mentioned earlier that you can go above 255 and loop back around to 1 for stats. I took this shot for a demonstration, and then went back to a point before it had happened. Now Aika and Vyse have agility and strength at around 254-255, respectively.

An important change is that the door has been changed to being opened by the magic of four colors as opposed to just black. That's not the only change, however...once you go through the door, no matter how many stairs you climb your floor never goes higher than 1.

On the first floor is the Ninja Gauntlet, a piece of armor that has superior defense and boosts agility.

Also on the first floor is Gen Bu. Didn't..didn't I kill you once already?

I'm actually quite certain I did. Which means...

You're UNDEAD!

And, five floors later, so are you!

That's right. If you haven't caught this one yourself, all of the four resurrected fiends are undead and are vulnerable to the Sun Sword's critical hit function vs. undead. This utterly trivializes the four sub-bosses in the final dungeon, and that's the way I like it.

What's this, though? I thought we were going with Jorgandr?

Well, that's for next time. Since some people wanted to see this, I've decided to show all the possible forms at the final level. Tiamat is one of the more difficult ones to get, so I got it first.

Next time: Bonus Update 2, the Many Faces of Cupi.