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Part 21: The Immortal's Choice

Update 21: The Immortals' Choice

In This Update:
- Desolate desert field trip!
- Getting gifts forced upon you!
- Fighting over an inheritance!


Welcome back! Last time, Adelle decided it was time to move on. Hurt by her departure, Samuel and Cid decide to go questing to take their minds off it.

(Signed: "Rothwall, Archaeologikal Survey Team")

This looks like a good quest to take. Slaying some monsters, helping some scientists, that's the ticket to help us feel better!


As soon as we leave the pub, another cutscene starts.

: No worrying about anyone but myself... and no sharing treasure! I forgot how good a little solitude could be.

: Solitude... I'm really alone now.

: And what's wrong with that? I'm a woman of many gifts. There's nothing I can't handle!

Illua advances on Adelle as the screen fades to black.


Oblivious to Adelle's plight, Clan Sawyer heads to the Kthili Sands.

It's utterly desolate here. There's no music, just the sound of the wind howling through the desert.

Enter Samuel and Cid. They immediately see an unexpected figure.


She doesn't quite seem to notice them.

And she doesn't look to good, either.

: Adelle?

: Hold. Something's amiss with her.

: I came... I came for the grimoire. She... she wants it.

: You'll... give it to me?

As she says that, a group of monsters gather around her.

: "She wants it"...?

: It's like that you're right. She's ensorcelled! Feh!

: What do we do? I can't give her my journal, that's for sure. And we can't let her wander around like this! We've got to find some way to bring Adelle back to her senses.

: You try talking to her. The first time might fail, but the second, or third... Better than doing naught.

: If it doesn't work, we'll worry about that then. I'll handle the rest of this lot.

: Right. I'll do what I can do.

How do we do that? Exactly as Cid said: talk to Adelle three times.

I'm bringing in the core of Clan Sawyer, all the members who were here from the start: Talf, Lenolia, Henri and Imino. Cid and Samuel round out the team.

Adelle's friends are here to save her!

Adelle's been seriously buffed. She's gained 10 levels -- I guess Illua did some powerleveling with her.

We're on the defensive in this battle. We need to hold off the monsters so Samuel can talk to Adelle.

Wait, "Lennart"?

What the hell, Adelle?!

It needs to be seen in action!

When she left us, Adelle was a Fighter. Now she's a Heritor.

And she has pretty nice equipment.

Illua did something to Adelle that brought forth her gifts. Lezaford did mention something about "great powers". I guess we get to experience them firsthand.

Samuel's turns will be spent talking to Adelle. Everyone else is trying to keep him alive by holding off the monsters.

: Do you even have any idea what you're doing!?

: Yes... The grimoire. I'm trying to get the grimoire. I told you... She wants it.

: So what? Who cares what she wants? Just ignore her!

: ...

: ...Bah! It's like talking to a rock!

This battle would take a while if we waited for Samuel's turns to come around again.

Fortunately, we have Smile Toss.

: Look, if you go back to normal, I'll get you anything you want! S-Some cake, or...or Pepe clothes! Hey, how about a zingu pearl! Anything, I mean it! Just stop this!

: No... I don't want those things. Just... Just the grimoire...

: Ack! No good!

Meanwhile, the rest of the clan is moving in. Lenolia is casting Maduin on the two enemies in front of her, then using Unicorn to heal herself and the team.

Unicorn wasn't enough to bring her back up to full, so Cid steps in to heal her.

This Confusion nearly makes me fail this mission.

Adelle casts Lennart again. It seems to be her preferred attack.

Ow! Even worse, the Antlion right behind Henri has its turn next.

OK that was too close!

Fortunately, it's Imino's turn again, and he throws another smile at Samuel.

: Why are you all obsessed about that book, anyway!? She's just using you! Don't you remember what Khamja did to us? Huh?

: I... Did I... forget something?

: No. There is nothing else. Nothing...

: Wait, do you remember anything at all!? C'mon, anything!? All those adventures... And how you ripped Cid and me off... You gotta remember that!

: I re...mem... Uh... Hnnn...urk! S-Stop that!

: Um...stop what?

: I t-told you... I'm n-not helping Kh-Khamja!!! Now get out!!!

Adelle breaks the enchantment that had been holding her.

: Adelle!?

: You... Samuel...?

She collapses.

: Adelle!

: She's sleeping. But I think she's back to her old self again.


Samuel and Cid are having a quiet conversation. Cid eventually nods and leaves.

Samuel walks over to Adelle. They stand there silently for a moment.

: Nice move, getting possessed by that Khamja chick.

: ...

: Then again, you probably deserved it, after stealing Cid's money.

: But you know Cid. He talks scary, but on the inside, he's all warm and fuzzy.

: ...

: He'll take you back. We'll all take you back. C'mon, let's go.

: You won't?

: I...I'm going to go it alone. I don't need friends, Samuel. They're just... baggage. They slow me down.

: So why'd you join the clan in the first place? And why'd you stay?

: Well, I...

: I don't see why you have to leave.

: Oh, you don't understand anything! You saw me in that battle just now? You saw my power!

: ...Power enough to make Khamja want me. I'm not like you. I'm not normal. I live in a different world from you and Cid. I can't be with you! I just can't!

: What are you talking about!? What, is this the reason for your big sulk?

: My big- See? You're clueless! Totally and utterly clueless!

: Well, of course I'm clueless! Duh! For one thing, I'm new to this world, and for another, I'm not you! So you're not normal, you're not like us. So what!?

: And who cares? Nobody! Not Cid, not Hurdy... You're just dreaming up these horrible things in your head...

: What was that called again? You're full of yourself!

: Why you-

Adelle slaps him across the face.

: Yow! What'd you do that for!?

Samuel gives as good as he got.

: Hitting a girl? Cretin!

: Hey, you hit me first! I was just getting you back!

: Hmph! This is why I don't consort with children!

: Hey, who's acting like a spoiled brat here? You pretend to be all that, but in the end you're just all talk. Hah!

: Why, I ought to...

: What? ...What should I do?

: Look, figure it out for yourself. I'm out of here.

: Shame. It's... too quiet without you around. Makes it hard to concentrate.

He leaves.

: ...What am I doing?

The screen fades to black. And then:

Looks like Clan Sawyer is back together.

I realized I've never not talked to Adelle in that battle. You have two options: talk to her or fight her. What happens if you don't talk and try to kill her instead?

Nothing! The mission ends the exact same way! The dialogue at the end doesn't even change!

This is disappointing. Attacking her instead of trying to help her should have some serious consequences. Even worse, the intended approach of talking to her is significantly slower than just attacking! Having her not rejoin the clan would be too harsh of a consequence, I think, but it certainly would have been appropriate.

Samuel's journal is nearly full. And we have two moogle statues now -- we've completed 100 quests.


There's a cutscene back at the pub. The first half of it leads into the next story mission, which we won't be doing for a while. It's rank 46, but we're still around level 30.

The second half is the resolution of the Adelle's departure arc.

: Adelle... You met with that blue-haired chick from Khamja, right? She tell you anything?

: Nothing. Or, I just forgot it. If you're curious, why not ask Cid? He seems awfully well informed about them.

: True, but...

: Just a little shopping.

: We're off to an outfitter of my acquaintance to look at a new cape!

: H-Hurdy!

: A cape...? But you don't wear capes, do you, Adelle?

: G-Got to keep my finger on current trends! Look, Samuel, why don't you go and find out about those sky pirates, and leave us be?

Oh yeah, I guess that's spoilers. Oh well. Yeah, we're seeing Vaan and Penelo again.

: Huh? Um... Okay. Sure.

: Shall we, Hurdy?

Cid walks in just as Adelle and Hurdy are leaving.

: Those two, shopping?

: Yeah. Hurdy said something about a cape...

: Wh-What? What's this?

: Ah ha, a cape! Heh heh heh... A cape!

Cid is so incredibly suspicious of Samuel's laughter.

: Cid, if I were you, I'd wait a while before buying yourself a new cape.

: Hrah? What's this now?

: Well then, maybe I'll see about these sky pirates. Catch you around!

Samuel exits, leaving Cid scratching his head.


But we aren't quite done with Adelle's story. Lezaford has some useful information for us.

This isn't actually listed anywhere, there's no quest or notice in the pub. You have to remember Lezaford offered to answer any questions Adelle might have.

: Ah, welcome! ...You seem much more at ease, my child.

: What, do they teach mind reading in wizard school?

: You're right though. I've decided to accept that I'm, well, one of the Gifted. See how it fits me.

: I approve.

: You would. But I'm not doing this for you. I want to be stronger. Strong enough to look after myself...

Character Development!

: Huh! I sound like a real goodie-goodie, don't I?

: As you wish it, so shall it be.

: I hope you're right.

: Go on.

: What little I know was told me by another of your kind, long ago. A gentleman.

: You have surprising friends. Suppose it comes with being a wizard, eh? This man... Where is he now?

: Who knows? He chose a different path than yours. He may well have passed on by now.

: ...

: You... could seek him out though, if you wished it. Were you to find him, he could aid you greatly.

: That's putting a lot of faith in someone you don't even think's alive...

: Thanks for the tip. Maybe I'll go look up this Lennart fellow...

Lennart, of course, was the name of the attack Adelle used against us during the battle with her.


If you head from Lezaford's cottage over to Zedlei Forest, another quest pops up in an area we've never seen before.

: Just look at all the stars! Whaddaya say we take a little break?

: *sigh*

: What's got into you? Can't a guy relax for a couple minutes?

: Looking at all these stars just makes me think... It's not easy tracking down one person out of all the people out there.

: I'd been hoping we'd chance upon him in the course of a quest, but what are the odds?

Honestly, the odds are pretty good.

: You mean Lennart? The one who's supposed to know the power of the Gifted Ones? He's an old friend of Lezaford's, isn't he?

: Supposedly. I'm not really certain. All I know is that they met long ago.

: I wonder what he's like... Lezaford's nice enough, but ya never know.

: Something tells me he's not like Lezaford at all.

: Are you... Lennart?

: Him!? Look how young he is! An old friend of Lezaford's would have to be -really- old.

: He's... different from ordinary people. Isn't that right?

This makes it sound like Samuel doesn't know about the Gifted Ones. But he literally just talked about them.

: And this does not surprise you?

: I'm rather different myself.

Perhaps Samuel doesn't know Gifted Ones still exist in the world or that Adelle is one of them.

: I see. You wish to discover your "instincts", yes?

: Is this what you call the power of the Gifted Ones? I don't really know any more than that... but I'd like to learn.

: And you shall. Come with me.

But here Lennart confirms that Adelle is Gifted.

: Are you crazy? You think you can just say "run along" and I'll go marching off? If you won't let me come with you, I'm going to wait right here till you get back!

: Then I'll see you back here. Don't worry, I'll try not to be too long.

Samuel looks like he's going to protest again, but Adelle just shakes her head. He gets the message.

: We go.

Oh please tell me Adelle will be able to teleport everywhere.


Lennart takes them to a snowy field.

: What now?

: Now I will test your power. I must know whether you are worthy of your latent instincts.

: Give me a chance... I'll prove my worth.

Sure hope you don't get any critical hits! The knockback will count as targeting a distant unit.

Also, you don't have a chance to change Adelle's equipment. You're tossed straight into the battle.

Huh. I hadn't expected that to be an option.

Anyway, this battle is pretty simple. Lennart is level 22, Adelle is level 30. (She doesn't keep the level boost Illua gave her.)

Lennart is a hunter, and he attacks with a bow.

Right, that was simple enough.


: Wouldn't do to keep my friend waiting now, would it?

: You think he still waits? It's nearly dawn.

: He'll be there, I know it. I know -him-.

: I see.

: Tell me one thing: why have you chosen a life of solitude? There are people who care for you who would take you in.

: I don't understand.

: I could not bear to lose someone close to me. Look at me. I am not like others. Time's fire leaves no mark on me.

: There are some who cannot accept me for what I am. They leave, and all is well. It is far worse with those who stay. I must watch as they grow old... and die.

: ...

: Oh, I might meet new friends to replace the old. But I no longer have the courage to face what must always come again. And so I choose to remain alone.

It's the classic issue of immortality. How many times can you watch your friends disappear?

: Not an easy decision. And not the one I mean to make.

: You are an intriguing young woman.

: Thank you. I am.

: Very well. I will impart you these "instincts".

: I feel... strange. Like someone's writing something inside my head.

This line makes me think there's a connection between the Gifted Ones and the grimoires.

: Then it has worked. The very fact we are different creates a wall between us and the rest. So long as you choose discourse with them, that difference will bring you only suffering. Yet if this is your choice, embrace it.

: Thank you. I will.

: You should go now. Return where you belong.


: I'm exhausted.

: -You're- exhausted!? Do you know how long I've been waiting for you?

: I've been fighting for my life, and that's all you've got to say? I didn't even ask you to wait for me.

: What, I was supposed to walk away and leave you? Not likely. I couldn't let you down. You were counting on me!

: Did you hear what we were talking about?

: Huh?

: Ah, never mind. Forget it.

: Come on, let's get going. I'm starved. I could go for something really rich. Maybe some kelb kebabs.

: Now that you mention it, I am kinda hungry too.

They head down the mountain.

: You certainly seem smug, Samuel.

: Me? Smug? I'm just glad to be heading back is all.

: Yeah, I could hear you. Must've been something Lennart did.

: Wha-!? That meddling, no good- What was he thinking!?

: No matter what you say, the clan really means something to you, huh!

: Samuel! I'd choose my next words carefully if I were you. They may be your last!

: Hehe!

He runs off, and Adelle chases after him.

While on top of the mountain, Lennart looks on.

Finally! Adelle's been siting around in random jobs just waiting for this one to finally be available.

I'll go into detail about it in an upcoming Job Roundup. Suffice to say, it's a unique and interesting job that's definitely worth using.


One thing I do want to talk about about is how Heritors learn abilities. Like every other job, Heritors get them from equipment. However, this equipment can't be bought in the shop or found in the bazaar!

Instead, you start seeing notices like this one in the pub.

Somewhere in the world, a new quest appears. You have to use the clue from the letter to find it. "Snowy plain" is pretty vague, but the Rupie Mountains are our destination today.

: Kupo! It can't be!

Shoofa seems surprised to see Adelle here.

: Can't be...what?

: Oh, nothing, kupo. My mistake! Who might you be?

: We're Clan Sawyer. We got a letter from someone named Gade. It sounded like he was looking for you.

: Gade, you say, kupo?

: Your power, Shoofa. Lend me your...power...

: Enough of this, kupo! Is this what Viola would have wanted, Gade?

: -That's- Gade!?

: We got a letter from a...ghost!?

: Your power... I must have it...!

: Gade wants something of mine. But I can't part with it, kupo! It's a memento of a dear friend.

: You don't have to convince us. I can see who the bad guy is here.

: Stand back, we'll take care of this!

Shoofa wisely runs off.

: You... Are you... Viola?

It's a headhunt. We're overleveled.

You know how this is going to go.

Except he starts just slightly too far away for us to finish this in one round.

When Gade falls, the battle ends and we hear a mysterious voice.

: Let it go, Gade. It's time to rest.

: My dear... Viola...

And he... ascends?


: Viola wasn't like other people. She had strange powers, kupo.

: Strange powers?

: Strange and powerful powers, kupo! I can't count how many times she used them to save us! You wouldn't believe the things she could do...

: Gade was fascinated. He wanted to be powerful too. So he struck out on his own in search of a way to get what he craved.

: Viola passed away a few years later. Kupo... Her power was too great for her. It tore her apart from within.

: ...

: I set off looking for Gade to tell him what had happened to Viola. Before she died, she had begun to worry about him. She understood what it meant to have true power, kupo. But it was too late...

: His search for power had already consumed him.

: Kupo... Somehow he got the idea that this keepsake contained her power, and he's been trying to take it ever since. At least now he can finally rest, kupo.

: You really think so?

: Didn't you hear what Viola said, kupo?

: I didn't hear a thing. What about you, Adelle?

: I'm...I'm not sure.

: This was Viola's. I want you to have it, kupo.

: Me? But...shouldn't you keep it?

: I don't need a memento to remember her, kupo. She's in my heart. I think Viola would be happier knowing it was being put to use, kupo.

: I'll treasure it always. Thank you.

: No, thank you, kupo! You've done me a great service!


For our troubles, we receive the Tiptaptwo. Veterans of FFTA will recognize the weapon, though in that game it taught no abilities.

In this game, it teaches Viola. Yes, all Heritor abilities are named after Gifted Ones. It's a neat touch. The Tiptaptwo is also the most powerful knife in the game.

We'll be getting quite the spread of weapons on these Heritor quests. Each one is very powerful, though some of the abilities -- like Viola -- are situational at best.

Each quest is unlocked by a notice found in the pub. Those notices appear once Adelle has mastered the current Heritor ability, so it can take a while to unlock all of them.


Thanks for reading! This was a more story-heavy update. I promise the next one will be full of quests and adventures, because we really need to get some levels before tackling the last couple story quests.