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Part 22: I Can't Believe I Already Used "Am I My Trapper's Keeper"

Update 22: I Can't Believe I Already Used "Am I My Trapper's Keeper"

In This Update:
- Traps.
- Lots of traps.
- And another Heritor ability!


Welcome back!

While some sidequests form a complete story arc, others are merely related by a theme. For today's update, I decided to tackle the trap quests.

And I don't mean "trap" as in "ambush" but rather "you have to destroy a bunch of traps."

Each quest is pretty similar.

Our goal is to destroy all the traps on the ground, and there will be a bunch of monsters harassing us.

On top of that, there's always a restrictive law to stop us from slaying all the enemies and taking our time.

Oh, good job to whoever placed these traps then.

As for actually destroying the traps...

There's no "Destroy" command when you walk up to them.

Your only option is to activate them.

At least the law doesn't apply to counterattacks.

We took this one rather late, so it's a walk in the park.

The heavily trapped, enemy-filled park.

There's also treasure chests! We'll be grabbing all of them, even though they aren't really worth it.

Anyway, this quest is easy enough.

Agreed, Talf. Agreed.


The next quest cranks up the difficulty a bit.

First, the enemies have been upgraded.

Second, there's a time limit. At least the law isn't too oppressive.

And the traps aren't all Sten Needles this time. With Ribbons, Orbs of Minwu and other protective items, you can get out of this mission relatively unscathed.

Of course, the monsters don't trust us at all.

Now, you may be thinking that these monsters can't fly, so we can bait them into the traps and save us some trouble.

You'd be wrong. The enemies will happily walk all over these traps without any consequences.

They all have the "Avoid Traps" P-Ability. Rangers and Geomancers can learn it too, but it's useless for us here because we must activate the traps.

Yellow traps are Silence Gas, by the way.

We've seen the pink Charm traps before.

Green ones are Leech, which steals MP.

Jalia learned a new ability, by the way.

Because Assassins have to have all the best abilities, she can now turn people to stone. And it looks awesome, too!

Leed gets a lucky Magick Frenzy critical, moving the Baknamy off the trap.

Now Zoe can fly over to it and finish the mission.

Two down, one to go!


I stopped by the Moorabella pub. Our next mission is in Fluorgis, and I had hoped to find a quest that would involve the airships. Some quests start in Moorabella and have you fly across the ocean to Fluorgis (or vice versa) as part of the quest.

The game was kind enough to remind me that it's now Goldsun and I can trade in our luck-stick! We'll do that when we cross the channel.

I also found another trap-related quest, and this one is just north of us. I think we can handle it before flying over to Fluorgis.

This one is pretty highly ranked, but we don't need to fight the monsters, just destroy the traps.

Scratch that, we can't fight the monsters!

Fortunately, it's just a bunch of Charm and Leech traps. The only Sten Needle is by the large treasure chest at the enemy spawn.

These quests really aren't too bad. We can easily destroy a trap on every turn.

Adelle and Jalia are already taking the first couple.

Zoe has the Ninja Tabi, so she can rush towards the enemy spawn and grab the treasure. Having a flying unit is fantastic -- normally, I'd have to push through the enemy or send a unit with Faerie Shoes.

The enemy spends their turn filing down from their spawn. Adelle rushes forward to activate this trap before any of the enemies can block it.

We're already down to the last 3 traps and the enemy hasn't even reached us yet.

Even better, their only ranged attacks can't really hurt us. Magick Hammer hits MP, not HP, and Stalk is only dangerous if we left the Tonberry get close to Leed.

Zoe finally flies up top. I figured I would go for the trap before the chest, in case an enemy decided to run back and sit on the trap.

Geomancer has really great defenses, so she's fine.

Juggler is just so good. Smile Toss lets us grab a not particularly great treasure.

And Lian hits the last trap.

Not bad at all.


Here's a quest that will take us across the ocean.

This poor Elementalist is very scared of heights. Not an irrational fear, really. I don't think Ivalice has safety standards like we do.

We can ask her about her fear. I don't think the different options have any effect on the conversation.

Eventually she musters up her courage and boards the airship.

Oh. We're still here.

Oh well.

Waiting for us in Fluorgis is the Luck-Stick Seller.

She does... something with the luck-stick. Maybe divination, I guess?

That's not a terrible reward. But not necessarily worth the 1000 gil price.

Prize ranks range from 15th place to Special Rank A. According to GameFAQs:

Special Rank A prize = Brilliant Theorbo
Special Rank B prize = High Arcana
Special Rank C prize = Grimoire Stone
Special Rank D prize = Darklord Crystal
Special Rank E prize = Lightwing Crystal
1st prize = Hurdy-Gurdy
2nd prize = Dark Matter
3rd prize = Elixer
4th prize = Zodiac Ore
5th prize = Ether
6th prize = Zincatite
7th prize = Low Arcana
8th prize = Gikhet Lead
9th prize = Remedy
10th prize = X-Potion
11th prize = Hi-potion
12th prize = Gold Needle
13th prize = Zinconium
14th prize = Eye Drops
15th prize = Potion

The regular rank prizes are nothing special, though note you can pick up a second Hurdy-Gurdy. The special prizes, on the other hand, are quite rare crafting materials. This is also how you can get another Brilliant Theorbo if you missed the first one.


Anyway, on to the next quest, which is just north of the luck-stick seller.

This one isn't the same type as the other quests. Instead of monsters, we're stopping a thief. And he's a Ranger, which means he'll place more traps as the map goes on.

And just peep that law. Moving three spaces is required, on a map where you want to land on very specific squares. That's cruel.

That's actually kind of great. But why would you do that when you're trying to run away with the jewels?

Good question, Henri.

The Ranger will spend most of his turns putting down new traps, which is just fantastic. And the enemies all have Avoid Traps again.

Our first goal is to take out all the enemies. Fortunately, most of the traps are on their side of the battlefield. We can play defensively and let them come to us.

Henri charges up Talf, who has Illusionist as his second skill set. Dealing 50+ damage per turn to all enemies will speed things up nicely.

In the meantime, Imino will be heading towards the treasure chests to the north.

I sent Leed to take out the first couple traps. This backfires horribly.

Cid does better on the offensive, so I send him forward into another trap.
He has two shields equipped that raise his evasion, so he's pretty safe.

Check out the damage! He won't be running out of MP anytime soon, thanks to the +60 MP from Henri and his Half MP passive.

My poor decisions get Leed killed, unfortunately. And we don't have any way to revive him.
Surprisingly, it ends up not being a problem.

The battle rages on. Imino is still heading north while Cid and Henri focus on the Ranger.

I wish Vikings had better magick growths so they could actually use their spells. This would be dealing 65+ damage if one of my mages was casting it.

This path may seem weird, but it lets Imino grab both treasure chests in three turns. You don't have to be in front of the chest to open it.

I continue to mess up by knocking the Ranger into Critical HP, triggering his Critical: Vanish ability. Oh well, we'll just focus on the other enemies for now.

This was totally a good investment of my time.

This is effectively a 5 on 4, due to Imino and Lian being out of the fight. Hurdy gets the double Slow to even the field a bit.

Cid takes out the Ranger with an Opportunity Command attack.

Imino grabs the treasure from the fancy chest, which is definitely worthwhile!

And we quickly clean up the last of the enemies.

Withering Strike is one of those "damage = lost HP" attacks, but it has pretty terrible accuracy. It's supposed to be a last-ditch attack, why make it so bad?

All that's left is cleaning up the traps. I've cut that part out because it's pretty boring. Moving everyone exactly 3 spaces isn't exactly the most captivating of content.

Or before he lays more traps.

Well, that was fun! I hope I never see a trap again.


Let's cleanse our palette with another quest. This one sounds interesting, and it's right next door.

: The fiend should show its face at any moment. Be on your guard!

Oh dear, Lotice. Who are you terrifying this time?

: I beg you. Deal it such a blow that it will never rise to haunt me again!

Here's a moment where the sprites are surprisingly evocative. Samuel and Adelle are furiously whispering to each other -- "what are we supposed to do?!"

: Luuu... Luc...

: Why do you wait? Attack!

: It... it is you... How long... has it been?

Lotice is talking to us, not the Paladin.

: -She- is Frimelda Lotice. She was a great blademaster, once.

: This... creature... is Frimelda!? But how...

: Drug... Kill me...? We were... inseparable. Together we traveled... did battle...

: In the beginning, I did. But before I knew it, they came to call you blademaster. And me? What was I?

: After you'd fall asleep, I would practice late into the night, but I could never match your skill. I couldn't bear it!

: So when I came upon the drug, I-

He falls silent. He can't speak of what he did.

: The Fallen Angel... Do you recall when first you held this blade? We were happy, then.

: This blade... This blade is all that remains of what you were. You're dead!

We're immediately thrown into battle with no chance to adjust our equipment. Better make sure you come into this with no Holy-element weapons.

: I will send you and this creature both to your graves.

: Who do you think you are!?

: Sorry, but an agreement is an agreement. You wanted to be sure you never looked on this creature again, didn't you?

Goddamn, Adelle.

Luc Sardarc is pretty well equipped, but it's still a 3-on-1 battle. Well, technically 4-on-1, I suppose, but Frimelda isn't exactly in fighting shape.

It should only take a turn or two to burn his health down.


: For what it's worth, each day without you... I have grown more empty.

: What have I done...?

Frimelda picks up her sword.

: Go on... do it.

She raises the blade, but does not swing.

: ... Leave me.

Sardarc stumbles away.

: Thank you... I want you... to have my sword.

: Farewell...

So ends another chapter in the tragedy of Frimelda. And look, FFTA2 is actually getting a bit dark. There's a drug that turns people into zombies. Lotice was betrayed by the man she loved.

What did we just get?

The Fallen Angel is the strongest knightsword and the 3rd strongest weapon overall. It has great boosts to several stats, making it an excellent pick for your Paladins and Heritors.

It's also a Grand Prize at the Moorabella Auction House, and we've had one for ages now.

The High Seraph's Plume is another scion summoning accessory. Ultima is pretty great, especially as an emergency heal.


Somewhere in the middle of completing all those quests, Adelle mastered Viola! Now we can hunt for the next Heritor quest.

There's already a letter waiting for us in the pub.

In the swamp, huh? Good thing we're right next to Tramdine Fens!

...Except he's not here.

Instead, we have to go to Zedlei Forest.

Wilford Brimley is that you?!

: Hoo ahh! Even better than I'd hoped!

: You certainly are frisky for someone mortally wounded.

: Oh, don't you worry, that twisted ankle of mine still smarts good and proper.

: ...

: It hurts like the living blazes! Oh, the pain!

: All right, all right. Here's your potion. Drink this and get a good night's sleep.

: Don't worry, it's on me. Free of charge.

She's come far, hasn't she?

: That's mighty generous of ya.

: Don't mention it. Well, I think I'll be going. Try to stay still until your ankle's better. Take care.

: What is it?

: A little present for you. Something I've had since I was quite young. Perhaps you'll find a use for it.

: How thoughtful. Thanks. And stay off that ankle!

Adelle leaves, but we don't.

: Ljda, can you hear me?

: I met the child. She has a kind heart. Quite beautiful, too, if I do say so.

: I gave her my power. She'll use it right if I'm any judge. I'm glad I got to see her before it was too late.

: If I'd only known how beautiful she was... Sick or no, I'd have made myself a touch more presentable.

: Thank you for this wonderful life. Even being a Gifted One, it hasn't been all bad.

: Farewell, Ljda. I'll be waiting for you.

He ascends.

And we get the Whale Whisker!

It's the strongest pole in the game at 58 attack. But that's only 18 more than the Master Monk's unarmed attack bonus. Even worse, poles can't be dual wielded. It's not too bad if you have a Mirage Shield in your other hand, giving you +20 evasion.

The ability more than makes up for any of the weapon's drawbacks. Wermut deals decent damage at range, and Slow is one of the best status effects to inflict.


Thanks for reading! I hope these sidequest-heavy updates are worth reading. The sidequests are the bulk of the game, and in my opinion they are fun and engaging.

Mostly, anyway.