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Part 35: Don't Get Lost In Heaven, Part 1

Update 35: Don't Get Lost In Heaven, Part 1

In This Update:
- The final battle with Illua!


Back in Update 27 (has it really been so long?) we recruited Vaan and Penelo after rescuing them from some troubles.

Actually, let's back up and get a quick refresher on the plot. It's been a while since we did any story quests, let alone anything related to Khamja.

After an encounter with a spirit in the Tramdine Fens, Samuel started having nightmares of a desolate land and a huge demonic hand. A bill posted by another person suffering from nightmares led them to the Oversoul; upon defeating that spectre, Cid, Adelle and Samuel all experienced Samuel's vision. While trying to discover more information about the place in their vision and what it could mean, they befriended and recruited Hurdy, a moogle Bard, who became interested in Samuel's journey to Ivalice.

Around this time, Adelle ran into Illua, the leader of Khamja, who seemed to be a bit too interested in Adelle. Shortly thereafter, the clan took a bill to return a piece of magicite, which they had found after a battle with Khamja. This turned out to be a trap set by the crime syndicate, who took back the magicite. They then used the magickal stone in an attempt to assassinate a certain Baron Beltorey. The baron was saved by the sky pirates Vaan and Penelo, but they were still blamed for the attempt.

Illua sent the drained magicite to Clan Sawyer with a request to meet her in the Ruins of Delgantua. This is where we found out Illua and Khamja were behind the attempt on Beltorey. After defeating Illua, Clan Sawyer was teleported to Jagd Zellea, the desolate, Mist-soaked land from Samuel's nightmares. A gigantic demon hand attacked the clan through a portal, and they managed to defeat it with the aid of an ancient mage cannon. Thanks to the sage Lezaford, the clan returned to Ivalice.

Lezaford told Samuel about the true nature of his journal: it was the Grimoire of the Rifts, a powerful magickal book that draws energy from the events recorded within it. Illua, who attempted to destroy Samuel's journal, possessed a grimoire of her own, with which she planned to open the rifts and use their power to take over the world. Samuel, as the owner of the Grimoire of the Rifts, was the only one with the power to stop her.

The plot then derailed a bit as we helped Hurdy find an ancient instrument buried deep below the city of Goug, rescued Adelle from Illua's clutches and awoke her latent powers as a Gifted One, and recruited Vaan and Penelo. Now, with those character arcs wrapped up, it's time to ruin Illua's plan for world domination.

This cutscene played right after fighting Vaan and Penelo's doppelgangers in Camoa.

: Actually, I have done quite a lot, now that I think about it. Not like I've gone out and defeated the Lord of Darkness or anything... But, it's been pretty cool. Heh. I mean, this journal started off practically blank!

: Your future was a blank slate, so to speak. Not that it's carven in stone, now.

: Yeah, but I know of like it that way. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Seeing what happens.

: Yeah... But I'm not really so worried after all. I guess I think it'll all work itself out somehow. At least I don't have to go it alone, right?

: And that fool confidence may well be your strength.

: Heh heh.

: Barman! Some gedegg soup, if you don't mind. And bread - the hard stuff.

: Didn't you just take everyone out to lunch? You went to that favorite restaurant of yours, right?

: Ate a big, big lunch, too, kupo!

: We young lasses need our energy, you know. I'm not lazy like this old fogy, yet.

: Watch who you call lazy, lass. I wolfed through enough hearty meals in my day. Illua kept me busy with Khamja work, after all.

Adelle comes to sit down, while Hurdy goes to talk to the barman.

: Cid, can I ask why you left Khamja?

: Organizations like that - they're not for me. It struck me one day. The rules, the in-fighting - it's all rubbish.

: That's it?

: You expected something more inspiring? Romantic ideals, perhaps? I'm more practical than that. I've simple needs, that simply weren't met. So I wheedled my way out, and just when I thought I was free... bang.

Bleeding out on the streets on Graszton, alone, in the rain...

: It would have made little difference. But, as I lay there, dazed, watering the dirt with my blood, along he came...

: The judge!

: It's queer, but when I saw the gleam off that silver helm, suddenly, I wanted to live. My lips moved, and before I knew it, I was croaking for help.

: So you almost died, and were saved... And decided to devote your life to a clan.

: A classic story.

: Yours is hardly different.

: Another bill's come in asking for our clan! It's a request to take part in a ceremony, kupo... And it's from you-know-who... Kupo-po!

: ...Illua.

: Kupo.

I kind of wonder what the barman thinks of all this. "Oh dear, that blue-haired chick is sending vaguely threatening letters again."

: Let's check it out. I've been wanting to settle the score with her anyway. And something tells me, I'll never get to the end of my story until I do.

: I've a score to settle with her myself.

: That makes three of us.


Vaguely threatening indeed.

[OST] Eternal Time

That's right, there's music links now!

: I knew you'd come, all the same.

: So, what are we celebrating?

Oh, she's not alone.

: I thought long and hard on what was required to give my story a fitting conclusion. Then I realized all that was needed was a foe - an archrival, if you will - to vanquish. Standard heroic fare, don't you agree?

: And then this triumphant hero would rule the land as emperor, I suppose?

: And why not, when that is the path I must walk? My heart's true desire? I -am- the hero of this tale, after all. A story needs only one.

: are merely the chorus. Do not deceive yourselves into believing you are anything more.

[OST] Determination

: Funny, that's not what my story says. It's a pretty good read, too. Lots of supporting characters. You could say we all kind of wrote it together. So don't think I'm ready to toss it just because you like your story more!

: ...The story is already in motion. Let us begin!

Five people, can't be too bad.

Well never mind! The law means we can't touch the Arcanist or the Time Mage. The very loose definition of "harm" ends up biting me later.

Illua is, unsurprisingly, the biggest threat. She's gone full weaboo with her equipment. She also has Impervious, of course.

Her abilities are a little terrifying. Abyssal Slash can Stop the target, and Time Blade will straight up delay your turn.

The two viera are the next big threats. The Red Mage has Double Cast, though fortunately she's only packing Elementalist spells. The Summoner is a Summoner, which means we'll be fine if we can knock her out before she has too much MP.

The Time Mage will Haste everyone he can, and the Arcanist is harmless.

As for our team, well, Samuel has to have his two best friends with him for this! Bringing up the backline are Leed, Lenolia and Jalia, who have some really great ranged damage to complement the rest of the team's melee abilities.

Let's get this underway.

: Know my power, hear my command! Loose these cursed constraints!

[GIF] Illua casts a dark spell

This time, Illua's magick doesn't work! Thanks to Ezel's card, our Judge is protected from her dark power.

: You stopped my magick...! How!?

: Ezel's card! It worked! That should keep her sticky paws off our judge!

Well this battle is off to a good start.

Meanwhile, Illua wanders over to her supports and buffs herself.

We're actually a little under-leveled here, and we're taking actual serious damage for once. I'm not scared though.

My plan is to head clockwise, take out the two viera, and draw Illua away from the Time Mage and Arcanist.

I'd like it if Illua was over here, but honestly the couple extra turns to take down these two viera will help us a lot.

Despite her propensity for obscene magickal damage, Lenolia is our best healer right now. This is why I'm not terribly worried about the three-digit damage we're taking.

Samuel demonstrates why Parivir + Geomancer is a wonderful combination. (Geomancer is a Black Mage P-Ability that reduces the target's elemental resistances by one stage, so the Summoner is now weak to Ice damage.)

Illua takes notice and responds with sound and fury, but ultimately does nothing.

That's two down. We easily match the enemies when it comes to damage, and we have Lenolia's healing as back up.

Well that's one more enemy out of commission. Not that he'll ever do anything useful, of course.

Leed uses Dispel, a Bishop ability we've never really used, to strip away Illua's Saber buffs. But the Time Mage immediately buffs her with Haste.

Tempting... but we outnumber them 2 to 1, giving us a very real chance of being targeted. Not worth it.

My other option, using Roar to strip away Haste from all the enemies, backfires. I'm guessing that "harm" means "targeting and hitting." Thanks for the unclear laws, Judge!

Illua retaliates with a Time Blade.

[GIF] It is extremely anime.

The Arcanist does something mildly useful and attacks Illua. She has a ton of defenses, but it's better than nothing.

Three down. The Arcanist will be charmed for another turn or two, so we can focus on Illua for a bit.

Seriously, she's a tough nut to crack.

Samuel's not having any problems though.

Well done, Arcanist! Illua retreated in order to buff herself again.

We're getting close now.

Maybe I'm playing with her now, but I want Illua to have a taste of Adelle's power. Shout out to all the Lennart fans in the thread!

[GIF] That's some nice damage.

And with one last blast, Lenolia finishes off Illua.


[OST] Lurking Shadow

: Hrmm? It's over, Illua. Admit it.

: Oh? Perhaps you've forgotten my...power!

[GIF] Illua surges with dark power.

: Huh!? What was that!?

: I have forged a pact with Zomala, God of Time. I have compassed time and space, navigated nothingness and every shade of reality... Zomala, open your gates unto me!

[GIF] Illua opens the gate of time.


[OST] Requiem

: Illua is going to use the rift's power whether the rift wishes it or no.

: Either way, we don't have time to hang out here!

Cid and Samuel walk off to the left. Adelle follows, but stops after a few steps. Concerned, Hurdy stops with her.

[OST] Sorrow

: Y-You're crying, kupo? Are you hurt!? Wait here, I'll call Cid and Samuel back!

: No, wait. I...I'll be fine. Don't call them, please?

: Kupo... You sure?

: I'm sure. It's nothing, really.

: And, I don't know, I just felt like crying. Hah! Stupid me...stupid!

: Kupo...

: Really, just forget about it, please.

: Coming!


Thank you for reading!

I think that last scene really wraps up Adelle's arc. Remember when we first met her? Immensely independent, dismissive of any connections, and using toughness as a facade. But she's really come to love that clan, the companionship, and her close friends. Just a few updates ago, she would have run away instead of facing her feelings about Samuel leaving. Now, well, she's much better at handling emotions. She's grown into a more complete person.

Next update: What's waiting for us in Zellea?