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Part 37: Demon Days

Update 37: Demon Days

In This Update:
- The opening of the Rift!
- The closing of the Rift!
- The Grimoire of the Rift!


Where were we?

Oh, right.

[OST] Opened Darkness

When the Mist clears, the whole battlefield has been covered in the slimy, purple body of the Neukhia.

: Well, when in doubt, fight, I guess!

Everyone has their little moment of reacting to the demon.

: Kupo... Don't worry, I won't run on you guys. Somebody has to play the victory fanfare when we win, right, kupo?

: You didn't think we'd finish this without getting our hands dirty, did you?

: Hey, go easy on him. I'm not doing so well myself.

: Awh, you've nothing to worry about! I'm here, aren't I? Let's just get this done with, shall we?

: Time to finish your story.

: Okay. Here goes!!! If anyone's gonna give this story a happy ending, it had better be me!

There's not a ton of R-Abilities that would be helpful here, except maybe the damage mitigation/absorption ones like Absorb MP or MP Shield.

So, what exactly are we up against?

The Neukhia has three parts. The first is the Wisp.

It's mostly focused on buffs and debuffs, though Sanctify can also be annoying. Despite their alarming names, Apocalypse and Catastrophe only inflict statuses: Confusion and Defense/Resistance Down, respectively.

The Pod just sits there and fires lasers at us. It's basically unchanged from the fight with the mage cannon. It has about 870 HP.

The Neukhia Core is the actual boss. With 998 HP, it's... not the tankiest thing we've ever faced? The Mother of the Lord of the Flowsand had over 1000 HP. Still, we're looking at almost 3000 total HP here.

It spends most of the fight using its Ray abilities to support the Wisp. Rewind and Grand Cross are only used in the second phase of the battle.

Of course, I had to bring Cid and Adelle! Lenolia is here because we will really need her healing, and she's been instrumental in taking down Illua. It's hard to say no to 200+ damage or healing every turn. Zoe's wings make her extremely valuable -- she can fly to half the map from the center square, where everyone else would have to walk around. And, of course, Leed is here for those Magick Frenzy-powered Illusions.

Let's get the final fight started!

: All right... Now how the heck do I fight this thing?

: It's right in the middle so it has to be important!

This is the game hinting that you need to take down the Wisp first.

The important characters -- and probably Hurdy too -- have a quick exchange with Samuel on their first turn.

: My first impression was spot on.

: What, so you joined the clan for a little excitement?

: What better reason could there be? I certainly didn't join just to low long with the herd!

"To low" has several meanings, but I think the one they were going for was "to moo."

: Hey, don't knock the herd. Other people are what keep things interesting.

: Ha! The old me would never have agreed with that. The new me? ...Grudgingly.

Adelle is going to camp this spot. The reason why will become apparent soon.

A good start! That's almost a quarter of the Wisp's HP!

Zoe's critical triggers the Wisp's gimmick.

After you do enough damage to it, it moves to a new spot on the Neukhia.

It's fast, but again, it's only going to be throwing conditions at you.

Lenolia drops a couple Maduins on it, and the Wisp teleports away again. Fortunately, it only teleports to these three spots. Send strong units to each spot, and you'll take down the Wisp pretty quickly.

Of course, it's not quite that easy. The Core is invincible until the Wisp dies, and it will use Restoration Ray to keep the Wisp alive as long as possible.

The Pod isn't really threatening right now.

Cid's turn finally rolls around.

: Back at you, Cid!

: Don't kid yourself. The vagaries of battle aren't novelties to me, boy.

: What's that supposed to mean?

: I've seen a lot in my days is what it means. Too much to make mistakes easily.

He seems to be in an introspective mood. Can't blame him, after the fight with Illua, but he should really get his priorities in order.

Leed will be happily sitting in the center square, dropping Illusions on the demon. Like Illua, the Neukhia absorbs Dark damage, so be prepared!

Like I said before, the Core is invulnerable until you take out the Wisp.

But it's not defenseless. The Core can charge the Wisp... and it's not really obvious what that does.

As usual, the description is a bit useless.

Also like Illua, we're taking triple-digit damage from large AoE attacks.

Oh yeah, buffs? Not really worth it right now.

The Wisp will just dispel them.

I believe this is what the Neukhia Charge is for. I've ever seen the Wisp use Sanctify -- which is hits everyone for heavy damage -- after being charged.

The Cool Ability Animations budget was blown on Illua, unfortunately.

We get into a bit of a holding pattern here. Between the Pod and the Wisp, everyone is at half health or lower, so Lenolia is healing us.

Zoe, meanwhile, is attacking the Wisp on the Neukhia's arm.

Between Zoe and Leed, we're doing just enough damage to trigger the Core's Restoration Ray, but not enough to make the Wisp move.

Only Adelle has enough range to also hit the Wisp, and Hilo isn't really strong enough to make a difference.

With the Pod throwing out 120 damage per turn on everyone, we're too busy healing to do much else. At least Zoe isn't being targeted.

Blue Magick is pretty awesome. White Wind heals the target equal to the caster's HP.

Seriously, this goes on for a half dozen turns. I call Zoe back so she can get some health--


Well, while we're stuck with the Wisp, we might as well kill the Pod so we can stop wasting time on healing.

Meanwhile, Adelle is going to loop up and around. Walking past the Core might be a little dangerous, but she might be able to help with the Wisp.

Nice, Lenolia can just barely hit the Pod while still getting a good heal off. Since she's not targeting herself with Maduin, she needs the heal to negate the Blood Price cost.

At least the Pod is easy to kill. It's a nice, big stationary target. Don't let the large attacks scare you, just bring a healer!

Leed takes the Pod down with another Illusion. We can burn through 1000 HP pretty quickly, this battle just makes it hard to do!

Oh my god I'm an idiot.

I wasted so much time because I didn't think it mattered what direction you attacked the Wisp from. Of course it does!

We could have saved a dozen turns already!

Lenolia managed to leave the Wisp with just 1 HP left.

Leed finishes it off.

The Neukhia Core roars and rumbles, and then grows a little golden beauty mark.

And so the second phase of the fight begins.

: This thing's power is so far beyong anything I've seen here... It'll make beating it that much more satisfying!

The Core's gimmick is to cast Rewind.

All that does it turn these cold gray stones into shiny golden stones.

Standing next to one gives you the option to attack it, turning it gray again.

And that does something with dark energies.

The Core doesn't like that, I think it wants at least three golden rocks at all times. It'll keep rewinding until there are enough.

It may also attack.

[GIF] Gigadust is just like the Stardust Illusion, but blue!

If you don't deactivate the stones, it'll use Grand Cross. This spell targets the squares surrounding activated stones, dealing heavy damage to nearby units.

Samuel freaks out about how strong the attack is, which is the game yelling at you to deactivate the stones.

Deactivate all the stones and you get this message. Of course, the Core will Rewind next turn, so you don't have time to sit around.

The most annoying part? Look at the tiles targeted by Lenolia's spell: you can only attack the Core by standing directly in front of it. Ranged units can help here, but your mages are going to hit your melee units -- be careful, or use elemental absorption to your benefit!

If you take care of the glowing rocks, the Core is basically defenseless. Having a strong unit like Samuel focus the boss, everyone else can take care of the stones.

Why use elemental absorption when I can just heal the damage away? And since R-Abilities are illegal, Samuel won't punch Lenolia in the face in retaliation.

Talk about a bad damage roll! But that lets us end this with panache.

[GIF] Hell yeah!

The Neukhia roars, and then blows up.

It's done. The demon has been defeated, the rift has been closed.


The screen fades into Targ Woods, the very clearing where Samuel fell into Ivalice.

[OST] The End of the Story

: I'm ready.

[GIF] The Judge raises its sword, and once again, blinding pillars of light engulf Samuel.

: I kinda got used to the stuff you wear here.

: You are...reluctant to leave?

: Heh, yeah, a little. But I've made up my mind. I'm going home.

: Oh hey, Cid. Just curious, but... have you heard anything about what's up with Khamja now that Illua's gone?

: I spoke with an old friend about just that the other day... They were shaken, yes, but not broken. It has nothing to do with me now.

: No... No it wouldn't. Well...I guess I'll be going.

: Hurdy?

: It's done! I finished it! I wrote a song for you, Samuel. I just finished it, kupo! I wanted you to hear it before you left...

: You have time enough for a song, don't you? It's not like anyone is expecting you to show up.

: Of course I'll listen!

Hurdy begins to play.

[OST] A Poem for the Journey

: Not bad at all.

: A bit too good for the likes of Samuel, if you ask me.

Samuel opens the grimoire. It's time to go home.

: Samuel, you know the words that must end this?

: Don't worry. There's only one way to end a story.

: Samuel Clemens. How did you find your adventures in Ivalice?

: Fun... I can't believe how much fun I had. And meeting all of you...

: Though you may not see it with your eyes, your time here has changed you.

: I know. I think, even if I forget everything that happened here when I go back home... my adventures here will always be a part of me.

: No matter where your path may lead, heed your heart, be true of yourself.

: Thanks, I will. Thank you, everyone. Thanks so much!

: ...I'm not saying Goodbye. Okay?

: Okay.

: Go. And don't give your aunt any more cause for concern.

: So long, everyone!

[GIF] In a flash of light, he's gone.


Home again.

[OST] Echoes That Tie The Worlds

This must be the librarian.

: Hmm? What's this?

: This is a library, not a dormitory!

: I was in another world! I-Ivalice! It was called Ivalice!

: Another world, you say?

: I did so many things! Fighting monsters, riding airships...! Mr. Randell...? I'm not making this up!

: Oh, I know.

That's right! Mr. Randell is Mewt from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance!

: A world of swords... and magick. It was a long time ago. You can go home now. Don't worry about cleaning up today. You wouldn't want to waste your summer vacation in here.

The school bell rings.

: Whoa...I didn't realize how late it was. My aunt's gonna kill me. Um, guess I'll head home then.

: This notebook...doesn't it belong to you?

: Hey, my journal!

Did you notice the grimoire is gone?

: Thanks, Mr. Randell. Um, see you later!

: Goodbye. Enjoy the summer.

Mr. Randell closes the music box. The journey is really over.


[OST] Each Story...

Samuel goes home and gets yelled at by his aunt.

He puts those levels in Ninja to good use and dodges her attack.

Freedom! For now, at least. Poor kid has a lot on his mind, I bet.

In Ivalice, Clan Sawyer is still doing what it does best: killing monsters.

And bickering, of course.

Adelle and Cid have grown close since Samuel left. Killing a demon does bring people together.

Hurdy is once again an itinerant bard, spreading the tale of Samuel Clemens throughout Ivalice.

Vaan and Penelo, famed sky pirates, are always on the hunt for the next big treasure.

They aren't very successful.

Lezaford's happy in his cabin, secure in the knowledge that the rifts are safe once again. Adelle visits sometimes, probably to gossip about Gifted Ones.

: There, that's good enough for yesterday's entry.


So ends Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Illua is defeated, Clan Sawyer is still adventuring, and Samuel is finally enjoying his summer vacation.

Thanks for reading! It's been a fun ride, and I'm glad you all have stuck with me this long...

Haha, no, we aren't done yet.

There's 140 quests still to do!