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Part 61: craigslist > ivalice > loar > camoa

Update 61: craigslist > ivalice > loar > camoa

In This Update:
- Work like common people!
- Quest like common people!
- Fight like common people!


You know, doing those Komodo Potion quests made me wonder something. Between the ghosts and demons and secret assassin societies and wells that teleport you across the world, what's life like for the normal people of Ivalice? What's it like in their shoes, what kind of problems do they have?

Is every issue solved through directed applications of violence?

Let's find out by checking Ivalice's version of Craigslist: the pub quest list!

Data is inconclusive, I have no idea what it's like to have a moogle grandmother.

Anyway, today we're helping people around Ivalice with their odd jobs.

Each quest asks you to select a character to dispatch to help the person. As the law suggests, you have to select someone who can do the job well!

Funnily enough, you can't dispatch these quests -- you must show up in person. That's probably so you can get a bit more context to help you select who to send.

: Not me, but someone in my clan will. Is she okay?

: All she needs is rest, kupo. But moogles have a hard time doing nothing. Kupo-po. I don't think she'd ever manage an entire week in bed without encouragement, kupo. But if she doesn't shell only make herself worse.

Now we can choose who to send.

You can only successfully complete the quest if you send someone of the right job! Usually your choices are pretty obvious based on the quest, and the quest-giver might give you a hint or two.

In this case, we want a caretaker for an injured person. That is, we want a healer. The only real healer job is White Mage, so Jalia dons the White Robe. Some quests have more latitude, as we'll see later.

Allegedly, this quest specifically requires a viera White Mage -- hume and nu mou just won't do. I haven't tested it myself.

: She says she'll be fine on her own, but I'm not having any of it, kupo. I'll feel much better with someone looking after her. Thank you, kupo!

: Do not worry. I will see to it that she makes a full recovery.

The son said he won't be able to visit his grandmother for a week, so we really do have to wait 7 days for Jalia to come back. In the meantime: more quests!


Signed: Bique, Retired Woodworker

You may remember we did a couple of these quests already. One of the previous ones was looking for a Woodcutter, which you should not confuse with a Woodworker.

What are our clues this time?

: I quit the woodworkin' trade a while back, but seein' as it's my house, I want to fix her up m'self.

: I don't think anyone in the clan has done this kind of thing before. That a problem?

: If they can use a hammer and follow instructions, they'll do just fine. Shouldn't take but five days or so to finish.

There you go: "If they can use a hammer." As you can see on the left, that's a limited number of jobs. Since the quest giver himself is a Viking, we might as well hand Tsing a sledgehammer and let him get to work.

Makes me wonder: What did he do after leaving the woodworking trade? Did he become a pirate?


Signed: Pompo, Troupe Leader
No point in waiting for Tsing to come back when there are more jobs waiting for us!

Really, one character should leap to mind when you see this quest.

: Yup, sure do! I just hope whoever they're replacing is gonna be okay.

: Oh, he;ll be all right, kupo. He hurt his playing arm, but he's well enough to help with the rehearsals. Speaking of which, I don't think we'll be getting much sleep between now and the concert, kupo!

Obviously we should send Hurdy the Bard!

But, as you can see on the top screen, we can't actually select him! In fact, none of the plot-relevant characters, like Samuel, Adelle or even Al-Cid, can be sent on these quests.

So, despite Hurdy being perfect, we're sending Imino the Animist in his stead. I think a Beastmaster would also work, but I'm not sure. A moogle is probably your best bet.

This isn't the last time we'll be running into this little mechanic.


Jallia is finally back from the Caretaker mission.

Not much of interest here, though it's a shame we get no XP from it.

And, of course, we can't increase any of the rewards. Still, not a bad haul for such a simple job.

In case you ever forget what quests you've taken, you can check the Quest List in the Clan Info menu. As you can see, Wanted: Woodworker will be complete in a day.

No surprise, Tsing was successful.

A few days later, Imino comes back too.

The next quest won't be available for some months, so we're going to take a nap.


It's the 1st of Greenfire, the first day of spring, when a young chocobo's fancy turns to eggs. And hey, it's Yew! The guy we got all those chocobos for!

The desired jobs for this one should be obvious.

: Yup. These chocobos sure are cute. I love the little guys!

: I find people who like chocobos are always good at heart. I'm sure you've brought me a good person to work the hatchery. And for the next 15 days, they'll get to spend all the time with chocobos they could ever want.

Your best choice is a Chocobo Knight, though a Beastmaster also makes sense. We're sending Imino, because he has Magic Hands™.

: True, the more exotically colored chocobos caught in the wild can still be a tad... pungent. But don't let me get started. I could go on about chocobos all day!

: I like chocobos well enough. I'm a bit worried about this fellow, though, kupo.

Imino, I remember you waxing poetic when we delivered the birds to Yew. You haven't a leg to stand on.

Unsurprisingly, the Chocobo Knight does really well on this quest.


We must wait until summer for our next few quests.

Hey, remember Update 53? We did a bunch of bounty hunting quests, which were also called "Wanted: Something". I wonder how much trouble that's caused?

: Uh... no. I'm terrible at that sort of thing, actually. Someone else from my clan will be coming to help you.

: Ah, then that is a relief. When I saw you, I.... Ahem. Never mind.

Wow, lady. Rude. Though she does have a point.

: So you know of someone who would be willing to stay with us for seven days, instructing my son?

As far as I know, Scholar is your best choice here. Talf is ready to instruct this youth in the ways the world shall end. Repent, ye slackers!

: I'll take just about anyone, provided they can coax him even a little closer to gaining some sort of qualification!

: That's... worrying. I make no promises, but I'll do what I can.

If the Spiked Boots don't convince this kid to learn, I'm not sure what will.


Some of these quests honestly do sound like Craigslist job postings.

"Come Help Out At Your Local Festival!" Reminds me of my summer vacations, honestly.

: Maybe you didn't know this, but the festival in Camoa goes back more than 100 years! For all that time, we've been gladly accepting outside help. It's part of the tradition.

: Sounds like quite the event. Oh, I should mention, I won't be helping out personally, but I'll be sending a clan member.

: That's not a problem at all, as long as they're eager to help! Oh, and if they'd like to perform at the festival, that's all the better! They'll be with us for ten days, but not to worry, all food and lodging will be provided.

The clue: the person should be able to perform!
Man, which clan member is perfectly suited for this quest with their very own custom job that's based around entertaining moves?

That's right, Juggler. Not Penelo the Dancer. Why would you even think that?

For good measure, he's wielding the serial killer knife.

: It's a great way to sample the wonders of Camoa, you know!

: Leave it to me, kupo! This will be the best festival ever! I'm off, kupo!


Poor Talf, stuck tutoring some student while the rest of us enjoy this festival.

Alright, which job is best for bartending?

: Yeah, I'd love to help out! Festivals are the best!

: Erm, that's great, but I need a barmaid... someone cuter than you.

Wow, rude! But I'l concede he's a bit young for this.

: They'll need to be available for fourteen days, until the festival is over.

You have to send a female unit here. Since Adelle and Frimelda are locked out, that means any viera or gria. So we're sending Zoe, the most heavily armed and armored member of Clan Sawyer.

: I'm not so good at this sort of thing... But I think I'll pick it up quick enough.

She'll be fine.


These are the last three quests for today, so let's wander around and pick them up.

Great Land Festival is a really early quest, actually.

So is Wanted: Barmaid. The rewards are great when you're just starting out! At Rank 2, it's one of the easiest (or lowest-ranked) missions in the game.


Wait, there's one more post on the pub list...

I really hope this is not indicative of what normal citizens of Ivalice go through.

Resist! Resist the draw of Brightmoon Tor!

I wonder if this quest is unlocked by winning the tourney we did here.

Huh. Would you look at that -- they know of us!

: Your exploits in the sanctioned tourneys are known to us. You are welcome here.

: "Sanctioned" tourneys? Uh, this isn't illegal is it?

: No, of course not. Our rules are not so very different from any other tourney. Combatants face each other in single combat, without use of weapon or magick.

No judge, fists only, Final Destination.

: This tourney will take place over the next three nights.

"Without use of weapon or magick" is your clue here. Really, Gladiator or Lanista should be correct choices, because both jobs are based on combatants who fight for glory! But instead, we want knuckles users like White Monk or Berserker. We're sending Henri, because he has Magic Hands™.

: You have saved us from a great embarrassment. Oh, only invited guests may watch the tourney, I'm afraid. You understand.

: No magick, no weapons... A fella could get used to this.

Good luck, Henri!

Of course he wins.


That was a refreshing look at the lives of the common people of Ivalice. You know, if you ignore the dragons, zombies, judicial homonculi and moogles, it really seems like a nice place to live!

As always: thank you for reading.

Let's tackle another big one next update! Mostly because I've run out of short quests to do. Vote for one of the following:

1. There's a mysterious, moonlit tower in the meadows of Aisenfield... it's Brightmoon Tor: Second Watch!
2. The last of the Duelhorns lurks in Ivalice... it's Maquis and the Lethean Draught!
3. The Rupie Mountains are rocked by their battles... it's The Rivalry of the Rupies!