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Part 64: The Adventurer's Field Guide to Loar

Update 64: The Adventurer's Field Guide to Loar

Welcome back! Things have been a bit busy for me, so I figured this was a good time to do a couple small updates about random monster battles.

Random monster battles are the ones that look like this:

Each one appears on the map for 10 days, then disappears for 40. There can be multiple active at once across the map. Additionally, the law is the same every time, like all other quests in this game.

Monster battles are actually pretty important for two reasons:
- The enemies scale up to your level, so you'll always get 60 experience per battle. (The level caps eventually.)
- They're the most consistent way to get Blue Mage skills and Chocobos. You'll always be able to get the skills you need!

Each region that doesn't have a city will have a monster battle. The cities instead have random events with their associated NPC clan. For example, you can run into the Camoa Braves in Camoa. These aren't always battles, the ones that are battles can usually be avoided (often by paying money), and the enemy levels don't scale up.

This update is more about information than storytelling. For each battle, I'll show the enemies, any relevant Blue Mage skills to learn or Chocobos to capture, and if there are traps present. I won't drag you through the actual battles, because they really aren't that interesting without a story behind them!

What I'm saying is, I won't be offended if you skip this update.


Targ Woods: Fey Mischief

Chocobos: Yellow (1)
Blue Mage: Angel Whisper, Magick Hammer, White Wind
Traps: Yes

This is likely the first random battle you'll encounter.

This law is annoying, but not insurmountable. Just don't bring a Flintlock.

There's a single Baknamy, who has Magick Hammer.

The first Sprite has White Wind.

The other one has Angel Whisper.

The Banshee has a slightly scary ability, but I've never seen her use it. Sadly not learnable by Blue Mages.

Finally, there's a yellow chocobo in the corner. It can avoid traps, and that's all that's interesting about it.

And yes, there are traps. Mostly Sten Needles though, so don't worry too much.


The Bisga Greenlands: The Strength of the Wolf

Chocobos: None
Blue Mage: Roar, Screech
Traps: No

Definitely one of the battles I like least, since the map is really annoying.

Due to the map, this law won't come into play much, unless you have a flier or teleporting character.

This battle is pretty good for getting those two Blue Mage spells, since every enemy has one of them.

There are three Werewolves and three Wolves. (Technically, one of the Wolves is a Worgen.)

The three Werewolves are pretty much identical. All three have Roar.

Similarly, the three Wolves have basically the same abilities. All three have Screech.

They also have Summon Pack, which will summon another wolf. They don't use it often, but it can make battles that much longer.

Their last ability is one of the elemental Blow attacks.

In this battle, Samuel finally learns the last Blue Mage ability!


Baptiste Hill: Wee Evil

Chocobos: None
Blue Mage: Magick Hammer, War Dance
Traps: No

Some weaker enemies, but Dreamhares are annoying.

One of the easier laws, unless you're really relying on Hurdy or something.

Of the six enemies, only half of them are useful. The Dreamhares have War Dance.

Go-Go Dance grants Haste, so I recommend targeting the 'hares first.

The Luchorpan (which is just a fancy Baknamy) has Magick Hammer.

In fact, all three of them do.

That's really all they have though. Spellbound makes Go-Go Dance even better.

Finally, there's a Deadly Nightshade hanging around. You sadly cannot learn Tomato Ketchup.


The Galerria Deep: One-Eyed Evil

Chocobos: Black (1)
Blue Mage: Roulette
Traps: Yes

Ah yes, One-Eyed Evil. It's a good source of Sturdy Bones, something I wish I had known a while ago.

I've talked about this law a lot already. To recap: difficult early in the game, pretty easy late in the game.

The most important enemies are the Plague and Ahrimans, who have Roulette, one of my favorite Blue Mage abilities.

You'll need an Angel Ring (or other source of Re-Raise) and a fair bit of luck to learn Roulette.

These enemies also have a bunch of annoying status-inflicting abilities.

I forgot to check the enemies before the battle started. This Great Tortoise is not normally Charmed.

There's also a Yellow Jelly, but no one cares about it.

Finally, there's a black chocobo here for you. Personally, I like this kind a lot! Choco Flame is really neat.

And there are absolutely plenty of traps here. Some inflict Charm and Silence, so be careful!


The Aldanna Range: Formidable Strength

Chocobos: Brown (1)
Blue Mage: Quake, Roar
Traps: Yes

This battle features a few bulkier enemies, so it can take a bit longer.

Be careful to set up your team correctly if you don't want to run afoul of this law!

This Headless has Quake, the only Blue Mage spell that can be used with the Seer's Magick Frenzy!

The other one does not have it. Kill this one first.

Again, three Werewolves, all of them have Roar, you know the drill.

There's also a brown chocobo here.

There's a few traps scattered around the edge of the map. You probably won't run into them.


The Rupie Mountains: A Bewitching Encounter

Chocobos: White (1)
Blue Mage: Night
Traps: Yes

I'll be honest, I keep forgetting this one exists.

You will break this law unless you are very, very careful. Maybe status effects are the way to go? I wouldn't bother.

Your main enemies are these Lamias, who have Night.

Their other abilities, like Twister, can be nasty.

They resist Lightning and Wind damage, which is unusual.

The Ice Drake knows Ice Breath and Sleet. Unfortunately, it doesn't know any Blue Mage abilities.

The Ice Flan is here. It won't do much.

Finally, there's a white chocobo. Choco Recharge is pretty great, this one might be worth grabbing.


Zedlei Forest: Open Wide

Chocobos: Green (2)
Blue Mage: Bad Breath, Eerie Sound Wave, War Dance
Traps: No

Great, Malboros and Dreamhares.

Any easy law. Don't fall asleep at the wheel.

Here's another chance to pick up War Dance if you didn't grab it earlier.

Bad Breath is the one Malboro ability you can learn, so don't get excited about Putrid Breath.

This other Malboro has Eerie Sound Wave, which I like a lot!

And look, there are two chocobos this time!


The Ruins of Delgantua: Just Desserts

Chocobos: None
Blue Mage: Unction
Traps: No

This battle has one very special enemy in it, and a nice reward!

Just be careful of the law. "Non-elemental effects" includes things like Haste, by the way!

This White Pudding is quite rare. Simper inflicts Charm while Menace curses with Toad and Silence, making it moderately dangerous. Too bad Blue Mages can't learn those. It also has Graviga.

More importantly, it has a Ribbon! Which you might be able to steal. But you shouldn't because it just wants to be pretty.

This Red Marshmallow knows Unction, the only Blue Mage ability to be had here. All three jellies have their corresponding Black Magick spells, too.

The Yellow Jelly can inflict random status effects with Acid. It only ever seems to inflict Stone for me, if it hits at all.

The Ice Flan is similarly useless with only Acid. Of course, all three have Black Magick spells to back them up.

Finally, there are two Bloody Orbs here. They don't have anything useful.


Well! That was a short one, wasn't it? I hope you don't mind.

Thanks to all those 60 XP battles, most of the clan is around level 55.

Next time, we'll look at the monsters of Ordalia, and then we'll return to normal updates.