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Part 6: Recommended: Ice

Oh, hey, this is a good thing.

Frosty Mage has three jobbers, the eponymous Gelato, and two orbs which are the things you actually have to KO before the fight is over.

You can't buy these elemental robes. Considering how amazing they are this is a bad thing.

Gelato himself has a fairly mean Blizzara but that's about it. Without Geomancy or Turbo MP or even an ice-boosting item it falls short.

Note how he has Item.

Mooks eliminated.

Ramza begins picking apart Gelato. Ramza steals everything but his shoes.

You can't steal shoes.

Also, as Ramza picked Blizzard and Blizzara from his mind, Ramza can jump into Blue Mage and needs just one more spell to get Illusionist. He's getting all the human classes by stealing abilities. I think that's awesome.

Gotta leave Gelato weaponless until I get what I came here for.

Item, the command, has the Draw Weapon command. This allows the unit to get a weapon from stock. As Thieves almost never steal weapons and Paladins and Defenders never force their removal, it's nearly never used. Enemies with Item use it when their weapons are stolen.

Ramza steals about 5 Sleet rods. I don't think I should've bought one.

However, on the 6th rearming, Gelato equips something... special.

The Chill Rod.

Yoink doesn't cut it. This is yoinkaga level stuff.

Liam is a total badass and cuts down a man deprived of everything but his shoes.

Montblanc uses his overpowered knife to take down the orb and the whole battle is over.

I stole:
Five Sleet Rods
One Chill Rod
One Flurry Robe

I feel bad for the kids who think that getting this 41-power sword is a good haul.

Oh, this is why the Chill Rod is such a big deal.

Motherfuckin' Blizzaga. Seth is only level 4, Blizzard is still cutting-edge damage, and I have fuckin' Blizzaga. Seth can now deal out OHKOes with the best of 'em.

Even better, The Chill Rod enhances Ice damage, so not only are his Blizzagas even better, but the Illusionist's Freezeblinks have gotten out there. This enhancing effect also cuts elemental resistance a bit. Seth's Blizzagas are so powerful Ice-elementals would take damage.

Saving Giza Plains from some Antlions and an asshole Moogle.


Goodness, that feels good!

The point of the Help [location] missions is that, not only do they keep a spot as your turf, but they reward an absurd 80 AP. Ramza finally gets the ability to steal abilities when not a thief. His level-up gains are saved!

Anyway this guy steals chickens so we're going to douse his crime spree or something.

This is the first mission in the second longest chain of missions in FFTA, second only to the main plot.

With my Sleet Rod money I buy this for Ramza. As he has stolen so many abilities he spends a lot of time jumping from class to class. Currently, he's a Blue Mage.

No instruments! We don't want to wake up more people than we have to with this.

Despite his pomp and circumstance, the Fowl Thief isn't remarkable besides being level 7. You're about level 3-4 when this mission first pops up so he would be a deathdealer if it weren't for how much preparing I did for him.

It takes two tries, but the overly-boosted Blizzaga and finally hits and ends his crime spree forever.

Oh yeah, you don't need to deploy Ramza on missions where he isn't predeployed.

With that, Carson has two warrior and two white monk abilities. He now has access to all seven Bangaa classes.

So I spend 7,200 gil to buy him this sword so he starts Gladiating things to death. Seriously, those Ice Swords deal absurd damage.

After some wandering, Giza Plains gets attack again.

Besides this, nothing notable happens.

More notably, Montblanc gets his second thief ability for Juggler while Norma gets her second one in Archer for Sniper.

Another bit of loot from the Negotiation binge, Smile is a 100% accurate, totally free, extra turn. It just slaps the target at 1,000 CT so they get their turn right then and there.

Of course I'm using it.

Carson carves up two random clans with his magical ice blades.

With the AP from those, Norma gets her Sniper ability. The last seal broken, Norma can finally achieve her true form.

Also, Seth masters Blizzaga and Liam masters Mog Lance.

Oh lord, how long have I waited for this?

Seth goes on to get Blizzara while Liam stays exactly like he is because I don't have the money to spare on him

Our next target is a little low key. Bastard still has Geomancy and I still want it but I can't get it. Fuck.

His spells can get kinda dangerous thanks to Geomancy but his aides are stupid so it's no big deal.

He was bugging me with it so I stole it.

Besides from that, it's an average killfest. Dolce gets killed.

I get a... flower vase. Huh.

It cost me ten-fucking-thousand gil but I get this awesome katana with an awesome ability. Nightmare puts an enemy to sleep and dooms them to dying in three turns. They never wake up before Doom gets them.

However, getting a guy who steals chickens has dire consequences!


The third story mission is ignored even harder! The stealing train keeps chugging!