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Part 7: Forbidden: Borzoi

"Borzoi" is a breed of Russian hunting dog raised to hunt wolves. Here, they're morally objectionable assholes. Their quest chain involves the turf missions for all the towns.

Seth saves Cyril from some nondescript Borzoi threat.

HATEFUL LIES. That 10% discount is a racial thing anyway.

Cyril, being the Human town, gives a 10% discount on weapons humans can use. That's a lot of weapons.

Free Sprohm! is a battle, unlike most turf missions.

Foolish sons of man, how can they stop me?

The only thing worth stealing would be a few more white mage spells.

Carson starts laying Air Renders on the thief while he's tied up by the terrain.

Montblanc gives them fuck all for a chance and Smiles on Norma.

Seth uses Blizzaga to end a fool. Liam has an ice shield so he gets out of a giant ice crystal just fine.

I could end the white mage...

But I'd rather pick the third White Mage spell Ramza need. Now he just needs a black mage spell.

He wakes up and tries to get away, but Norma gets a Nightmare on him. He has three turns to live and he'll spend them asleep.

Or he would if Carson wasn't so violent.

Haha, this fool thinks he can face me! I'll deprive him of everything that gave his life meaning!

Well, actually the Dread Raven and his buddy Mick can actually be dangerous.

Raven, in particular, has some amazing abilities that are the top-of-the-line for Paladins. With store-bought stuff, Paladins have a bunch of average defensive techniques and rely entirely on their mighty Knightswords for damage.

Saint Cross and Holy Blade change that. Saint Cross is a mildly strong holy attack that hits adjacent panels. Holy Blade is a single-target attack that costs 32 MP and deals double normal attack damage. Paladins suddenly become one of the best classes a Human can take for raw damage.

I want both of them.

However, they take down Liam before he can sleep either of them!

As a reward, Mick will never see the light again.

Raven gets his sword taken. Despite how neat it sounds,the Diamond Sword is a mild upgrade compared to the Barong.

Ramza peels the Thunder Robe off of Mick. Don't want a dead man to hog that robe.

Norma puts me on a clock. I've got to hurry if I am to steal Holy Blade!

Or else THIS will happen. Death's chuckle is amazing and I wish I could find a source of it.

Mick... won't be bothering us anymore.



And just in time before the Grim Reaper starts his journey to the netherworld!

The Djinn Flyssa is an okay rapier. It's nothing compared to my real haul.

Ramza doesn't have enough MP to actually use Holy Blade yet, so he sticks to Hunter and Blue Mage.

Anyway I think I've ignored the third story mission enough.

In a game where abilities are obtained from equipment, you'd expect shopping to be a very important aspect of the game, right?

Well, not exactly.

At ten battles the basic stock gets some upgrades. At twenty the second wave comes in.

...That's it. I've already got the shop stocked, and I haven't touched the third story battle. I've mostly been buying the best stuff then going down for some more abilities. That Kikuichimoji Nomra has? The best katana they sell.

There are eleven extra items, sold for obtaining more clan turf. Two are consumables, two are accessories, and most of them don't even teach abilities. They're more bonuses for having turf than a real third wave.

Clan levels (obtained every 100 clan points) decrease the price at certain intervals, maxing at 50% discount starting at level 96. Getting turf only affects quest prices despite that rumor.