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Part 8: Recommended: Carson

I looked at the wall of Sharpshoots tallied the votes, and Sharpshoot has won! It'll be a while before I get to actually getting some of those because Norma is an Assassin first and foremost.

Oh hey, it's Ritz and she's vastly outnumbered!

Ritz doesn't have the levels or equipment to take on so many foes, so Ramza flies in to save her. The game treats it like the two groups contribute equally, but guess who has gone around breaking the game?

Carson, Seth, and Liam hop on for a ride. Because Ritz and her buddy Sarah are there, I can only deploy four units.

Ritz and Sarah are equipped fairly well. But, by virtue of being Fencer and Archer, they aren't that good.

Ritz is an odd case. She uses Viera classes and equipment (using Spirit Magic in later missions despite not being able to hear the spirits) but is legally a human.

I wish Ritz would lend the Mirage Vest she used to learn Reflex! It would stop all of Nomra's dying problems!

Carson starts killing. That's all he does, and he's damn good at it.

I can't help but think he sounds all about this.

"Oh, that? I stole some courage."

Carson, stop killing so much! You're upstaging everybody! I spend all this time hyping Assassins and it's a boring old Gladiator with no super-equipment, stolen or otherwise, that kills the most!

The Hunter's Sonic Boom has a four-panel range and an area of effect similar to most magic. It deals fairly good damage. It gets higher marks than the Fighter's Far Fist because Sonic Boom is weapon-based, so it deals much more damage with a good weapon.

Sonic Boom is good enough to justify Hunt by itself.

Ritz stabs the last guy to death before Carson can add to his skull collection. Oh well.

And Ritz tells us the obvious!

"Look at this magical place where we can do whatever we want!"
"No it's not my home. I want to leave."

Every time someone asks Ramza this question, he stutters and evades the question before going right back to trying to leave the next story mission. I don't think ever confronts his own desire to stay here and steal things in any meaningful way.

"Hey, Ramza, want to do fun things like killing people?"
"Naw, I'd rather go back to my boring old life of... existing."

Maybe if Ramza mentioned his skateboard that he doesn't have anymore, then I could see him being so adamant already.

A desert is slapped below the mountain, Unless the moist air from the sea takes several turns, this kind of geography makes no sense. I don't really care because arranging these pieces in a particular fashion has benefits.

Back in town, Montblanc tries to get Marche to stay using a classic method.

I don't know, maybe you could steal.




Carson becomes a Dragoon so he can kill people at a greater range than a White Monk can and to learn elemental breaths so he can kill multiple people in a single attack. I buy a suit of armor made of solid gold to aid his defense so he doesn't get killed while killing.

The missions range from stalking a stalker, to picking flowers again, to helping a professor. That professor mission has been around since I started negotiation farming and I think he might be a bit dead after all these years.

I have some homework from a 4th grader that might help.

He lets us keep the pick used to do the digging.

Norma flees from a fight to get some of these missions done.

Once again, helping people with schoolwork gets me weapons. This Lava Spear is a great thing to get for free.

Also hold on to your Black Threads. If you don't you will regret it. I am totally serious. You get two. Only two. You need two. Throw one away and completing all 300 missions is impossible.

Seth returns with another Lava Spear. This second one is now free gil.

Rober is hired to replace Milay by virtue of being 3 levels higher and being that much better at dispatches because of it. Once Milay returns from stalker stalking he gets his retirement.

A quick fight with a dumb clan later...

Milay returns with... the eye of the stalker he was stalking. Remind me to never stalk anyone ever again.

Clan Beoulve has come to terms with the release of dispatch monkey and all-around useless slob Milay as of today, Bardmoon 13. Clan Beoulve wishes Milay the best in all future endeavors.

Alchemist, Illusionist, and Sage require three White Mage abilities. Phantasm Skill and Sagacity Skill are both amazing and wonderful and Seth should already have them and I am a huge baby for not doing so.

Oh hey some Blue Mage support and reaction abilities.

Damage > MP causes damage to deplete Ramza's MP first. Overflow is ignored and Ramza regenerates 5 MP a turn.

There are some mandatory 1vs1 fights and now Ramza can't lose them.

The owner of the eyeball is understandably annoyed.

Most of this fight is Norma getting beaten up by all but one of the enemies immediately targeting her at the expense of their own lives. I really wish I had Reflex for this.

The remaining eyeball, unable to get to Norma and attack her and setting up the lot of them for a Blizzaga, instead opts for an absurd 100% status move. It only works because they're facing his huge eye but I haven't got a chance to rotate my guys yet.

It's all up to Carson now!

Oh, hey, Carson does the righteous thing and obliterates the boss.

Carson is now officially the manliest reptilian being in Ivalice.

He's even murdering things like red caps in one hit while picking flowers!

Despite all the ice and cold released in an average fight of mine, the white flowers are fine.

The flowers increase holy element stuff. This includes Holy Blade and all the Cure spells.

Seth helps a guy find some paint. He gets an ancient text, another Thunder Robe, and his third White Magic spell.


Even more missions.