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Part 9: Recommended: Tomfoolery

That sage has been missing for... 8 years now. I think saving him, or at least finding some proof that he was here but eaten, might be a good idea.

The professor is under attack by zombies named after the Bad People from the intro and some flans. Flans have a base 320 defense with a gain of 25.0. Magic might be the way to go.

Seth's current instrument is that Fairy Harp I stole from the moogle in Help Giza. It allows him to control Fairies and Antlions. I don't see how this is very relevant but whatever.

Professor, what are you doing? You have Water and Aero, why are you using your mace as a weapon?

Hey, look, Norma won a battle and Carson didn't! See, Norma's totally cool! Totally... cool...

And that's why Ramza's grades were so bad before.

An otherwise average run of Help Giza turns wacky when Seth controls one of the bugs, allowing him to make it do what he wants!

And if this controlled monster breaks the law, it gets punished, not Seth! It's an entirely viable strategy against enemy monsters to try and get them arrested. Yes, they arrest Antlions and Lamias and stuff.

I really want Seth to master those two Beastmaster abilities before he gets another level. Seth's current problem is his low (for a Nu Mou) MP, which restricts his access to Phantasm Skill. And I like Phantasm Skill.

Okay, that should be enough, right?

Hidden Moogle villages, that is. We can't ask Montblanc or Liam if they know anything, no sir.

No, wait, it's an antlion village.

Why can't you use blue magic on Ramza?

Besides that, it was a total slaughter. The dumb beasts didn't stand a chance.

At 5 Combat skill, I get a sword stained with indistinct blood.

With that combat skill, Seth can teach people who want to get into this killing business. Seth's lessons all involve calling the ice of Cocytus.

Time to cap some motherfuckers.

Liam's job is now to put things to sleep or blind them with his shiny new gun ability.

I have so many swords now. I wish they were good ones.

Differences between crazed monster attacks and sane monster attacks:

The story missions seem fairly low-key to me.

Norma downs the flan with a single Sliprain. I hate those guys.

Sagacious magicks? Naw, fling more Blizzagas at the problem.

"Bad comedy acts, annoying clans killing so many things that grief gets to them..."

"Human, Moogle, or Flan, crystal meth will fuck you up."

Montblanc: conspiracy theorist.

Apparently the palace made magic crystals so strong monsters go crazy. These crystals were hidden in tiny pocket dimensions. Towers normally don't collapse like that. Uh-huh.

A river appears north of Cyril.

A bunch of dispatch missions opened up at once. This clan is getting stolen articles back from goblins, helping dumb kids in love, chatting with soothsayers, and claiming Lutia Pass.

Carson gets back from saying sooth. The increase in the clan's magic skill nets the White Robe. It halves fire, ice, and lightning damage and teaches TURBO MP.

Turbo MP doubles the MP cost of spells and drastically raises their damage and accuracy. Almost every Nu Mou build loves the hell out of this, and it's why I'm so worried about Seth's MP.

Oh shit, that katana for free? It teaches Norma Rockseal, another fun plaything.

I don't think that really early mission requiring this thread will pop up again soon. Time to start hanging on to threads then.

No wait never mind, here it is. Now I have a medal to hang on to for an indistinct amount of time.

Missions with that symbol require you to track down another clan.

Once you find them, you're given the option to pussy out or to fight. Pussying out of this one will make clan Beoulve this other clan's subjects.

Yeah right! As if I'd let any clan be above Beoulve!

For even pretending to be more powerful than us, Ramza engages in irony. The Thief Armlets increase the success rate of Steal, so Ramza can pick an awake target clean now.

Air Blast is a fighter tech that hits a T shape like Carson's breaths do. It's wind-element.

Norma petrifies the Nu Mou. He won't be a problem anymore.

Huh. I thought all damage on a petrified target was reduced to 1. I'm guessing it's because Carson has an elemental blade equipped. Oh well, now he's a broken statue so cleaning him up will be even harder.

However, before Ramza could pick the Baham guy clean, Death comes and takes another soul.

I think I should stop using Nightmare for Ramza's stealing targets.


How's that for an answer?

It was pretty good, I guess.

The only other mission open right now requires a broken sword. All my countless many swords are just fine so it's time for more story missions.


Oh God Montblanc was right the government did do it no the freemasons did oh no