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Part 19: Shit! It's still not right.

"They won't become a real enemy until the sequel."

Of course as there isn't an obvious foe right now there's a wrinkle in space.

I don't know why either. Sometimes this game makes no damn sense.

"Who is your master?"
"Dycedarg's elder brother!"

He summons his minions. It's hard to tell from the grayscale but they're dragons of each color.

So there you have it.

The next Totema is Adrammalech, the Wroth.

Adrammalech will most likely use this. It's like Chocobo Rush and Earth Render in that it has infinite range, so sometimes he hides behind his dragons and attack that way.

I waste time killing the dragons that I probably shouldn't. Better than an infinite stream of undead, at least.

And here is why I really want a good bow for Norma. Getting in melee range with an Assassin against a blob of stats like a totema is a bad idea.

So Ramza runs up flailing his two swords for justice or something and murders Adrammalech, saving me from typing his name ever again.

So the totema explodes.

And the crystal explodes.

And Babus finds us. Ain't this just a comedy of errors.

Good question! Wrapping your head around the majority of reality being gone is hard.

Dammit, Mewt.

"I'm trying to get my stuff back!"
"There is a holiday dedicated to everybody literally giving me, and me alone, gifts. I'm pretty sure one of those will be a mace. Get here now!"

I kinda like Babus because he asks the hard-hitting questions Ivalice needs.

Would Babus know what a skateboard is and how neat one can be? I hope that's why Ramza is stuttering.

I guess, to a court magician Babus, the world of X-TREME sports would be maxing out his monthly library rentals in two trips.

But, no, Ramza just seems like an inconsiderate jerk after any time someone confronts him about how neat Ivalice is.

Oh yeah Ramza doesn't even bother with that stupid "WHICH RACE IS DIS" stuff anymore.

Ramza masters Double Sword, Crafting hits twenty for another Angel Ring (which is stuck on Eldena's finger now. Send help).

Baguba Port is placed in between the mountains and deserts.


Lini finally uses Ultima Charge! BUT, it goes horribly wrong!