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Part 21: We shouldn't do anything that doesn't make money.

The Vajra teaches Meltdown, the Defender's best only good ability.

There's an island at the southern end of the map. the peaks are placed there.

"One of them looked a lot like a lawyer before I shot it in the face."

I get a big katana for this for... some reason.

But I really want that staff, so give me the ore!

I end trading a Chocobo Egg for a Chocobo Skin, skipping the "live Chocobo" step entirely.

"Now, I'll ssay it once. Either you tell me what's at your rootss or I chop you down."
*leaves rustle*
"You wanted it thiss way!"

Oh boy more chucks of metal to add to my gigantic piles of chunks of metal.

I have a moogle just for this mission. Once he's useless I'll kill him too.

Just kidding. I can actually dismiss this one.

"I know the truth, kupo. I know you did it to Montblanc. Well let me tell you, kupo. You will regret the day you fucked with my family, kupo!"

"There is already a hit out on you. You better watch your back, kupo."

Actually, Nono doesn't seem to know or care about his brother's horrible death. He sells a few items that get refreshed every time you link up.

Nono's shop can have Mythril stuff in it if you're lucky.

I'm buying all of them. All of the curealls.

Curealls show up in Baguba at 5 freed areas. I have 65 curealls. I want them. I need them.

ANY means, huh?

Yeah, right. I wish I had the rod for that.

This clan mission is at the top of the list and has no cancellations. There is clearly no meaning to this whatsoever, no sir.

Explaining the situation requires Ramza to not be autistic. Violence!


Ironically, there is nothing here worth stealing, so I don't.

Instead, there's doublefisted murder.

Finally Eldena can have Shiva. I guess a Bishop could learn Break if I really cared.

They're dumb monsters so they die in droves anyway.

Poachers did it. Huh.

If I didn't beat them up, I wouldn't be doing this LP.

All these guys have ranged weapons. None of them have target bows or longbarrels at all.

"Instead, I hunt them because someone pays me a lot to do it."
"But, I don't..."

Ramza takes any guns or bows he can. These guys are a hell of a lot less dangerous without weapons.

I'm abusing Ultima Charge so much. I should be ashamed. I'm not, of course.

How come I had to subdue them first? The judges are perfectly capable of just teleporting criminals to jail instantly.

Whatever. I get a spear that further improves Carson's killing ability.

Ivalician ecology.

Whatever. I'm bugging guys about this bounty thing.

Clan Ox is led buy a guy in pink.

"Gigantic cowlick, shifty eyes, wearing stolen clothing?"

Ramza, wanted by the main governmental body? Do tell!

Even though these guys want to kill me, they remembered my clan title I worked so hard on.

Too bad Ramza will fuck their shit up.

Put enough multipliers on something, eventually it gets huge.

It's an Ogrenix, an unremarkable sword I don't have yet.

I hope you like the Ultima explosion because you'll be seeing it a lot.

I steal her sword about 4 times before I become aware of how boring this is and of how little I want any rapier she might be hiding that I don't already have. So I kill her. I don't care if she's hiding anything or not at this point.

Ramza, you are as dumb as a sack of bricks.

With Jeraw Sands to the north of Baguba, the set-up is complete to reveal... A second Excalibur.

What the hell, why not use both?


Ramza talks to corpses.