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Part 23: Forbidden: Monster's Rights

I get some saintly knuckles and a nice flower. I could send Carson so she gets an awkward lisp.

Anyway, Save Salika! has a Titania which has this spell which is Blue Magic. Funfact: The harp Seth will use to control this is stolen.

This goblin cap has Magic Hammer which is also blue magic. Might as well grab it too.

This fairy... has White Wind. Ramza already has that so bye.

Mutilate deals 50% of the target's HP and drains just as much. It really sucks that a gimmicky spell like Magic Hammer has to be the blue one when Mutilate is sitting here being great.

Oh well, I'm just biding my time until the Titania is in control range.

Dunno why it's so hard to control them but Seth does it anyway.

I think I'm sending the wrong messages here. Rampant theft and killing things that aren't actually character traits of Ramza's, there just how I play the game.

Oh god, now I look like the mass murderer thief.

In FF6, they never told you what determined the ? of Strago's Lv? Pearl. It's actually the ones digit of your gil. Everything that gives gil in the final dungeon gives it in multiples of ten, so going in there with, say, 82821 gil would ensure everything got hit.

Angel Whisper popped up on a random encounter in the Crater in disc 3 of FF7. I think it cured statuses and had such a crazy multiplier that it healed for 9,999.

Ramza doesn't have much MPow, but auto-life is useful anyway.

Tonberries don't have a Blue magic and thank goodness for that.

A respectable list, no? I wish I had Dragon Force and lv.3 defenseless to round it out, but it works.

It's the ice cream that that fairy wanted! Too bad she's very dead now.

It also uses one of my many chocobo eggs. I have 3 corrals worth of eggs.

Somehow, I have the items for a quest! Galma Pepe has a similar quest but Brint Mea has that gorgeously refined design that drives the girls crazy.

This happens to be the trigger to the rest of the Falgabirds. It's easy to miss as it only shows up in Baguba and the only reason I'm here is because of Curealls.

He shot all of them. All of them.

I don't know how we got paid for this, but I assume that Eldena is now a criminal for it.

The Brint Set... isn't all that good. In FFTA2 the Brint and Galma frocks increased attack stats and were second in defense to the Everobe so they were definite considerations for end-game set-ups.

Anyway, the next step in Ramza and Seth's subjugation excursion is... any clan with monsters. Clan Hounds happen to be near.

Hastebreak is blue magic but that's not the point. The point is that I'm going to steal this whole coeurl.

And I better do it fast! Blaster is a bitch!

That asshole! Twister is a great blue magic and I wanted it!

This is what you get, shithead!

Better pack a time mage (or someone with Twister ) if you want to capture a monster.

Capture is a very unique ability. First, the enemy needs to be at low HP.

Even at 1 HP, it still only has a 24% success rate. The monster can't be suffering from any statuses that would actually help this horrible process (like Sleep) and it can't be the last enemy alive.

Getting it the first time is a fucking miracle.

Capturing monsters gets their souls. Souls teach morphers how to morph spend a turn to into that monster. In this case, Seth would have the coeurl's abilities, like Blaster.

That isn't the end of it! The Monster Bank in Cyril finally has a point!

All your captured monsters show up here. Here's that coeurl.

He starts of hating Ramza. So, Ramza shoves fifty curealls down his throat.




Keep shoving items down a monster's throat.

Every item fed once love is achieved increases the monster's stats. The point of this?

The morpher copies the monster's stats when attacking. The cap? 999. You can see where this is going.

Curealls are the most efficient item for stat raising, as they increase all stats at a dandy low price point. I, of course, managed to fuck this up by placing Baguba and Cyril so far away from each other.

The main complication arises in Marlboros, who despise Curealls so they don't get romanced nor gain stats. Elixirs are your best bet for them despite the significant price tag. Not that it matters because no marlboro has a direct damage attack but anyway.

Son of a bitch! Leave my shit alone!

This will never get old.

Seth takes on the aspect of a panther and...

Dammit Seth, what the hell are you doing!?

Raising that coeurl's stats turns out to be utterly pointless as it can't deal damage at all. The morpher gets only abilities, no regular attack. Oh well, Blaster time!

And thus ends the tale of the morpher until I decide to kidnap a dragon.


The Falgabirds are utterly humiliated.