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Part 27: What I'm planing to do is completely justified.

No new missions. Time to step out of Sprohm.

Hey, it's the rumor trio again! The Illusionist is replaced by a Sage in FFTA2, but the three keep doing what they do best.

When I first got this game, I was all because they said "damned" in an E-rated game!!!

Of course, mentioning Mewt means...

A scene in the palace of one room!

Mewt ellipses at this.

Yeesh, destroying 80% of his happy dream world sure made Mewt a brat, huh?

Remedi and some new unique sprite guy walk in. Cid must leave as this many unique sprites in one room could cause a meltdown.

She's referring to Etirps Euqinu there.

"Sure, you have much better HP, WDef, and speed, but this guy has MP, MRes, and Plot."


Yes, his name is Llednar

Llednar Twem is guarding Mewt Randell. If you can't see it I'm giving up.

"It's like Present Day came early!"

Did I mention Ivalice has a holiday where everyone gives Mewt presents? There's a holiday where everyone gives Mewt presents. It's a going to be a plot point.

Uladon Bog is slapped down next to the Somethingwood. No, I haven't messed up any arrangement. I'm planning for location slots that haven't appeared yet.

New missions pop up with the new spot.

The next story mission is more herrings from the Royal Mage Academy. At least these guys won the spelling bee over the Archadian Akademy.


Holy fucking shit, there's a fucking Target Bow.

That's it, once I complete this mission, this game is all but over. The rest will be a formality.

Turf missions have finally caught up with new locations now that all 5 towns are here.

Never mind that jagds don't get theirs until very later.

Oh sweet the Heretic Rod is just sitting there.

I want it.

Bringing elemental stuff against flans.

Oh yeah I have the Spiritstone. Almost forgot about the Redwings after the last chapter and all this cool weaponry.

It improves all four stats by about 10%. Bring it along on random missions, and your clan just does better.

This mission looks simple, but there's a horrible new aspect to consider.

THAT law is there. Dmg2:Animal is in active rotation and it bans all offensive actions against monsters.

That Recommended: Status thing is deceiving. Inflicting statuses still gets you arrested. And it's a rank 6 law, so the punishments are extremely harsh.

So, we're up against 5 flans who are protected from everything by the law. What do we do?

Norma, Carson, and Ramza hide in corners. This isn't their time.

This is Eldena's moment.

Remember how Doublecast got by elemental laws? It gets by Dmg2: laws.

Doublecast allows you to ignore this law.

What this means is Eldena is murdering the shit out of flans and Lini and Seth are doing everything possible to give her more turns.

These flans range from level 21 to 26. Huh.

Hope you like Quicken and Smile. I use those a lot from here on out.


"Don't kick the cat or the judge will take away your stove!"

Look at that 20 MPow. Awww yeah.

I literally cannot remember where I got this but it's really powerful. Too bad it's a greatsword and the classes that use those suck.

Three harsh laws. They combine in uncomfortable fashions.

Carson goes to do this.

Why don't you go, Hugo? Hahaha, I am such a card.

The old statue increases all stats by 6% and skews recruits towards advanced classes.

As it turns out, I've been holding the bones of this guy's dog for ages.

Is this responsible? I don't even know anymore.

I do it anyway because Rainbowite is half of the Nagarok.

Judging by Carson's haul, the wizard won.

Seth is sent to blow up the reaper.

Finally. That guy in prison who has been needing this must have withered away by now.

Tingel is the last name of Vormav, the primary antagonist of FFT. This is one of two missions which rewards the player with a Blood Apple. I don't quite take this one because it requires 3 battles.

I've long since started discarding law cards that add laws. There's so many bullshit laws already.

This guy with a funny name is recruited to use that Eclipse and complete missions with his inflated stats.

I'm not killing my own guys anymore.

I don't have the alloy yet. Shame, because Adamant Armor is TONKA TOUGH.

pffft what? I have to have that shield! Just the thing for Rooster to do!

Takin' my combination of all four elements and the body and mind and some flower to fight some...thing.

"And he'll be wearing stolen clothing, wield two Excaliburs, and call himself the Doubleking."

"Fugitive? Forsooth! I am but the Doubleking!"

And so the Doubleking and his band of noble knights murderous cretins got in fight with some more bounty hunters.

Knightswords are banned. Welp.

One of the Bishops has a Black Robe. It's the only worthwhile steal.

Knightswords are legal. Welp.

Norma gets down to business before that thief can finish picking his nose.

I also hope you like Quicken chains, because Seth and Lini will sometimes instatnly trek the whole battlefield in order to deliver a surprise.


Eldena's getting Absorb MP, so I guess I'm doublecasting elements for the moment.

Note that all but one of the people died before Ramza got his turn.

As Ramza has two Excaliburs, the last guy won't last.

I don't think there is a sprite there but if there is it's unique so it's not one we've ever seen before.


A nice little present! Hairbands like these prevent a lot of statuses, but are Viera only. Eldena wears this one to accent her Angel Ring.

A desert is placed there or something. Bleh.

The Snake Shield is actually not equipment, but a mission item. An important one (to me).

In case you wondered why I wanted one so bad. My assassin can have concentrate.


If you thought Clan Beoulve has hit a plateau, you haven't seen anything yet!