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Part 28: If there's no 'pain', there's no true 'reform'!!

Ramza, being a pickpocket himself, will have to establish a monopoly on larceny there.

Whoever I send on this mission will probably die in a place as hardcore as Danger Pass. The Thunderstone is worth any sacrifice.

Eh, I guess I'll do this one. Seems odd Ramza would work for a palace guy.

That's all?

Steal is forbidden but there isn't anything fun to steal.

You... just offered a chocobo skin.

He has boxes there. I have to break them.

Concentrate really ramps up the success rate of Last Breath. With the RNG skewed like it is, Norma isn't missing.

She isn't missing. With an instant death attack. This is Norma's true purpose and what she's been building up towards.

Ramza just hacks away at stuff. It works.

Go home and be a family man!

No monsters come out of the boxes or anything. They just break. I think Ramza killed the things inside with his sonic booms.

Fucking. FINALLY. Cured flesh is really hard to find in Ivalice.

For a game that rewards capturing monsters yourself, this game sure hates smugglers.

Killing people over journalism!

This is the 299th mission you will complete. The item that needs a Clock Post is 300.

This teaches Demi and the Illusionist's nonelemental phantasm.

Stardust is a fun spell because it's literally a meteor shower. Too bad Prominence/Freezeblink/Tempest are still leagues above the rest, huh?

I want that bow. It has a 7-panel range.

Yeah, why should I do thi-

A Life Crosier?


The Life Crosier teaches Raise, multi-target healing and revival for the Sage. It and Giga Flare make Sagacity Skill really useful because it has heavy damage and really good healing.

Remember when I said I had too much dignity to do this quest? It's actually because I didn't have Jerky.

I'm also taking this Snake Shield on nearly every mission.

The Ceffyl missions and the Spiritstone missions are still available for... some reason.

Reaction abilities get past DMG2:Animal. Sadly, Toughskins can take several hundred of Carson's strikebacks before dying.

I forget what this stone is for but I have it anyway.

Eh, why not?

I think I've postponed this one long enough! It's time to take down Grissom with the power of the Soulstone!

The Soulstone... and JUSTICE.

Grissom is a Dark Knight... even though he still uses Holy Blade and Saint Cross. His Bangaa buddies are Rune Knights... even though they use regular defender abilities and have the MP of a dying calf.

The laws ain't in my way.

"...Except the government but that's minor!"

Welp, that was fast.

Actually, Grissom is a Paladin so he can take a couple of hits. Eldena picks up the kill.

It was required to take on this mission.

The Reaper Cloak absorbs darkness and has the highest defense of all robes.

Please tell me the Snake Shield finally works...

Cheney is one of the semi-unique characters, from the Snake Shield this time, and his hunterness makes him surprisingly strong. Better yet, Hunters have pretty good MP so he's pretty much guaranteed to have enough for Ultima Shot.

After this, Beoulve's average level will no longer be a concern of mine.

This requires a Fighter, so Cheney puts on a Soldier's cap to get there.

The Fight Trophy is like the Sport Trophy in that it skews recruits towards certain jobs.

Well, if he wants to keep the scar, I've got the perfect tool!

I can finally do this quest for whatever reason. It's been there for years.

Now the game is even more over than before.

Norma has Concentrate and a really big bow. What else does she need?

So it's an exploration tour to find new uncharted lands.

Huh, Dmg2:Animal. Maybe I'll fight other humans over the rights to these uncharted lands?

I should save just to be safe.


Okay, I'll really get to those uncharted lands next time.


He isn't joking.