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Part 29: Your life shall also end, here in this graveyard!

No Fight is lame, but Ramza is the only one who uses the Fight command anymore.

Without DMG:2Animal in the way, this mission goes by in a flash.

They offer rewards this good?

The tour leads to... another death town.

...That's located in a spot I've traveled through several dozen times.

At least Tingel will get to keep his scar, if the Tetanus doesn't kill him first.

I finally catch the guy who stole the newspaper's scoop or something, but it's in a Jagd.

2,000 is all he has to offer? Does he not realize that this is Jagd?

This exchange is horrifying now. They are entirely serious about this.

Anyway, I steal a lot of stuff. These teach White Monks Far Fist.

These are just really damn good accessories.

The secret to stealing stuff is to kill people who have nothing left.

Why must lives be wasted over this? Are real newspapers so literally cutthroat? Did the Chicago Tribune staff have to fight and die to get Dewey Defeats Truman?

Fun story: Ramza was currently learning this ability before stealing it.

It's hard to believe that he's gone so long without the Thief's most basic ability, huh?

Never go into journalism, kids.

Or you will die.

Rooster returns hovering a few inches off the ground while showing off his shiny armor.

I hate it when guys in pink hats do that.

What were these guys doing back when I was pummeling Gukko?

Knives are forbidden. Keep this in mind.

It's some FFT references. How cute.

LedeRedy has some very nice stuff to steal. Celia and ElmdorSilverlock? Not so much.

Bleh, generic villain taunting.

Celia, however, manages to break my only Rubber Suit, forcing a reset.

What a bitch.

Bleh, generic Ramza countertaunt.

Celia decides to not break my only Mirage Vest. How nice.

Ramza steals the Masamune, a 65-power katana that shoots Norma straight up to prime damage dealer by itself.

Celia... gets killed.

I prefer elemental shields, but the Genji Shield works perfectly well.

Notelmdor is all "what the fuck."

I had a chance to steal one of these back in the first Jagd mission, but I was too busy killing Montblanc. It teaches Sages Weapon Def+.

With her valuables gone, Carson kills her, too.

Now, prepare for the most epic quickening chain ever:

Remember the laws for this fight?

I sure as fuck didn't, so Lini gets sent to the slammer.

And no big smiles...

Luckily, it's just No Award on someone who has manually learned all of one ability. Twenty hours ago.

Too bad I've already got nearly all of the items from this.

Here's the Masamune's stats. Norma hits for 150+ now.

Anyway, Lini's arrest doesn't last long as bail is cheap compared to the wonderful piles of money I'm accumulating.

Can't let a quest chain end, can you?


Someone is finally to the point!

In case anyone cares, here are the sources of all the FFT quote chapter titles up to this point.

4: Proposition results with high brave. High faith produces "This job's a gift from God."
12: Paraphrasing another proposition result, this time it's a glitch that sticks a random class instead of a character's name. I got Arc Knight and Squire a lot.
17: Zirekile Falls, Ramza asks Delita this, prefacing it with "Uh."
18: More proposition results. It's one of two or three stock phrases so it gets passed around a LOT.
19: Adramelk's death quote. I was halfway tempted to use "Defeat Dycedarg's Elder Brother!" here. For those not in the know, Dycedarg is the eldest brother.
20: Gafgarion in the first fight. He always walks in an L-shape and Night Swords the archer. Always.
21: Refusing to save Boko in Araguay Woods. I was also considering "No money in that!" but it didn't quite fit as well.
24: Ramza's famously garbled line at the end of chapter 3. It's supposed to say something like "I thought the stones were for only evil, but I guess it depends on who uses them" as Rafa used its power to revive Malak.
27: Delita's speech to Olan after Limberry. Delita is fucking awesome at that point, because he's winning.
28: Bervenia Free City, Meliadoul gabs a lot to her brother's supposed murderer.
29: The last line Elmdor gives before becoming Zalera in the basement of Limberry. Fits the awkward throwback and the violent murder of a newspaper's staff, in a way.