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Part 32: Forbidden: Destroying the world

As we left off, the crystal is shattering and the game is over.


No, of course it's not.

There's no direction left for the plot? That's when magical people show up!

Oh hi Remedi.

It still works because magic.

Strange that the queen never shows herself to her subjects. Remember that Ramza wasn't always "We gotta destroy the world! "

That's right, Ramza can't quite destroy the world because he likes this world.

You'd think he'd hesitate to destroy the crystals at some point.

"Maybe steal his stuff? Or Babus's mace again?"

Stage four: Sadness

Cid then wonders off until he's needed again.

"So, how did your investigation go?"
"I broke the last bastion of reality only to find that I actually want the world I've been systematically destroying to exist."
"...Take these shoes and get out."

At least I got a pretty Tiara. It gives eight defense and twenty resistance, not a bad bargain at all for a hat.

Orgies are serious business.

"I'd break several laws and ordinances if I said it out loud."

That's not it at all.

I wasn't joking about a holiday dedicated towards giving Mewt gifts back in chapter 19.

There is really a holiday about giving Mewt gifts. A backwards Christmas if Mewt got off his ass and down a chimney.

Also, it's become such a tradition that people compete with each other over nice shit. Ramza won't get anywhere with his stuff, mostly because most of it is stolen property of the palace in the first place.

Ramza's connections:
Cid (Isn't directly related to laws, so he won't help)

Thus begins Ramza's quest to... make a dandy gift.

The quest takes place in the Materiawood, which spontaneously exists now.


Ramza engages in some questionable business transactions!