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Part 36: It's hard to believe his own brother said that. Sickening.

A Sacri Shield? They offer those like this?

"I mean, taking out the embodiment of pure evil was rough, but confirming minerals?"

Oh Ramza, you sly dog. You come up with the craziest schemes. Doned doesn't care about any other time you collect minerals, but this time it's personal.

"Unless he poisons your father. Then it's open season."

"We heard about what you did to Auggie! They're still finding bits of him to glue back into place!"

So yeah of course Doned told them. As always.

Too bad they can't touch Ramza.

Not even reviving each other can stop him.

I even steal something I don't have yet. A few minutes of killing later:

It always works.

Find your favorite sad song, it's time for the touching heart-to-heart scene!

You fell for it, didn't you?

That snowball fight was the dumbest thing, though...

Where the fuck is my snowball command, then?

1) Snowballs are never on the law books, so it'd be a way to kill enemies legally at all times.

2) I don't think he wants to, per say...

"Just wealth, fame, power, and walking."

Wait for it...

Says the man who has stolen several hundred things, including memories. Hell, Ramza is just one ability away from stealing good legal conduct.

I don't think Doned and Ramza show this during the intro, which is the only time they could set up things like this properly.

"Always wanting to see the book everyone else is so giddy over!"

It's all I have to work with.

Did I mention that this game gets Oedipal at times?

Mr. Raduiji is a mythical figure. He is, or rather was, in whatever state or status needed to make the scene as as possible.

"I haven't found a Nirvana Staff or SeventhHeaven... yet..."

"Me? I had a dull sword and an annoying rabbit. I have neither now."

And with his silken tongue, Ramza eliminates one of the remaining pillars holding up the world...

I have fun pretending that Ramza is a sociopathic supervillain.

Deti Plains is slapped down in one of the few spots left open.


The guy happens to be a messenger for Cid, who is waiting in Deti Plains.

"Metal Gear?"

Dammit Norma, bootleg liquor?

Meteor is pretty much Giga Flare in a different command.

The Sacri Shield protects from a ton of statuses.

There's no story mission. In fact, that last one was the last one I could accept from a pub. I'm without mission items for them from here on out.

I guess I'll use that Feather Badge to get the Insignia, then.

I have to help a kid kill the monster he summoned. There's a proposition that uses this same story in FFT.

It's in Deti Plains, though.


There's monsters here.

Atta boy.

That's how it's done around here.

Ramza has Learning for this fight.

Hunt, too.

The plan is to learn Twister and immediately use it to render the Thunder Dragon to low enough HP for capture to have 24% accuracy.

It works.

Very well.

The Lilith, for all her trouble, is killed.

"There's nobody with anything to steal around here."


The CIA?

Shape-Memory Alloy?

Cid's willing to use an antilaw. This precedent would lead to the Second Great Imprisonment, wherein a second crowd of 34,000 people milling about Cyril's business district were arrested after a judge made milling about illegal.


I seriously want to know who the hell is paying me.

Sienna Gorge is placed in the only open spot.


Ten MPow is enough for Eldena to start using weapons again.

Also I have the soul from that dragon.

And I got done with the chain of deals!


A normally dramatic fight gets completely ruined by all the amazing things that get stolen.