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Part 37: Certain sacrifices must be made for the revolution!

Anyway, there's this mission about someone who failed to summon a monster properly.

The monster is a dumb bastard.


Abusing nonstandard sentence structures doesn't make you sound smarter, Seth.

"He stole my sketchbook! Murder him!"

Well, with these I can ask crazy squatters to make castanets for me.

This reward is completely sensible, for once.

Clan Beoulve has helped 182 couples get together by this point. They're the go-to guys for romance involving unusual implements.

There's something besides the regular tourneys. It's... quite possibly more annoying.

The Fire Mitts are something I want.

I could've sworn I got Fomawood, or that Fomawood exists.

You... failed... at relaxing.

I didn't know people with lisps wrote an extra "s".

I'd normally complain about how flowers aren't used in forging, but dammit I love the name of the sword I get from this.

That Life Water is what I need to get the Skull to get the Dame's Blush to get the AllyFinder2. I'm taking down a corrupt church to get healing water to help a time mage to find a missing falcon to stop bullying to get some real friends.

Hot damn.

The Fire Mitts nullify Fire. They're the only accessory to do so.

The Flan is nothing special.

Ramza, this whole world was created by a book. This is like that on a very small scale.

This mission just got weird.

The game pretends the thief is some sort of dangerous wizard.

He's not.

Maybe you could draw yourself into a better class.

Shiva downs the Flan. Yup, Eldena's finally casting Shiva, after all this time.

Note: Ramza never returns the sketchbook. I still have it.

Graham threw a boot at a cat so he could succeed at this mission. He also stole a shield, but he'll need that for Mordack's castle.

Clan Beoulve also specializes in church-related activities now.

I've got more Leestone than I know what to do with.


Ramza, you are no good at this kind of banter.

Killing is a much easier.

Like so! He couldn't even move.

The Powerz drop the first of our own DMG2 cards. This one makes it illegal to hurt a Bangaa in any way. Obviously, these cards are for the times when you aren't fighting Bangaa.

Did I mention that this mission is repeatable? It's repeatable. It doesn't make any sense. Just roll with it.

The Geniuses aren't bright. For one, they've got a Time Mage and a White Mage. That really kills their damage output.

This qualifies, right?

It does!

DMG2:Nu Mou is funny for Nu Mou is your primary healer.

Finally! Double AP is mine!

I can't actually walk to Sienna Gorge right now because the next story mission automatically triggers if I do.

The champs are... the third of four rounds. Okay. Sure.

Vili, the leader of the Brown Rabbits, has a Max's Oathbow and a 9.4 WAtk growth. Be afraid.

Thanks to my gratuitous abuse of Quicken effects, Ramza blazes up to take the giant bow from her.

She turns to petty theft to try and buy a new one. Silly Vili, you can't buy Max's Oathbows!

A while later the last enemy is turned into a statue. At least they have a nice lawn ornament.

Since you just beat the champions, maybe.

I use two Viera so this card has the most use for me.

Silkmoon. It's a pretty name, I think. It's weaker than the Masamune, but it has such a pretty name.

Oh hey more Broadswords.

Anyone want to force me to use Carson as a Defender for the postgame? They've got a few tricks.

There isn't a human clan for the clan league.

I have to step off of Baguba to get them to spawn.

I guess he was confident until we didn't step down?

Annoying Damage > MP...

It goes to the same end but I never get enough chances to use Soul Sphere.

He has Gunner evasion, though.

If I actually had some Mythril weapons, I could show off combos in a better capacity. They aren't anything special even if I could use them.

Ramza's gigantic bow still teaches the poor moogle a lesson.


We get a shiny badge. It doesn't do much but it sure is pretty.

That quest has finally been done. I will never use this sword.

The law is No Law Cards alone again.

The Preytal! It's the last growing item!

"We'll win!"
"No you won't!"

Come up with something exciting already.

Doom Archer is scary on a low HP Sniper. Kills your MP and deals good HP damage.

Lini is very good at... lancing... with a knife.


But no one joins. That's right, there's a semi-unique character attached to this mission too.

Norma pulls out all the stops to make this as swift as possible.

I can assure you that, if I want an enemy dead in a short time frame, they will die very quickly.

The semi-unique doesn't join this time.

The Assassin is sometimes faster than Norma due to random stat growths.

It takes way too many tries for my taste. I've set it up so Ramza masters Concentrate after this fight.

Ultima Masher sits under Corner, which isn't stopped by silence. Try again next time!

Except that the semi-unique character joins!

It's a Viera.

The other five have had 999 AP skills.

Eldena already had Doublecast.

The other 999 AP skill Viera have is Ultima Masher.

Are you ready?


A Sniper!

Littlevili is the queen of disappointment. She has 500 AP of skills, far too little for this stage of the game. I keep her anyway, but she's a dispatch monkey through and through.

The Zodiac Ore I so desire and a sword I don't have yet. Spiffy.

The Preytal, like the Sequencer, doesn't work that well at lower levels.

I like Star Armlets, okay?

Anyway, I've been putting it off long enough...

It's time for the penultimate story mission.

"Did you hear the one about Jeff, the magic singing pony?"
"No, what?"
"He can't perform tonight, he's a little horse!"

"I mean, look at him. He's stolen four of the things he's wearing right now."

See, Ramza, that's how you do pre-battle talking. You can practically feel the stoic determination oozing from that last textbox.

You know how I mentioned how Clan Ritz had nice things earlier?

Now I can steal it. They're the enemy now.

Recall Vili's WAtk from above. The the level gap between the two can't explain this difference. That means the SeventhHeaven is absurdly weak.

It's the bow that teaches Ultima Shot to Hunters.

Ritz herself doesn't have too amazing of stuff but if you're hurting for Ribbons Clan Ritz is covered in 'em.

Also, Ritz is the only person that needs to fall to win.

Using Exodus and Ultima is a good plan for this fight. The Summoner avoids most of it due to her massive MP and Half MP.

And thus Ritz signed herself up for having her stuff stolen.

This is the dumbest plan. The idea was to make Ramza mostly immune.

It turns out that Ritz is legally a human despite using Viera jobs.


This isn't a bad idea. Keeps Seth safe while piling on JP for stealing!

Exodus, of course.


Another Exodus ensures the Summoner, Assassin, and Ritz can't try anything.

Norma blows up the nonRitz Elementalist. She doesn't have much.

Yoink! I think I already have two but extras can't hurt.

Yoink! I love that chic, understated design.

The Fencer lacks anything of note as well.

Shara's out of stuff so even named characters get blown to bits.

The Summoner still gets a Ramuh off of natural MP regeneration.

That doesn't stop Ramza from taking Ritz's ribbon.

Stop works pretty well now that I've stolen so many ribbons.

Yoink! Losing this kills Ritz' damage output.

Yoink! This staff teaches Eldena the amazingly overpowered Phoenix summon. It's full revival in the usual summon area, and it instantly and totally kills any undead caught in the spell. Phoenix is totally bonkers with Doublecast on hand. Eldena could literally be the only member of Clan Beoulve left alive and she could still revive the other five guys in a single turn.

Ritz's stop wears out!

This was nailbiting, to say the least. I was afraid Ritz would suicide on Carson right here. Luckily, she evaded the Strikeback.

I'd like to point something out right now.


If you don't steal it here from this Summoner, you miss it forever.

Carson stabs Ritz for more than her max HP now that I have the Silver Coat. See why I was worried?

"I never knew you had such nice things to take."

Maybe taking her possessions will make her less attached to Ivalice? I dunno.

"Sorry I'm destroying the world you like so much! Will you help me?"

And who could hate the little rapscallion who steals everything of any value in a 50-mile radius of himself?

And so, through the power of... aggressive arguments, Ramza overcame the last obstacle between himself and breaking the world.

Who. Is. Paying. Me?

And with that, Ambervale, the royal valley, is in sight...


Ramza... uh... prepares for his fight at Ambervale. Yeah, that's it!