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Part 46: Recommended: Everything Else

We are the reinforcements.

Anyway, there's 8 missions left. Time it take them all out!

Take on both of these at once, and then use the alloy to make the Excalibur2. Sounds like a plan to me.

Ever since someone pointed out how much WAtk matters to dispatches, it suddenly made a lot of sense as to why the weaponless Seth sucks at them so hard.

And apparently we're still wanted by the palace? Or maybe not? I can't tell anymore.

Carson, being the only guy who works with melee attacks, gets the Tabi.

He also goes to jail.

This gives combos to Black Mages, Time Mages, and Illusionists. It'd also be handy if I got it at any point before now.

Blah blah blah

My two dispatches get done at the same time.

15 Defense is quite a lot, especially for something as tanky as the Mog Knight.

This is it! This is the mission for the biggest gun in the whole world!

This is why there's an extra of each of these.

I'm tired of having to send Lini to do everything, but he's my only Moogle.

Maybe I shouldn't have killed the other ones.

Guess where the Hero Blade smith is!

Baguba, where else do legendary blacksmiths aid heroes but the port town full of tinkerers and machinists?

He himself is but a high-level Templar in gear he pretends is good.

Yeah yeah yeah blah blah.

Can we get on with the fight?

He's open to Stop? Well, that changes the plan.

In this fight, I use Stop and other status skills to get a couple of levels for these guys.

It's the second-to-last time I'll ever do any leveling.

And then he gets stabbed.

So he did.

Hey, that means-

Cyril's selling Elixirs now, and my territory will come under attack far less frequently now!

12 more attack than the Nagarok, but no move bonus. Is it worth it? You decide!

Ah yeah the good news train never stops!

Biggest gun in the world. Lini gets up there with Norma and Ramza in damage now.

I also buy some of these Elixir things.

Twenty of them.

Time to feed my marlboro.


It takes ten elixirs.


What else am I going to do with the damn things?

Here's before the elixirs for stats...

...And after. Each elixir gives 1 in every stat. Starting at 200 in every stat and at 20K per Elixir, it would take 15,980,000 gil to max something's stats.

Believe it or not, he's the last of these beating up blacksmiths missions.

It's at a jagd. of course.

He's kind of a dweeb.

He's loaded with Blue Magic, though. This is your last chance to get Goblin Punch unless you've somehow skipped one of the missions with a goblin in it.

He doesn't have a shield, so this is a waste.

He's a joke.

A total joke.

So Lini and Ramza get their leveling on.

Then blow him up.

It's... a blade.

It's the strongest Blade in the game, though.

Anyway, I need capture a monster to get 5 captures.

Not pictured: I captured an Arhiman a long time ago.

I decided it would be this guy.

A monumentally stupid decision, but I have the power to make it work.

Hopefully keeping it out of MP will stop it from exploding.

It does!

Don't worry, the Marlboro gets his shit wrecked, too.

This mission tripped a lot of people up. Why capture anything more than a Thundrake?

So I have to recapture all the escaped mo-

Oh dear lord, is that what they want me to do?

I didn't spend several hundred thousand gil on these things to just let them go.

I don't know how they expect you to capture so many monsters so quickly, especially since capturing is such a monumental pain in the ass and the point behind it is nearly impossible to get.

Anyway, if they want me to shoot all of them, Lini's more than willing to do so.

"Capture" is such a wonderful euphemism.

Especially when Lini's fillin' them up with lead.

And that's that.

"In HELL, kupo!"

299 what am I missing?

...No shit?

Well, no shit. I guess I never needed this item.


This is the last time Norma will run away like this. I'm glad I'll never have to see this text effect ever again.

Well, there you have it.

All 300 missions are done.

But, when Ramza does whatever arbitrary movement triggers the next cutscene...

Stuff starts to go poorly! How will Ivalice ever recover from the terrible events about to unfold!?