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Part 48: Recommended: Forbidden

These extra missions take the form of Ramza hearing about laws that are somehow dumber than usual and kicking ass and taking names.

Just a note, these 55 mission items are what I end the game with. I'll never consume another one.

Tells you something about inventory clutter, huh?

For most of these fights, the dumb laws are just flavor while the normal three dumb laws are in effect.

These guys are fairly well equipped, but nothing special.

Well duh, if they weren't Cid wouldn't have joined and this whole questline would be pointless.

This is Ramza's regular attack. This should give you a good idea about how powerful Clan Beoulve is.

This is the Illusionist's Deluge.

Clan Beoulve gives no fucks.

Eldena just kinda cures it without really caring.

The guys get leveled almost instantly.

You don't even have dual-wield, why do you care so much? You're a fucking Illusionist. Most weapons are a waste of an item slot unless it's a Heretic Rod or something.

I...really can't capitalize on this one except to say antilaws do allow you to sculpt the law however you please.

What's next?

It's at Nubswood. The game doesn't tell you this, so have fun checking thirty areas!

This is the dumbest thing.

So they all get butchered.

The dumbest thing.

A sage is talking to the corrupt judge Mike about doing bad things with the law!

Yes, Mike is a fixed name.

"He's sending the mightiest clan in Ivalice to curbstomp people."

The blank cards allow these jabronies to make whatever laws they please.

Guess what happens in the next mission.

Mike is the worst evil overlord, if you haven't guessed.

I could easily afford one for each member of the killsquad at those rates.

The law really doesn't matter for these fights, you'll see why.

Who would've guessed! Mike, you are the worst evil overlord.

"Sup bitches me and my buddy here are just droppin' by."

Cid's portrait makes him look like a smug jerk about bringing the corrupt judges' operations down around them. It kinda works.

I mean look at him, you can almost hear the sneering!

Oh no it's Mike! Doesn't the name just inspire fear?

Mike has auto-reflect and auto-life. He's the only enemy in the game to try something as interesting as this.

They have this ability, but since the judge is the enemy I don't see it mattering that much.

Oh yeah, no laws apply because the enemy is the judge.

His buddies have some nice swag but

I don't care anymore. What could I possibly gain from stealing at this point? Nothing remains that can survive Clan Beoulve for very long.

As Carson wears a Black Robe, Cid can hog all the heavy armor to himself.

Cid is automatically part of your team while fighting the judges themselves, unless you try to kill him and he runs away.


Things don't go quite that smoothly because of Mike's Auto-Life.

I don't see why this guy has an attack that hits adjacent enemies, but whatever, it isn't a yellow card at least.

Ramza explodes Mike.

But... Cid knows that Mike alone can't be causing this big of a crisis. There has to be more...


Astoundingly, things get dumber.