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Part 114: Divine Knight

I ran out of official art for characters, so I'd have to use portraits. I also just sort of stopped doing it.

But since you asked nicely:

Special Job dissection: Divine Knight

Holy knight who pledges loyalty and devotion to God. He takes holy orders with his sword.

EQ: Sword, Knight Sword, Crossbow, Spear, Shield, Helmet, Armor, Clothes,
    Robe, Accessory
IMMUNE: Invite
HPM: 125 | MPM:  80 | SpM: 105 | PAM: 120 | MAM:  90 | Move: 4 | C.Ev: 12%    
HPC:  10 | MPC:  15 | SpC: 100 | PAC:  39 | MAC:  50 | Jump: 3 | 
Meliadoul automatically joins after Underground cemetery of Limberry Castle.

+100% accurate equipment destruction
+That's also ranged and deals decent WP*PA damage
+Wide equipment selection
+Not terrible MA

-Equipment selection loses something when only swords and knigntswords work with Destroy Sword, and Equip Change eats turns
-Destroy Sword is useless against monsters and Zodiac demons
-Female with not the best PA.
-Last automatic special character, joins way too damn late in the game
-Orlandu completely outclasses her

Melly is pretty interesting, since she totally wrecks human opponents' shit but is mediocre against monsters. Divine Knight gets Spears and Crossbows for some reason, but you can't use them and Destroy Sword together, and Equip Change taking a turn prevents her from utilizing the best weapon for a situation. But, really, her critical flaw is just that she joins so late. There's barely any time to build her up, and unlike Orlandu she doesn't have overwhelming might to make up for it. She's not that great out of the box, and built up she's pretty good against only certain opponents.

She'd be more worth your time if you got a chance to use her without needed to grind, really.