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Part 115: Flying jumping magical gun ninja

So, in FFTA2, Katarani Sword was complaining about a ninja using a gun.

I decide to one-up that.

Ramza is a jumping gun ninja!

And Reef has Blade Grasp for the purpose of this demonstration. I had to scroll glitch for it but who cares? It's not like I'll save this nonsense.

So, Ramza needs to Jump on someone with Blade Grasp and get blocked for this to work. Blade Grasp is a Brave % chance of evading most physical attacks, the ones Counter works on. It's very broken but that's not what I'm focusing on right now.

Reef blocks him, just as I wanted.

But where's Ramza?

He's in the air. Due to his magic gun getting Blade Grasped he was so surprised he forgot to fall.

Just need to target something with this gun and-

There he is, very high in the sky! He's a flying jumping magical gun ninja.


This dragon doesn't believe in much, I guess, if it's dealing 62 damage.